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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: high crank True! wet hips Nipples facial ejaculation
Location: Other
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

I truthfully know that all women are whores; just the same as men are. Women always act in a condescending tone in discussing how men always lust after ‘big tits’ or a ‘one night stand’. While at the same time, women always want a ‘big cock’ and a ‘masculine man.’ Seems kind of ironic in the way it’s thought of.

However, while doing my Sunday errands yesterday, I stopped into my local hardware store to grab some crazy glue to repair one of my nice wooden chairs that typically sits, unused, in my living room. Browsing the products on isle twenty-two, looking for the non-generic name brand of glues, my eyes stumbled across ‘must be eighteen years or older of age to purchase.’ I chuckled and thought how ridiculous the idea that teenagers would buy the glue to sniff only to get high. ‘Heck, there are many other methods that are easier to get than this’ I think to myself.

“Excuse me” a subtle voice asks behind me with concern.

“I’m sorry. I was just laughing at the packaging details attempting to prevent teenagers from doing drugs.” I then continued to describe my opinion on how bad teenagers will make bad decisions, regardless of warnings and other similar preventative measures to prevent ideology of youthful phycology.

She agreed and we continued to discuss our personal stories of the things we used to do while we were young.

I really didn’t have much to share, but she started to tell how she did speed when she was a young teenager. Being taken back since she appeared to be a well-spoken and proper thirty-something woman, I continued to listen without hesitation.

“Sander’s and I” being her childhood friend “had no idea what we were doing” followed by a giggle. “We agreed to do a line at the same time, and I’ll never forget that I started to cry because of the burning that I felt inside my head. He made a funny face from his experience, and then started to cuddle me.”

Why was this woman telling me this story; why does she have to share details and where is she going with this?

She continues in a jokingly manner “then all of a sudden my heart rate picked up, almost as if I had become excited, or pure happiness racing through my veins.” Then leaning over, speaking from the side of her lips and whispering “I could feel that same excited run through my pussy”, followed by an arched back and laughing out loud, she put her hand on my limp forearm.

What am I to say in response; how do I address this forward and blunt story and relate? Heck, I didn’t loose my virginity till I was nineteen! “How old where you guys?”

“Oh, there was a year between us. So, let's just say we were teenages.”

“Wow” in amazement, I respond.

“I know,” chuckling again “right? What followed would blow you away.” Moments later, her tone calmed down while saying “Now I just like to have a little wine and do things I’m not supposed to. I guess the little juvenile in me never went away” again laughing and touched my arm again.

She was plain looking, and I never cared to look over and under her v-top blouse, because I didn’t have any desire to, but now I did after this short tail that she gratefully indulged to tell. Lightly freckled, but smooth bosom, slightly separated breasts, maybe even sag a little, but real none the less. She also appears to be somewhat thin; I’m sure very light in weight, and even not so attractive figure. But still, she’s a woman, with nipples, a vagina, and even a navel.

“So, what are you looking for, can I help you with anything?” I ask trying to break the tension and my patterns of perverse thinkings.

“It’s just my refrigerator door handle. I can’t afford to get a new one, and I just need to hold it together for a few more years” she complained and started to go into detail about her lack of knowledge of simple ‘how-things-work’ and fix’em type situations; occasionally touching my same arm, however now crossed at my chest now, her index finger pressed against my right pectoral.

The small chat continued for a few more minutes. We exchanged names and other short stories until she asked for help and said that she would be more than grateful. Being a Sunday, with no plans, I take the offer, and before you know it, we’re walking down the street to her apartment complex. Once we reached the stairs to the second floor, I gestured for her to go ahead of me, and with gratitude she did.

My eyes couldn’t help but sum the woman up from below and at rear. Starting from her butt, looking somewhat flat, and not appealing, I couldn’t help but imagine the texture of her skin, the light peachfuz riddling her cheeks, or even the possible red streak of skin at the depths of her crevice, leading to her butt hole. Not appealing, but at the same time, I love a woman’s body. Swaying her hips at a static waist, very thin and narrow, with an equally narrow upper torso; however, wide shoulders none the less. Her hair was somewhat amber, cut in an out of fashion style, exposing her untanned skin on the base of her neck and shoulders.

We finally arrive, and it’s a quaint place. Not nice, but kind of cute. I guess somewhat typical and our conversation wore on, being fairly dry. I rushed to fix her refrigerator door within a few minutes.

