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Colleen and I had been together for about five or six months. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair, nice ,fake tittties, tight ass, and slender body. She was 5'1 and weighed about 105.

Krissi was an old friend of mine. We fooled around a few years before Colleen and I met. Krissi was sexy and liked to fuck, so one night we fucked. That was it. She also had an amazing body.

I ran into Krissi, after not seeing her for almost a year, at the food store by our house. I introduced her to Colleen and as it turned out, Krissi just moved into an apartment close by. Colleen and Krissi hit it off and we invited her over that night.

Krissi came by and we had dinner and played " catch up" filling eachother in on our lives. colleen was out of the room, when Krissi leaned towards me and said, "I want to fuck your girlfriend."

" Oh, really?" I replied.

" She is fucking hot. Let me fuck her. You can join, of course. I'll suck your dick if you let me have her." she said.

I thought about it and agreed. If Colleen goes for it, then I was okay with it too. When colleen came back into the room, Krissi invited us to her place, for drinks, that weekend.

So, there I was. Sitting in Krissi's living room. Colleen was eased back on the couch with her knees bent, feet resting on the seat cushion. Krissi was massaging Colleens crotch through her Shorts. Tracing little circles around her clit. Colleen spread her knees further apart. Her hips beginning to rock to Krissi's rubbing.

Colleen was fairly drunk, so when Krissi started in on her, she didn't notice what Krissi had intended right away. A simple hand on the knee... A squeeze.... Small talk, hinting around sex. Another drink...

Now, Colleen's shorts were riding up and I could see her camel toe. Krissi slid her hand up Colleen's shorts and grabbed the crotch of her panties, pressing her knuckles between Colleens pussy lips, up towards her clit. She tugged Colleens panties gently upward so her pussy lips spread. I watched Krissi repeat this technique as Colleen started to groan.

"You like that, honey?" I called to Colleen from my seat across from them.

" Yes! You don't mind? It's okay? She moaned.

" It's okay, Let Krissi do what she wants."

So, there was my girlfriend. Head tilted back, kissing Krissi. Moaning deep in her throat, with two of Krissi's fingers probing deep into her pussy. Colleen was bucking her hips, now, lifting her ass off the couch.

My dick was hard as stone.

Krissi knelt down on the floor and started to suck Colleens pussy.

"Ohhhh fuuuckk... lick it, mmmm... fffuuuucckkk..." Colleen cried out.

She grabbed the back of Krissi's head and rubbed her pussy on Krissi's face.

Colleen's whole body was shaking, her tittie shaking violently.

"I'm fucking commmiiinnggg! I'm fu- ck- ing co-mi-ng!" she cried out, as Krissi continued to lick and suck my girlfriends pussy.

Colleen was pressed into the corner of the couch, with her knees up by her ears. Krissi produced a large, two headed dildo, and inserted deep into Colleen's sopping wet pussy. Then, she squatted over colleen and inserted the other end into her pussy. Krissi eased down until the dildo disapeared into both of them, then started to bounce and grind. Both girls were going nuts as they thrust their hips.

" Ohhh, yyeeaahhh.'

" Mmmm, like that, bitch?"



Finally, sometime later, they both climxed, in a sweaty heap, entwined together.


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