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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: exhibitionist husband watching wife
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive
My husband and I were sitting around on a Friday night having a few drinks and talking.  I have always known my husband like most men was a voyeur and enjoyed watching other people have sex.  It wasn’t until this night that I learned that he wanted to secretly watch me with another man.  Not really sure how to respond, I just let it fall by the waste side and didn’t think much more of it.
 The following afternoon my husband said he needed to run some errands and said he would be back in a couple of hours.  He also told me to get ready because he was taking me out that evening and he wanted me to wear something sexy that showed off my curves and ample breasts.  “Show lots of cleavage” he said. 
 That evening I put on a push-up red lace bra with a matching thong and a little red dress that was very low cut.  It conformed to every curve in my body and just covered my ass.  When I walked out of the bedroom his jaw about hit the floor.  “You look hot”, he said. He took me to our favorite little tavern where we had a bite to eat.  “You made me get all gussied up to come here”, I asked.   He told me after dinner we were headed to a bar down south and at that moment I knew he was up to something, what, I wasn’t sure of yet.  As we drove about an hour south to the bar my husband kept putting his hand on my thigh and rubbing it, sliding it in between my legs and making me horny as hell.
 When we pulled up in front of the bar he handed me a key that was for the motel next door to the bar.  He said, “I am dropping you off and will return in about a ½ hour.   I want to watch you pick up a man that you are hot for, take him back to the motel where I will secretly watch him fuck you.”  “If you are sure”, I said.  He nodded with a big smile and I took the key from him and got out of the car.
 As I walked into the bar and found a seat I could feel many sets of eyes following me.   I ordered a drink and then began to survey the land.  I sipped my drink waiting for my husband to return before getting started.  He entered the bar exactly 30 minutes later and took a seat directly across the bar from me.  It was time to give him a show he would never forget.
 I started by pulling my cigarettes out of my purse and pretending like I was looking for a lighter.  I then asked the bartender for a light.  As he got the lighter out I leaned way over the bar so that my tits were about ready to fall out of my dress as he lit my cigarette.   I knew at that moment I wouldn’t have to ask for another light that evening.
 As the drinks rolled in and the dance offers increased I was feeling really turned on.  I could feel my husband watching me as I rubbed up against many men dancing, letting them kiss on me and grab a feel every now and then.  The more the men groped at me the more turned on my husband seemed to be sitting over there which turned me on as well.   As I was dancing a really hot guy walked up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Matt”.  “Hi”, I said, “Want to dance?”  He nodded with a smile and we began dancing.  While we were dancing he thrust his groin into me and I could tell he had a nice package.  We returned to the bar and he bought me a drink.  As we were sitting there talking I pulled out my motel key and asked him point blank, “Do you want to fuck me, Matt?”  “Most definitely”, he replied.  So we finished our drinks and headed out the door. I looked over my shoulder as we were walking across the parking lot to see my husband walking out of the bar behind us.
 As we entered the motel room (which was at ground level) I noticed the curtains were wide open and all the lights were on.  I was completely turned on by knowing that he was outside watching me. Moving close to the window I felt Matt come up behind me and grab me by my waist and pull me back into him.  I could feel his hard dick pressing against me.  He reached around and began squeezing and fondling my breasts.  I put my head back on his chest and took in all the pleasure I was feeling.  His hands went down my sides, over my hips were he grabbed my dress and pulled it over my head.  His hands went back to my breasts and he began squeezing and rubbing, pinching at my nipples through my bra which was making me so hot.  He then undid my bra and exposed my ample breast and spun me around and began kissing me.  As we were kissing I was pulling his shirt over his head and un-doing his pants.  As I stuck my hand down inside his jeans I was very pleased at how well hung he was.  I began sinking down to my knees and pulling his pants down put is rock hard dick in my mouth.  Sucking a little at first and then picking up the pace.  I then began taking his entire dick in my mouth which seemed to go half way down my throat.  He moaned, “Oh yeah!”  After about 5 minutes he  pulled me up and set me on the table which was right by window.  He laid me back and put my feet up on the table, slid my panties off and spread my legs as far apart as they would go.  He parted my lips and was very pleased at how wet I was.  He began rubbing my clit, then he slid a finger inside, then two, then three pushing hard in and out all the way up to my g-spot.  My hands were all over my breasts, pulling and pinching at my nipples.  He then put his face down to my pussy and started swirling his tongue over my clit.  “Aww…You taste so sweet”, he said.  I couldn’t stand it anymore and I came while he sucked the juices from my dripping wet pussy.  So incredibly hot at this point all I could think about was having that rock hard dick inside of me.  I got up from the table, turned around and bent over it, I looked over my shoulder at him and said, “Fuck me now, Matt!”  He grabbed me, pulled me back to him and slid his huge dick inside of me.  We both moaned at the first penetration.   He fucked me there, then he sat in the chair and I climb on top of him and fuck him there, he then stood up with his huge dick still inside of me and pressed my back against the window.  I couldn’t help but think of my husband outside the window getting an up close and personal look at this strange man fucking his wife so hard and making her pussy drip her juices all down the window.   We then moved to the bed where he laid down and I climb on top of him backwards fucking him there, he began to moan, “oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m going to cum”.  I slid off of him and put his dick in my mouth and began sucking hard, it wasn’t long before he unloaded his wad in my mouth.
 I thanked Matt and bid him good-night.  I lay back down on the bed waiting for my husband to walk in. It wasn’t long when he walked in the room smiling, “Well”, I said.  “Was it what you expected.”  “And MORE”, he replied.  “Take your clothes off”, I said.  He did and climbed into bed with me, we had the hottest, wettest most erotic sex that we have ever had that night. 
 Six months later we switched places…..

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