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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last catch up with Liz. I’ve seen her around a few times and she’s made it a point to tease my cock at every chance she can get. The worse was the time she caught me in the elevator and jerked me off while still dressed. It took me a while to get cleaned up in the bathroom and I was later home.

As I mentioned when this story started, I am a consultant. I work for a time at a company and then I move on when the project is completed, or the budget runs out. The project that I am currently working on has finished and it’s time to move on to the next office.

Yesterday was the project close-out meeting with members of the business. Liz was one of the business representatives at the meeting. Everything went well and we covered all of the objectives and ticked them off, leaving nothing for me to finish up. We were just about to finish off everything and conclude when Liz asked if it were possible to grab a few hours or so with me this week to just go over a few things and deal with some unfinished business. Nothing major, she reassured my project manager, just a few things she wanted to better understand. My project manager said it wouldn’t be a problem and that I wasn’t allocated to anything for the remainder of the week, so anything she needed she could just call me directly. Liz looked at me with a smile, biting her lower lip like she does when she is hot, letting me know that the unfinished business had nothing to do with the project.

As I was heading out the door Liz grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back into the meeting room. I told my project manager to go ahead and that I would meet him at our office later. Liz flicked the sign on the door from occupied to “Do Not Disturb” and closed the door behind us.

The door was just barely closed when Liz pushed up against me kissing me fiercely. “God I’m so fucking hot right now. I can’t believe our time is almost up. Have you missed me? Have you been getting good sex at home and forgotten about your little office slut?” she panted.

I muttered that I had been looking forward to a really good fuck since out last session.

“We don’t have much time now, but I want to make sure that when I get you later you are up for a hard pounding fuck.” With that she got down on her knees, unzipped my business pants, and pulled my already hard dripping cock out. She looked at it for a few moments, stroking it and caressing my balls. “I can’t get over how hot it is that you wax yourself.” she muttered as she took my into her mouth. The feeling of absolute bliss overcame me as her warm soft mouth enveloped my erection.

“mmmmm.... I love blow jobs... and you are so fucking good.” I said softly as she sucked me. The compliment drove her further. One of her hands left my balls and I saw her putting her hands under her skirt and stating to play with her clit.

A group of people stopped outside the door talking. Liz stopped for a moment in shock, but then composed herself and went back to the blowjob faster and harder. “Ohhh... someone’s in there... I thought I had booked that room...” my heart started racing. The people walked to the next meeting room, I could hear them moving around and talking, I knew that if we made much sound they would hear us as well. Liz looked up at me with an evil grin, then licked the fingers that were working between her legs and went back to work pleasuring herself. She squeezed my cock a little harder and started sucking it, and moving up and down my shaft quickly. Soon I felt like the room was spinning and had to grab the door frame for support. Liz stopped her blow job long enough to give me another grin. It was a challenge for her to make it as hard as I possibly could not to make any noise. By the time she went back to work on me her iron grip and the intensity of her sucking and working my cock over with her mouth had be ready to explode. I took a deep breath, holding it as my body convulsed in an orgasm so big that my balls hurt from the force. Liz greedily jerked my cock, getting every last drop of my cum and swallowing it.

She grabbed a chair and sat down, hiking up her very short stretchy skirt and revealing her  freshly waxed, and very wet pussy. Good thing you aren’t wearing any underwear to get in the way I whispered as I dived into her pussy licking and sucking like mad. I knew that we were short on time and risking getting caught. I skipped past the slow start and crammed her pussy full with three of my fingers while madly licking her clit every way possible.

“Harder” she groaned a bit to loud.

She kept urging me on, “harder, faster.” Soon I was lifting her off the chair with my vigorous finger fucking. I was a little afraid that I was going to hurt her, but she kept pushing me further and further. Finally she grabbed the edge of the table, her knuckles white from the effort as her body went into spasms of an orgasm. He pussy muscles gripped my finger painfully tight as she struggled not to make any noise.

Her orgasm subsided a bit, and I started to pull my fingers out of her slowly. Liz grabbed my hand and pushed me back in, and then out slowly, then back in, usig my hand like a dildo. After about five strokes she had another, smaller orgasm. then she was finished. She pulled my fingers out of her, then bringing it up to her mouth licked her pussy juice off of them one at a time. I’ve always enjoyed the specticle that Liz makes of cleaning up her pussy juice after a fuck session, this time was no different, by the time she was done I was hard again and raring to go.

“Later studd.” she said, carefully packing my erection back into my underwear and zipping my pants. She wiggled her hips, pulling her stretchy skirt back into place. Then grabbing the side of my head with both hands kissed me. “I’ll arrange a meeting.” she said, heavily with innuendo, then opened the door and headed back to her desk.

By the time I got back to my office there was a meeting request waiting for me for the end of the day. 3 - 5:00. I grabbed a glass of water, figuring I better make sure my hydration levels were up for what ever Liz had in mind.

* * * *

Three o’clock came and I was back at Liz’s office, waiting in the meeting room that she had booked. I was sitting waiting for Liz to show up when my phone rang. It was my wife on the phone. She started in on me about something. To be honest I was barely paying attention, it was always something that I had done wrong, or not done. Liz came by the meeting room with some colleagues. “Sorry have to go this is my three o’clock.” she said to the others. She came in and shut the door, sitting down next to me. I looked ah her and mouthed ‘wife’ as I rolled my eyes. My wife’s tone was quite hostile as she continued to berate me.

