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"I am so embarrassed!" Nikki growled at me.

We were in her room.

" I am so, so sorry, Nikki!" Was all I could say.

"My Dad? really, Jess?"

I was at a loss for words. Nikki caught me sucking her Dad off. We didn't see her. I finished him and was about to sneak into her room, when she confronted me at the top of the stairs.

Now she paced the floor.

" I saw you sucking his dick! I actually saw my dads cock going into your slutty little mouth! You even swallowed his come!"

:"You saw all that, huh?" I was surprised she stayed to watch.

"Yeah...I did! Hey..." She seemed to have a thought, " Did you fuck him, too?"

My silence was answer enough.

"Un-fucking-believable!" She burst out.

I sat quietly and let her vent on me.

Later we both lied on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Why did you suck his dick, Jessica?" She quietly asked.

" I don't know, Nik...I guess because I get excited knowing he's excited?" I reasoned.

" Yeah...I guess that makes sense. Is that why you fucked him, too?"

" Sort of... I was caught up in the moment, at first. But... I liked it..." I said honestly.

"What did you like?"

"Nikki...I don't think we should..."

"Tell me, dammit!" She insisted.

"Fine,then... The first time it was because he was your dad, and I thought he was kind of hot, you know? So, I ,we, 'did it'. I couldn't believe it. He worked me good. He really knew what he was doing." I told her truthfully.

" He does have a nice looking cock,huh?" She murmured.

I giggled, "Yeah, he does."

"What else?" She asked again.

I thought for a minute. " He uses his tongue well. He isn't shy. He stuck his tongue straight up my ass once, while he fingered my pussy."

Nikki giggled. I smiled.

I decidedto go on. "His come is sweet, too..."

" Really?" she said, sounding impressed.

"Really..." I answered.

I glanced over at Nikki and couldn't help noticing her hand was on her crotch.

"Is this turning you ON!" I spat.


"And you called me a slut!"

We both laughed together.

Nikki yanked her pants down and kicked them onto the floor.

"Mmmm.." She moaned, as she rubbed her clit.

I watched her for a minute. She was rubbing through the fabric of her panties. I could see the wetness spreading.

"He bent me over in the hottub and fucked me hard." I whispered.

I slipped a finger under the crotch of her panties and slipped in to her, as she contiued to rub her clit.

"He knows about what we did together...I gave him a hand job while I told him."

"He liked to hear about us...?"

' Want to watch me blow your dad again?" I slipped.

"Yes..." She replied dreamily.


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