hypno controlled growth   added 4 years ago
  By: growsbigger  Age: 50  Country: United States

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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: fellatio weird surprised all enacted situation
Location: My House
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

I for some reason have always been curious about what it would feel like to be able to grow my erection to an extreme size! My fantasy starts by me searching online for a "spell" or "curse" that can be used on me by my gf . I imagine being in our bed heavy petting and being passionate when I tell her I have a surprise for her.

She asks me to tell her and I ask her what if we could make my cock grow to any size you wanted? She said if it were possible it would be fun to see but she likes my cock the way it is now. I tell her well... it IS possible all you have to do is say the right words. she is in disbelief but i tell her to try saying "grow bigger" and watch to see what happens.By this time im already throbbing hard as can be she gets close to my cock stroking it and looking at me then my cock and then me again and says ok "grow bigger" no sooner do the words leave her lips and my cock slowly grows about an inch longer.

She gives a little gasp and says its kinda dark in here but i swear you got bigger i felt something! I said see i told you do it again! She looks close at my cock now with a bit of determination says " grow bigger,grow bigger" and begins to feel and see me growing a bit faster adding a few more inches to my size ! she says OMG you really grew! does it hurt? Oh no it feels incredible she says "how big can it get"? I said well why don't we find out? and the rest of the night is loaded with alot of fun for both of us!           END

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