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Enter your story remember when I met my BFF. Best friend forever...
We were in the same gym class. Nikki was already developed and sexy. I was very shy about my own body, and hated wearing gym shorts! Nikki looked like a model in her outfit, but I was a dork! After class I heard some of the boys talking about her.
" Did you see her squat down to tie her shoe? she wasn't wearing any underwear!"
I was shocked.
"They must be lying." I thought.
I hurried to the girls locker room to see if she was in there. I saw her at her gym locker getting her clothes out. Her shorts were really short, I reflected. Looking close, I could see her butt a little. She took off her shoes and socks and grabbed a towel. She went towards the showers, so I followed, to see if she really wasn't wearing any panties.
I grabbed a towel so as not to look suspicious. After peeling off her shirt, nikki unhooked her bra, and let her boobs free. They were so big! and round. Like in playboy! Then she bent over and dropped her shorts. i couldn't believe it, she wasn't wearing any underwear after all!

After that, I always would check and see if I could tell if she had any panties on. Now that I knew about her lack of underwear, it was easy to tell. I could see right up her shorts some times, and see her bare vagina. One day, after class. she surprised me by talking to me!
"Hey, do you want come over to my house after school?"
I couldn't think of a reason to say no, so, I accepted her invitation. i couldn't believe that nikki was going to hang out with me! We rode the bus to her house. Both of her parents worked so, we had the place to ourselves.
"So, what are we going to do?" I asked her.
" Whatever we want..." she replied with a laugh. "I'm going to change," she said, " come on."
we went up to her room so she could change. Her room was huge! and so many clothes! Nikki started to undress and I noticed she had some panties on. Thong panties...
" I thought you didn't wera underwear." I blurted out.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"In gym class you never do!"
She laughed at that.
" I never wear underwear in gym!"
"because I dont like it when they go up my ass or pussy. and i don't like to wear sweaty undies!"
I told her how I could see up her shorts and so could the boys.
"Thats okay, they can look, but not touch!" she laughed.
i must admit, she made sense.
"So, why do you watch me shower?" she suddenly asked.
" I I, don't!"
"Yes you do. I see you doing it. Are you a dyke or something?" she accused.
" A what? NO!" I was suddenly very uncomfortable.
"Then, why do you watch me?"
I told her the truth. I was impressed and a bit jealouse of her body. She was a real woman. Nikki smiled and said, "Take off your clothes."
I was caught off guard but I started to do it.
"Dyke!" she screamed.
I chased her down stairs we were screaming and giggling. Nikki ran out to her back yard,just in her bra and thong! I followed right behind her and slipped face first into a mud pit. Her parents were making a garden.
I was a mess!
"come on, i have an outfit you can wear, and you can shower upstairs."
So, I went with her to the upstairs shower.
"I'll help you with the shower," she said, " its complicated."
"okay, thanks."
Nikki got the water going and waited for me to get in. I felt weird being naked in front of her, but i've seen her,so fair was fair, I guess.
"Whats with the hose?" I asked Nikki. I had never seen a removable massage shower head before.
"it's cool, look." She grabbed the head off of the hook and sprayed me. "turn around, I'll spray your back for you." nikki offered.
I turned my back to her and felt the sprayon my shoulders.
"Watch this." she said.
The spray changed and increased in pressure. It felt nice. It was set to "jet" and came out in one concentrated stream. She started at my shoulders, but gradually worked the small of my back. It felt so good, I was holding myself up ,palms on the wall. Suddenly ,Nikki changed her aim and pointed the stream at my butt, then went back to my back, as if it was an accident
"whoops!" she yelled. then giggled.
i let out a surprised squeal. The stream hit me in my butthole, right on the button. It tingled, and it made my vagina warm.
She worked the stream in slow, wide circles down my back, c;ose to my butt again. But carefully, just on the cheeks. Then, avoiding my privates, the back of my legs. She was getting my inner thigh, when I realized i was enjoying her spraying me. I spread my feet further apart so she could get my inner thighs better.
"Bend over a little." she suggested.
I bent over, just a bit.
"Why?" I asked.
but, I already bent over. She directed the stream at my inner thighs, but the water splattered around my vagina and i quieted my questions.
"See, just relax." she soothed.
I was breathing faster. my legs were tense and shaky. She aimed the stream at my butt again, only i was ready for it this time. i bent over a lot more. She sprayed my butt crack and let the stream wander directly between my legs.
" What do you think?" she asked
I was breathing to hard to answer.
"Nice." was all I could manage to gasp.
"Turn around and squat down, I'll hit your pussy, too." she offered. "yeah, sit back and put your feet on the side of the tub."
There I was, sitting in my friends tub, spreading my legs, while she sprays me between my legs. i ended up having my first orgasm thanks to a girl from school, and her shower head. here...

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