The Handsome Whittled Stick   added 4 years ago
  By: greenbird33  Age: 65  Country: United States

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I got myself a stick from the backyard and whittled it into a smoother rod. I used an extra fine emery cloth on it and smoothed it out so very velvety and perfect. Then I took my right hand, while holding it with my left hand, and moved the right hand up and down an eight inch section of this stick.

I went rapidly until the stick heated up from the playful hand pumping it. I pressed in on that backyard stick and felt it quiver as I increased the level of activity. 

When you are just fifteen years old, this is pretty interesting!

Down and up, down and up, down and up. I noticed that a little bit of tree sap was working its way out of the end of this stick.
It was like jacking up an automobile and seeing a little bit of thick grease working its way out of the brake line fitting. Or like some hand lotion in a tube softly beginning to ooze out of the tube when the cap has not been put on.

I kept on up-jacking the stick, thinking “I love this fine stick, I wonder if my girlfriend wants to play with it also.”

Just then Janet, my girlfriend, came walking up and she said “Ohhhh, baby, I like that backyard stick. Why don’t you bring it in the back door and we can move it around inside the house?” Janet was pretty much straight and like a stick too. She wore tight jeans and a Detroit Tigers T-shirt. I saw her playing with a hot dog once.

The stick was very long and so Janet had to help me get it inside the back door. She bent over to allow the stick to come in all the way. The stick pushed toward the inside and felt resistance but then POP! the stick slid right in the  door.

Janet said "Good, you got the stick to penetrate this door opening. Now move it around to get the stick all the way inside!"
The sap was starting to ooze out of the end of the stick now. It was sticky and fell inside the back door near the door frame.

Janet took her fingers and rubbed the sap all over the back door opening. The stick ejected some more sap.

“I love your handsome stick so much,” 14 year old Janet sighed, "Get a big tree log next time so I can feel it and play with it, OK!"

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