deep in the woods   added 4 years ago
  By: jalvar11  Age: 36  Country: United States

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I held my hand tight over her mouth. She was too small to fight me, she was easily over powered. I squeezed and lifted her with one arm, carrying her deeper into the woods. She tried to struggle, but I held her against me. I pressed my swollen dick up against her pert little ass, her squirming felt good on my cock. Her futile screams vibrated against my fingers, the heat of her breath warm on my palm.

I had been watching her through her dorm room window for some time. Weeks. I watched her study. I watched her eat. I followed her to class.

I carried her, struggling and crying to the place I had prepared. Dropping her to the ground, straddling her back, I sat on her, while I taped her mouth shut. Then, snatching her back up to her feet, I pushed her, face first, up against a tree. She tried to fight, but i just ignored her attempts. I held her in place with one hand, and ripped a hole in the back of her sweat pants with my other hand.

While she was pinned helpless against the tree, I jammed two fingers up her pussy from behind. I plunged my fingers deep, wiggled them around, explored her insides. Her pussy clenched up, but I continued to poke and prod until my fingers were slick with pussy juices.

"I'm going to bend you over now. Then I'm going to fuck your cunt until my cock is nice and slick. Then I'm going to ram your asshole with it." I growled in her ear.

She was crying, and making sob noises through the tape.

" I'm going to fuck your ass hard, sweety. Think about that..."

I reached around her waist and bent her over. in one swift motion I plunged my cock into her tight little cunt. I was happy with the squeal of shock that she made and made sure to ram it into her hard as I could. Everytime I pounded in, she grunted for me. I could feel juices trickling down my balls. I was ready for her ass.

I pressed the head of my dick firmly against her asshole and pushed. She tried to clench, but I just kept pushing. Slowly, her asshole yielded to my pressure. Inch by inch my cock eased into her. Her ass shifted and wiggled, but still I penetrated deeper.

"Mmmmmmm uhhhhhh..." came her involuntary groan. Deeper I went as her ass muscles gave in and relaxed, accepting my intrusion.

When I finally buried my shaft completely, I eased halfway out of her quivering hole, then pushed my way back in. i proceeded to fuck her ass every bit as hard as I promised. And after filling her anal cavity with semen, I left her twitching on the ground.

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