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er all every time we met each other I would French kiss her for minutes and fondle her breasts, and as far as I could see her reactions I aroused her to a very great extent, but like all Indian girls she wasn't willing to have sex with me until we both had graduated. I was an anxious youngster and couldn't wait till that long to lose my virginity and plus her hot body was too much to resist. 

After only 2 weeks of my proposal i had started kissing her and fondling with her, but whenever I tried to take it to the next level she simply refused to do so. This kept going on for about 2-3 more months. Then suddenly one day she called me up in the morning and invited me over to her house as she was all alone at her house for near about 10 hours, so I readily accepted the offer and went to her place on the way 

I took a Daisy as she loved it a lot as I rung her house doorbell she came out and was very happy on seeing me. She was looking a bombshell in her shorts and her tight see through which her boobs were totally trying to burst out. She invited me in and showed around her house, and as we completed the house tour with her bedroom being the last she tightly hugged me, so tight that I could feel her huge breasts pressing against my chest.

It was getting very hard for me to actually hide my standing cock. I took my hand to her back and started giving her a sensual massage while we were standing the I pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly. I gently made my way through her hair to her neck and then started kissing and biting her neck, then for some more I fun I suddenly stopped and then started to blow wind on the neck which I had just made wet through my saliva, 

I could clearly see her moaning and that was the moment for me to take it to the next level. I moved up to her face and French kissed her and while doing that I grabbed her from the back, lifted her and then took her down with me on her bed. When I made her lie on the bed I started kissing her more passionately and she was enjoying every bit of it, I moved one my hands to her ass and started squeezing it. 

And to tell you all her ass was nothing less than heaven she had the most perfectly toned ass, just the way I like it. Then I went to her lower neck and started kiss her, followed by her collar bone and just when I reached above her boobs with my other hand I reached for her bra hook and opened it. To my surprise she was able to get back to her senses and was hesitant to this and was started to get up. 

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