“Do you have any plans” she asked while leaning against her counter, palms firmly fastened to the countertop, arms locked straight, and her boney shoulders visually detailed out of her body.

I can’t help but notice how my previous assumption of her breasts must be accurate. Before they seemed too be small, well separated, and not perky at all; while now they have almost reformed and could be called excited. They must be sagging and small pear shaped.

“Just going home and fixing some stuff” I say in a nonchalant and casual way.

“Well, don’t go without me repaying you.” Walking away and her back turned to me.

I continue to weigh her up, looking at her, just to observe, not fantasizing, but imagining what her pussy would taste like.

“You’ve been so nice and helpful, I would hate to have to leave empty handed,” she continues ranting as if she’s talking to herself from her room until she walks back into her kitchen, holding something small and flat in her hands. “Or to think I’m the type of bitch who would use anyone without giving back. Bump?”  She then asks while holding up this little piece of thin cardboard and a little tube up towards my face.

Oh my god, she still does speed! What the fuck? Well, I’ve never done it. Couldn’t be that bad and it’s not like I would ever do it again. Why not?

I lean forward, take the cut in half straw and snort real hard and deep.

“Jesus!” she says while applying a massive smile on her face. “Save some for me” followed by her turn.

Watching her take the straw, hunching over a little, I look down her blouse, and see her deep bosom, dark in shade and separated, her bra strap pulls from her chest. I just want to feel them. I want to taste how salty her skin is. I want to watch her wavy amber hair get ravished from my hands while burying my face in that rough skin. I need to bite those nipples, firmly, hard, till she wines in pain. I must stick my cock in this woman!

“Oh my god” I say while my face is burning, and heart pounding hard and even harder with every beat. I rub my cheeks and then my eyes. When I remove my hands I looked towards Vivian.

Standing there, biting one side of her lower lip, with a big smile, she lunged forward, cupping my groin. “Now, I want to show my appreciation for you helping me” she says and then immediately our bodies collide.

Fast, furious, anxiously we force our tongues into each other’s mouths. I pick her up and slam her ass on the counter top with a bone sounding ‘thud’. Undoing her jeans, and pulling off her cotton panties, I notice how thin her legs are, her thighs don’t even touch each other. It was then that I saw her pussy. No hair and very small in overall size. Her minora was just as thin as the entire pussy was, but barely extruding and smooth. Instantly I slip my ring and middle finger into her snatch.

“Give it to me, fucking give it to me” she begs while like a cat, claws at my back over my shirt.

There’s no time for foreplay. I need to fuck this bitch. I need to ram my thick fucking cock in her, where ever it goes, I need to feel something warm and wet around my thick and throbbing cock. I then continue to bang her small and tight pussy faster than I have ever done, not caring if I hurt or tear her. Faster, harder I go.

“Ohh… fuck!” she yells the word fuck, prolonging and stretching each word, until she pisses and falls back to the counter.

My fingers pull out of her dirty snatch, and think how tight that pussy would feel rapped around me.

Springing to life, she quickly gets on her knees, and forcefully unravels my pants, then starts sliding her mouth back and forth on my shaft. Faster, then faster, until it’s deeper, and deeper, she starts choking, but continues her throat fucking of a lifetime. On the final thrust into her mouth, I could feel my dick head get rapped deep inside her mouth, she pulls out promptly.

She looks to the side, her back jerks into an arch, toque sticking out, and jaw open, she gags. Gasping for air some, froth pores from her mouth. Wiping her mouth clean, she uses her oral excrement to stroke my cock. “How do you like that, sir?” she asks free of emotion, all the while intense.

“Shut the fuck up cunt and suck!” I grab her head with two hands.

“I love this fat co…” forcing her face into my pelvis, she groans her remaining words. Accepting her fuck-doll like position in this relationship, she takes every inch of my dick. Choking and gagging, her oral mess now drenches her blouse, but not absorbing due to its viscosity.

I want to see these titties. I want to see these little tear drop tits flop all over the place; bounce off my face, squeeze them till Vivian cries. I yank her vomit laced mouth off my cock and rip her blouse, starting the tare from the base of the v in the neck, exposing her bra strap and freckle filled skin. I grab the thick fabric that binds her bra’s cups together, and try to rip then, giving a fierce and forceful tug. Unfortunately, it did nothing but cause pain to Vivan since she moaned in painful delight.

This time I grab the same strap, and pull her off her knees, causing the remainder of the bra to stretch underneath her arm pits, and allowing her little soft tits to fall out.

