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When I was 13 I was caught looking at some 16 year old girls at the beach with their boyfriends.  They grabbed me and saw that I had a boner for the girls.  The boys held my arms and legs and pulled off my swim trunks so they could all see my erection.  The girls giggled and touched my penis which kept me erect.  There were 4 boys and 4 girls.  The boys decided that they would teach me a lesson for peeking at the girls.  One of them squeezed my balls and said they would all do it much harder unless I did what they said.  I agreed.  All 4 boys then forced me to suck their cocks and swallow the cum while the girls danced around and touch my penis.  I was so ashamed for sucking their cocks, then the girls said lets give him a break and jack him off.  And so surrounded by 4 really cute girls in bikinis they took turns grabbing my penis until I ejcaulated, then they did it again and then again, my penis was really aching from all that coming.  The girls all kissed me on the mouth and walked away.  One of them did put her tongue into my mouth.  So now I fantasize about sucking cock and getting jacked off by girls.  A couple of years later three gay guys about my age offered me some money if I would suck them off, they had heard about what the 4 16 year olds had done to me.  I said no but they pulled me into their car and for the next 4 hours took turns doing all kinds of sexual things to me, including taking pictures which they said they would show to people unless I agreed to have sex with them again in the future.  I had no choice so once or twice a week I have to suck off 2 or 3 guys, on some weekends I have to suck off a dozen guys.  At one session a 40 year old woman sucked me off and spent a long time tongue kissing me while everyone watched.

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