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Enter your story here...  was taking a bath at my house, like I usually would do when I felt the need to relax...we had a house full that week because some family was visiting from out of town. My Aunt and her husband were staying with us, aswell as my cousin, sarah. i needed some alone time.

i was drifting off when there was a tap at the door.
"hello?," I answered. It was my aunt, donna's husband, jack.
"Sorry, hun, but I got to pee!."
So I closed the curtain so he could go. Itried to ignore the tinkle noise, but I let a giggle escape.
"You really had to go,huh?"
He turned on the water to wash his hands, I assumed, so I lied back to finish my soak. after a minute or so I noticed the water was still running. i started to slide the curtain open, when I realized jack was still in the bathroom with me! he was facing away from me, towards the toilet. Still, I could tell he was masturbating!

I wasnt sure if he noticed me, yet, and didnt was my movement to alert him. I eased back into the tub, but left the curtain open a bit. I could still see him. His dick was enormous. my boyfriend had a dick that fit in my mouth, but this cock looked scary. and he was steadily stroking it.
He started to turn, to look over at me. I tried to act like i was asleep, or didnt notice him. He slowly turned my way.He was looking right at me. He continued masturbating and looking at me. When my eyes lowed towards his dick, he seemed to stroked harder. So, I focused on his dick and hand. This excited him, I think...
i could feel my pussy getting warmer, too. I felt dirty, and sexy, allat the same time. He was jerking off because of me. His big dick was hard for me...i sat up, so my naked breast were visible.
"What do you think you're doing...UNCLE." I asked
"Oh,sweety, I just gotta get this load out... my poor johnson is full."
"You couldn't wait til after my bath?" I asked.
" I could have, but knowing you were just on the other side of that curtain, naked and wet... My cock wasn't taking no for an answer!"

" where you imagining yourself doing stuff to me,UNCLE? What did you think about,hmmm? Tell me or i might have to ask aunt cindy what you were thinking." I teased.

"i just... kinda..pictured you back there all soapy, maybe touching your pussy, a bit. Figured if you peeked, you'd keep quiet. Maybe watch my finish it off."

I thought for a moment...
"Okay, thats a good idea. Continue."
I watched expectantly. His dick sprung to life once it was free again. i waved him towards the bath tub.
"Wow,UNCLE, I bet you would stuff my little pussy full!"
i raised my hips up, so he could see my naked twat, He was really jacking now! I reached out and grabbed ahold of his dick. I was stroking it for him. and before I thought it through, I started to suck his dick. I had to double fist it so i didnt choke, but I got it in my mouth. I tried to swallow his cum, but there was so muck of it. I swallowed two gulps before I let the rest escape into th bath.
"Was that nice, UNCLE jack?" I asked him, sweetly.
"You're a good girl, now wash up, girl."

After he left the bathroom, I began to plan the next time we'd be alone...

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