Vivian continues to moan and grunt in discomfort, but she doesn’t care. This is past due for her and she is satisfied as long as it involves a cock, anyway, anywhere, anyhow.

Continued by our speed, dope crazed phycology, I grab her, engulfing her in my arms, kissing deeply and passionately again. Barely able to ignore the smell of her vomit on her lips, I grab her by the throat and start to choke her in rage over how much of a whore she is, I push her face back.

Her face red, all blood being held back from her strangulation, she tries to speak, but only gasps of air and dried drewel string from lip to lip. But cock is still on her mind, regardless of life support, she needs manhood to be inside of her. She needs to taste my salty scrotum, my sweet cum.

I let go of her, and turn her around, exposing her excessively soft and flat butt.

Still reclaiming the air she had been deprived, taking as much in as possible, she knows what she needs to do in order to tame her fuck, convince me how to give what she desires, needs. She arches her back, slaps her ass hard and with each hand, spreads her ass. “Take it baby, take it. Take it like you own it” she says in a subtle and drug induced, drivel laced sub-psychotic voice.

Looking at her butt hole, minor strands of dark brown hair scattered over a dark ringed anus surrounded by pale white skin, not to forget my presumed red streak trail of tissue, lining the base of her ass crevice. I assist in spreading her ass, stretching her asshole and cause her drenched pussy to open up for me; aching for more action. My face, with amazing velocity, plummets till my tongue lands flat on her port of excrement. Swirling, twirling and tasting her musky ass, the primitive side of me has been released. I must dominate this, I must conquer and surpass all urges of my deepest and darkest fantasies; I must own it.

I stand up straight, with her chest now pressed against the kitchen counter top, her face half fallen with reflex, drewel and snot coming from her mouth and nose; fluxuating motions from her deep breaths. I hear her whimpering, but can’t make it out. Then all of a sudden, paranoia slams into me like a wrecking ball. Maybe I’m hurting her. “Are you OK?”

“Fuck me. Fuck me NOW!” She ends her statement on a yell and continues with more whimpering and cries as if in a depressed or manic behavior. Her hands still spreading her ass, she is prepared.

I grab my penis by its base, and slip my head into her pussy. Tight, but it fits.

Simultaneously she finishes her previous words of “I love your fat cock” repeating them over and over again.

Until, I grab her by her biceps, and yank on her body as if trying to pull her arms out of socket, even better, if I could rip her arms off from fucking, gripping, and tugging so hard on her.

Her body is now arches in a forty five, and nothing but crying comes from her mouth.

“You like this fat cock, don’t you?” I ask with an athletic ritual demand.

“Yes” she replies stuttering her word with gulps and whimpering cries.

I continue to pound away as if time were ending within moments. My heart, her heart, were about to explode like race horses on their final portion of the main event. Thrusting, forcing, ripping and tearing, I fuck like I’ve never fucked before. All the while, Vivian’s crying grows louder until volumes have reached murderous levels. Then without warning, I slip out.

Vivian’s pussy gushes again, while she goes numb and starts to collapse to the floor. She’s so light that I can hold her up and position her to sit on the floor where she continues to cry in a fetal position, twitching every other second, in between every other breath.

Her legs start to spread, and she works up a frenzy on her cunt while I stand overhead, looking at her unhealthy body, stroking my cock. She opens her mouth and starts smearing what she might think is my cum, already on her face. She must be delusional.

She comes to and slowly moves forward, and with perfect timing, I let go all over her face. She wasted no time using her finger tips to smear my juice toward her mouth and savor it.

We both got up a few seconds later and decided to take a shower together. Fortunately, the games didn’t stop, and I couldn’t cum again, but was more than hard for the following hours. We did more speed and stayed at it, naked, for the remainder of the day. Talking breaks in-between some of the nasty stuff we experimented with, and at one point, we even stopped taking showers and just fucked through our filth.

We started to come down around ten that night. My cock was soarer than it’s ever been, and there were a few times when Vivian’s pussy started to bleed a little, as well as her ass. We came to the conclusion that we should do this the next time we run into each other, but not exchange phone numbers.

While leaving, I couldn’t help but look back and remember the title of a book I read as a child called “sarah, plane and tall.” Vivian wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t attractive. I’m sure I fall into her same category, but the fact of the matter is that she just wanted cock as much as I just wanted pussy.

All women are just as much whores as men are sluts.

This is reality; every woman is a whore.


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