Liz saw that I wasn’t enjoying what was going on, and took the opportunity to have a bit of fun. She turned her seat so that it was fully facing me, and unbuttoned her blouse slowly. Thankfully Liz almost never wears a bra. She had a bit grin on her face as she started caressing her tits. She brought her foot up, out of her shoe and placed it on my crotch, caressing my cock through my pants.

Still grinning Liz hiked up her skirt and made a good show of rubbing her clit with her fingers. Before long her teasing me, turned into genuine pleasuring herself as she really got into it. She licked her first two fingers, then went to work in earnest on her clit. Her other hand went down, spreading her pussy lips wide. I could see her hungry hole wanting to be stuffed. She dipped two fingers into her snatch, then brought them back up to her mouth, licking them slowly, driving me crazy.

I grunted an acknowledgment to my wife. I had no idea what she was saying, but at this point I couldn’t care. Liz was fully fingering herself with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. I watched her intently as I rubbed my cock through my pants.

Liz’s eyes rolled back, and her head fell backwards. Quickly I hit the mute button on the phone. Liz’s breathing got louder and she let out a whimper as she snapped her legs shut and had as close to a silent orgasm as she could. When she was finished I turned the phone off mute and interrupted my wife to tell her I had to go as people were waiting for me in a meeting.

* * * *

Liz composed herself, and fixed her skirt. “OOOppse I didn’t mean for that to happen.” she giggled. The she stood up and opened the door. “Well, I’m done... let’s go.” She looked back at me seeing the disappointment on my face. “What? You don’t expect me to fuck a married guy do you? Besides you have already unloaded your cum into me once today...” She grinned at me and then winked.

I followed her around the office, watching the sexy sway of her ass with every step. We walked through to a section of the office where the lights were off and most of the people had gone home already.

“This section let there people go home early today because of working late last week with processing. Soooo....” she said looking at me seductively, “I thought we could use this meeting room here.” she opened the door and walked in. I followed her into the room, she flicked the sign on the door to “In Use, Do not disturb.” and closed and locked the door.

No sooner had Liz closed the door when she was grabbing at my clothes, unbuttoning my shirt and getting the front of my pants open. “Lie down on the table.” she ordered me. I got on the table and lied down, while she worked her skirt up over her hips. She climbed on tp of me, pausing to wrap her lips around my cock and slick it up a bit, before moving forward, rubbing her hands along my smooth chest as she went. She lingered at my nipples sucking one into her mouth.

Liz reached down and grabbed my cock, steering it towards her hot wet pussy. The earlier session had her slick, and I easily slipped all the way into her. She knelt on me, gently rising and falling to get the position right, then she came to a rest, fully impaled on me. Again she ran her hands all over my smooth chest with a smile. Then she started moving forwards and backwards. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of my smooth public area rubbing against her swollen clit. Back and forth she moved, grinding harder and harder. Her pace picked up.
“You better not cum.” she said forcefully as she doubled her pace. It wasn’t long before her pussy was gripping me as she had another orgasm. “Fuck that was good.” she said. “That is’ from now on any guy that wants to fuck me has to be waxed.” she looked down and gently touched her clit, causing a shudder to go through her body.

She got up off of me, and turned around into a sixty nine position taking my cock into her mouth and licking every trace of her own pussy juice from me. “Mmmmmm that’s it... you like that don’t you?”

I grabbed her hips and buried my face into her pussy while she worked my cock. I grabbed her pussy lips, pulling them roughly apart exposing her clit and opening her home to my assault. She groaning as I pushed my tongue as deeply as I could into her, then going back to her clit. I could taste a bit of my precum all over her, but that didn’t faze me in the slightest.

After getting her quite worked up again, and get getting me hard to the point I thought my cock would tear itself apart form the inside, she turned around and sat back down on my cock. This time instead of kneeling she was squatting with her feet flat on the table like you see often in porn movies. I was even deeper than normal inside of her. She started rising and falling again, fully taking my length with every motion. She did this for a few minutes, then got back off me and licked me clean again. Alternating between fucking me slowly and sucking me hard and fast I could feel myself slowly building up to what would be a massive orgasm.

She started moving faster up and down as I started bucking my hips up, meeting her thrusts with my own. I couldn’t hold back any longer; I had a mind blowing orgasm, pumping my cum deep into her. Quickly she got up off my cock, but then surprised me by moving up and squatting over my face. She grabbed by head and pushed my mouth onto her pussy forcing me to go down on her. I could taste my own cum on her pussy. My arms were under her legs at the moment, so I wrapped them around her legs and reached around so I could reach her pussy lips. Both hands opened her up, exposing her clit. The scent of our mixed juices drove me crazy and I attacked her pussy and clit. She moaned and ground her pussy into my mouth harshly... I couldn’t believe how hot she was getting. My cum started dripping out of her, mixed with her own pussy juice, this made me go harder and faster. She leaned back and started rubbing her tits with one hand, and her clit with the other while I tongue fucked her. It wasn’t long before she was gasping for breath, her thighs were gripping my head and she was having multiple orgasms.

Once she finished and caught her breath she moved down my body and kissed me. She let out a little purr as she licked our mixed cum from my chin.

“Fuck that was good.” she said to me.

All I could do was smile. We said our goodbyes as we got our cloths back in order. Liz said to me that she would be sure to ask for me if her company contracted to my company again. I told her that I would be happy to be of service, and that she could call on my services at any time. We will see if my next company has any potential like the last one did.

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