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I lifted my skirt high up on my thighs. My panties dangled off of my left ankle. I sat upon a high counter and spread my legs far apart. I let Erica lick my pussy until it was good and wet.

It all started when a group of us from school started to play a game of "Truth or Dare." We began with the usual "Truth" questions,like 'Are you a virgin?" and "Have you ever done oral?"

Then, Billy dared me to flash my tits. Which I did, no problem. I got him back later when I dared him to pull his cock out.

I knew how things were going to go with a bunch of horny guys and the girls that wanted to look "Cool." I chose "Truth" and Mark asked me if I'd ever let a girl go down on me. I answered "Yes, that I would."

More turns went around. Tits were flashed, cocks were exposed. The Erica chose "Dare." Thats when Billy dared her to lick my pussy. Erica was a virgin. Her short boyish hair led us to believe she was a lesi. When she heard her dare, she got bright red.

"No, thats not fair! Thats like a two person dare!" She argued.

"Not if she lets you!" Billy shot back.

The whole crowd was going off at once, demanding that she follow through. She looked at me.

"It's a dare, you have to,sweety." I smiled at her.

Every one cheered, as Erica munched my pussy. I rocked my hips and moaned for them.

"Mmmm, damn,Erica," I moaned, "That feels gooood!"

I let her lick me for a few minutes, then declared her dare fulfilled.

At this point, I'm sure all of the guys had hard ons and some the girls were nervous. In fact after that most of the girls chose "Truth." Mark asked kim if she would ever let a girl go down on her. She said "No" When Brandon's turn came, he also chose "Truth"

"Brandon," Tara asked, " How long is your cock?"

"I don't know...About nine or ten inches?" He replied.

"Prove it!!" we all yelled.

Brandon was the only black guy there, and he proved it. We measured him at ten and a quarter!

Carla looked like she wished she hadn't chosen "Dare" for her turn. We all cheered when she finally got her mouth around Brandons huge cock. She sucked on it for a few minutes, some of it... Then, ended her turn.

We continued to play, until some people had to quit so the could go fuck elsewhere. As the game wound down i was left with three guys. Mark, Billy, and John.

"Jessica, truth or dare?" John asked.


"Is that the first time you had a girl lick your pussy?"


"Billy, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Truth." He said.

"Have you ever come in a girls mouth?"

"No." was his answer.

Then Billy asked Mark, "Truth or dare?"


"Lick Jessica's ass crack."

I bent over and spread my cheeks so Mark could lick my ass. It felt good.

I chose dare for my turn and ended up showing them my pussy, lips spread. Then my turn came.

"John, truth or dare?"

"Dare." was his answer to me.

I sucked Johns cock, while his friends watched. He was nervous, but eager. My dare was simple. "Come in my mouth."

I sucked his cock as hrad and fast as i could. I could tell when he was about to come, so I pulled my mouth off so they could see it shoot into my mouth. Then I sucked him dry.

Mark was next, followed by Billy. They all got their dicks sucked. Game over....

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