My BFF Nikki pt. 2   added 4 years ago
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I was sitting on the couch at Nikki's house. I was waiting for her to get home. Her Dad, Jim, was sitting with me.

"You two were up late last night, what were you girls doing?" He asked.

I smiled. "You don't want to know, Jim."

"Maybe, I do..." He pressed.

"Okay, stop me any time..." I warned.


"Well, Nikki came onto me," I started. "We kissed."

"Aww, how sweet!" He joked.

" I can stop now!"

"Sorry, sorry! Please, continue."

" Then, we snuggled and I let her finger my pussy."

Jim's eyes widened. "Better...You naughty girls!"

"I know right? Any way after that we held eachother and I told her what I wanted to do to her."

"Did she let you?" He asked, intrigued.

"She did." I said.

"Go on, go on!" He insisted, scooting closer.

I knew he was sporting some wood. So I scooted closer too. I let my hand touch the outside of his thigh.

"So, we went into the bathroom. I had her take off all her clothes and get into the tub." I reached for Jim's cock and squeezed.

"I sprayed her body down with hot water. I had her lie back in the tub and drape one of her legs over the side. Then I changed the setting to 'stream' and blasted her pussy with it."

"Nice..." He sighed.

"So, the thought of your naked daughter getting her pussy sprayed gets you hot, huh?" I accused.

" I'm not picturing her, though.." He answered.

" Pull it out," I said, gesturing towards his hard on.

He happily obeyed. I grabbed ahold of him and rubbed, as I continued.

"I sprayed her for a while. In various positions. She arched her back and lifted her ass when I aimed it at her asshole. I focused on her clit and she had an awesome orgasm..."

It wasn't long before Jim started to squirt his load.

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