"Surprise From An Old Friend" A Newspaper Fetish   added 4 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Location: My House
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It’s been years since we talked.  You live states away and because of your jealous boyfriend, we haven’t spoken.  You only call me, when you’re fed up with him.  Like I’m the guy on the side.  Before our last conversation, I had managed to tell you about my secret.  Through email, I sent you an edited video of me with my fetish.  With my digital camera sitting in position, I began to film myself.  Sitting in my chair, naked and reading a book.  The book bored me, so I reached to the floor at my side to pick up my newspaper.  I rested the bottom half of the pages on my cock shaft as it got harder.  Soon, I began to pull a single sheet and placed the remaining pages upon my chest.  And with the single sheet of newspaper, I began to wrap it around my shaft.  Slowly sliding it up and down my cock.  The scene in my homemade video progressed.  And for that, the camera required a higher position in the room.  I opened the closet door and placed the camera on the shelf inside.  For the next scene, I got on my knees, on the bed.  Rubbing my cock with the newspaper.  I moaned for the camera, hoping at the time of your viewing that you could see just how much pleasure my newspaper was giving me.  Then the scene progressed with me lying on the bed.  My head was facing toward the camera.  I laid my newspaper on my chest and caressed myself.  And wrapping the single sheet of newspaper on my cock, I began to masturbate for you once again.  Just before I am ready to release my cum, I unwrapped the newspaper from my cock and started to masturbate with my hand.  I wanted you to see my cum burst all over the newspaper upon my chest.  To see the page all wet with my cum.  Then, after quick editing, I shared my video with you.

You viewed my video and through email, you expressed your liking to it.  You even gave me the nick name, Inky, which I thought was cute.  “Nice pen!” was also a good harmless pun.  And my mind rushed with fantasies of you being here with me.  I envisioned the things we would do with my newspaper.  How I would enjoy wrapping your naked body up with the newspaper and watching your facial expressions as the newspaper glided across your naked skin.  How you tell me that your nipples have hardened through the newspaper. 

Years later, I get a phone call from a lady friend of ours.  She asks me what local newspaper I fancy and I tell her which one.  “Reminiscing the smell of that newspaper arouses me, just thinking about it!” I said to her.  But I didn’t bother to ask what her intensions were.  A week goes by and I’m sitting in my living room.  It’s night time and nothing is happening.  I receive a knock on the door and I get up to answer it.  Wondering who could possibly be here to visit me, I peek through the spy hole.  It’s our friend, so I disengage the locks and open the door.  “Hey!” she says to me, upon greeting her.  I notice someone at the side of the wall and as I peek around the corner, I see you.  I quickly become speechless towards you, but invite the two of you in.  You both take a seat in the living room and I do the same.  You sit silently, while our friend and I begin to talk.  And after a little while, she starts to get up and excuse herself to the front door.  I see her to the door, but question why you aren’t following her.  “She has a few things she wants to discuss with you.” She explains.  “I’ll come back in a few hours to pick her up.” She finishes and walks away.  I return to the living room and sit next to you.  “So, after all these years, you have something you want to talk about?” I question with sarcasm.  You grin and let out a short laugh.  “He’s being a real douche, lately.” You mention as if it’s not old news.  “Well, I guess since you came back, I could give you the time of day.” I say. 

We talk for awhile, but I don’t expect us to be on better terms, since the last time we spoke.  The tension seems to be loosening up in the room.  “The reason I came here is that I have a surprise for you.” You admit.  Then you get up from my couch holding a bag and walk over to me.  You grab my hand and lead me into my bedroom, where you have me undress.  I’m naked now and you have me sit on the bed.  You reach into the bag and pull out a blindfold and wrap it around my eyes.  Then you make me lay down on the bed, while you tie my hands to the headboard.  I hear you reach back into your bag and pull something out.  You place the object over my face and tell me to take a deep inhale.  “Mmm, that smells so good!” I say as I deeply inhale the fresh scent of my favorite newspaper.  My cock hardens and you use the newspaper to smack it a few times.  “You’ve been a bad boy! Maybe I should use my newspaper to teach you a lesson.” You say to me.  You begin to tease me, while you glide the newspaper up and down my shaft.  You pull the newspaper from my cock and pull your top down to run it across your breasts.  “Mmm. That does feel good! Now I see how it makes your cock so stiff.” You say. 

My breathing gets heavy from the sound of the newspaper brushing against your body.  “You wish you could see me as I rub myself with my newspaper, don’t you?” you ask.  “Yes, I do.” I reply.  Then you pull the blindfold off of my eyes and allow me to watch you.  With my hands tied to the bed, I can’t touch you.  And it’s all a part of your plan as you continue to rub the newspaper on to your breasts.  You moan for me.  “Would you like to grope my breasts with my newspaper?” you ask me.  “Would you like to feel my wet pussy with it?” you continue.  “Yes.” I reply.  You run the newspaper down to your belly and with the other hand, you slowly undo your pants.  Then you run the newspaper down on top of your pussy lips and rub the newspaper into it.  Then you pull the newspaper out of your panties and place it hard into my face.  “Would you like to smell my pussy on the newspaper?” you ask.  I inhale deeply, once again.  “You’re really naughty! I think I should spank you!” you say as you begin to smack my hard cock with the newspaper.  “This is so much fun! How could you hide this secret from me, all these years?” you ask rhetorically.  You place a sheet of newspaper upon my chest and then you place your lips upon it, covering my nipples.  I feel your wet lips through the newspaper. 

You stand up from the bed and quickly undress.  Then you hop over me, slowing slipping my cock into your pussy.  You place your hands on the newspaper over my chest and begin to ride my cock.  You swoop down and start to lick the newspaper up as you look at the expression on my face.  You talk dirty to me, saying things like, “Watch me, while I ride your newspaper cock!”.  You call me a newspaper slut and ask me if I like whoring myself out to the Sunday paper.  Shortly after, the passion rises and you untie my hands from the headboard.  You fall upon my chest, pressing your breasts into the newspaper.  I roll you over and start to push my cock harder into you.  You let out a moan of pleasure.  Our body sweat soaks into the newspaper.  You begin to climax and your moaning gets louder.  I too am about to explode my cum into you.  Shortly after, we lock our lips together with a deep kiss as we both cum together.  Then we lay for a couple of hours together.  You’re enjoying running your fingers across the newspaper over my chest.  You even take on some reading of a clean sheet of newspaper, while I watch you. 

An hour or two passes, when we hear a knock at my door.  I yell, “Come in!” while you and I stay together on the bed with the newspaper.  Our friend walks in and heads to my bedroom to see us laying naked together with the newspaper.  “So, how was it?” she asks as if she was in on the whole plan.  “It was great!” you reply with a smile.  “Well, maybe next time, I will join you!” she says.  I look at both of you in thought.  “Looking forward to it!” I say.  She undresses herself and hopes into my bed on the other side and grabs some newspapers.  She covers up with them and takes on a little reading as well.  And for the rest of the night, the three of us lay together, embracing the newspaper against our naked bodies.        

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