"A Long Awaited Friend" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Location: My House
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I still remember you.  From years ago, when we met at my cousin’s house.  You were pretty and petite, but our age difference was forbidden.  Somehow, you had gotten my IM screen name and that’s when we started getting to know each other.  I admired your personality and also your cute fondness for penguins.  We’d talk on IM for awhile, but the whole time, I had to hold back from telling you how I felt.  I was actually sad that day you told me you were moving.  We lost contact shortly after.  But I still think about you every now and then.  Where did you go?  Why didn’t you stay in touch?  Wondering what would have become of us on your 18th birthday.  Sometimes, I fantasize of that day, when you’d ask me out on a date, then tell me how you really felt.  “I’m old enough, now. And I love you.” Is what I dreamed you would say.  And it would be special, because we would no longer have to hold ourselves back.  We would have waited long enough.

I imagine by now that you have grown to become a woman.  Your face has changed from cute and innocent to the kind of young woman that makes heads turn as you walk by.  You’ve come back to the hometown to discover that I too have moved several times.  You ask my cousin for my address and tell her you want to make a surprise visit.  You wait a few days, then make a stop at the store and a small gift shop, before making the trip up to see me.  The drive is long, but the thought of seeing me smile after all these years keeps you from turning around and heading home.  Then the moon rises as night time sets, when you finally reach my apartment building.  You grab your bags from the car and head to my front door.  You knock three times, before you hear my footsteps walking towards the door.  The excitement falls upon your face, knowing how great it is for us to reunite. 

I answer the door.  “Hi!” you say with a big smile.  You can see that I don’t quite recognize you, from the puzzled look on my face.  “I’m sorry. Do I know you?” I ask.  You playfully laugh, before refreshing my memory.  “I’m your cousin’s friend.  The penguin girl.” You reply.  Instantly, I smile and reach out to hug you.  But to your surprise, I lift you up into my arms with over excitement.  “Come in!” I say inviting you through the door.  “I’ve missed you! How long has it been?” I ask.  We both take a moment to count the years.  “Wow! It’s been that long?” I ask in disbelief.  I take notice of your bags, but can’t see the contents.  But my curiosity sets in.  “What’s in the bags?” I ask.  With a shy look on your face, you look down at them.  “Well, I bought you a gift! Something to think of me.” You say as you pull something from one of them.  It’s a stuffed penguin.  “I didn’t think you would care for a stuffed animal, but when I saw this, I immediately thought of you.” You explain.  I return your gesture with a sarcastic expression.  “It’s a thoughtful gift, but if you think you’re getting away from me again, I might have to hold you and never let go!” I say with a hug.

My attention turns to the other bags you brought with you.  “What’s in the other bags?” I question with curiosity.  You glance down at them and back towards me.  “Those are a secret for later!” you say with a grin.  I suspect you have something pleasing in mind, so I dare to wait until you reveal them.  You rush into my kitchen to hide something in my fridge, for later.  I notice you are down to one bag, which you stash away in the corner of the living room.  But you don’t seem to hide it from me as if it was any kind of surprise, yet you don’t bother to mention what’s inside of it.  You quickly rejoin me on the sofa to pick up our conversation.  We talk for a few hours, before you mention that it’s getting late.  “Would you mind if I stayed here for the night? The drive was long and I don’t think I’m ready for it.” You ask.  “Sure!” I answer, understanding that not only is it a part of the surprise, but you don’t want to fall asleep at the wheel.

“Why don’t you go lay on the bed and I’ll be in shortly to give you your surprise.” You say with a smile.  I walk to my bedroom and undress myself down to my boxers, before lying upon my sheets.  Then you walk to my bedroom door.  “Close your eyes.” You command.  I close my eyes and await your entry into the room.  You walk in and place a CD player on the dresser.  I recognize the song shortly after you hit play.  It’s the soft romantic ballad I was playing on the computer, the first time we met.  You light some strong scented candles and they shine dimly upon the walls.  My walls show paintings of naked men and women enjoying sensations of being wrapped in newspapers, while they make love.  I know they’re art, which is my explanation to their odd yet inspiring interest.  You look around the room, as your eyes catch them.  Quickly, you become intrigued, but don’t have to ask who the artist is.  My name is signed on the bottom right corner of each one. 

You walk to the side of my bed and grab a small box filled with rose pedals from one of the bags.  You open the box and spread them on top of me.  Next was something you had not planned.  But seeing my paintings had inspired you to pull out a newspaper you had planned to read the following morning.  You placed the newspaper upon my left nipple and started to rub it in a circular motion.  To your surprise, you saw the aroused look on my face.  “He really enjoys this!” you thought to yourself.  You ponder in thought as the idea begins to arouse you, as well.  While my nipples are hardened, you run the folded newspaper down my chest and over my boxers.  You smile at the site of my hardening cock as you tease it with the newspaper.  Then you reach your hand in and grab hold of my shaft, gently twisting it in your hand.  Continuing to circle the newspaper on my cock tip, through my boxers.  And you do the same, as you pull it out.  You quickly stir an idea from one of my paintings of a woman smacking a man’s cock shaft with a newspaper.  You give me a gentle, breezy slap with the newspaper across my cock a few times making me moan. 

Shortly after, you put your newspaper aside and grab a can of whipped cream and some strawberries.  Spraying it on my nipples, then dabbing the strawberries on top.  You allow me to take the first bite, while you lick some of the whipped cream from my nipples.  And you taste the strawberry, for yourself.  We enjoy a few strawberries and cream together, before you move on to my hard cock.  You lick it from base to tip, before gracefully wrapping your lips around it.  I moan to every inch, while you take me slowly into your mouth.  Our passion can not wait any longer.  You throw a leg around my waist and insert my cock into your tight wet pussy.  Slowly, we passionately thrust into each other, making our romantic moment count.  You throw yourself back with your head tilted, as you glide your pelvic region into me.  Then I roll you over and with one hand on your back and the other on your ass, I pick up the motion.  Thrusting harder and harder, till I cum into you.  Shortly after, you release yourself onto me.  We spend the rest of the night sleeping naked and holding each other.

The next day, I awake to see you are not beside me.  I walk into the living room to see you have collected my daily newspaper.  Also, to my surprise and liking, you are still naked.  You see me coming into the living room and fold my newspaper, before placing it upon your naked lap.  “Good morning!” you say with a smile.  I greet you with the same.  “I have this thing where I enjoy a little naked reading. But your paintings were erotic, so I thought I’d surprise you with the newspaper!” you explain.  I walk up to you and pick you up from the couch.  While you are still holding the newspaper, I walk you over to my glass sliding door and place an open sheet of newspaper over the front of your body.  I wrap my arm around you and grope your breast through the newspaper.  I place my other hand onto the newspaper covering your clit and firmly hold it there.  Then I force your front side against the glass door and take you from behind.  With your hands placed upon the glass, I push my cock deep inside you.  We see a group of older people walking by in the parking lot, noticing our love-making from beyond the newspaper that caresses your naked body.  They don’t seem to mind as they walk on by.  We finish with a passionate thrust and you turn your head to kiss me.  “I can stay a few more hours. Anything you want to do with me? Or to me?” you ask.  An idea quickly comes to my mind as I walk you over to my table to grab more newspapers and a roll of tape.  With the newspaper still wrapped around your front, I turn you to face me.  Then I place newspapers all around us and tape them tightly, securing us together.  “I told you I won’t let you leave.” I say to you with a smile.  You become intrigued.  “Keep me wrapped up like this and I just might have to move in with you.” You reply.

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