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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, The Fetishists
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Maria was organising a small dinner party at her house for her girlfriends. Alex, her closest friend was helping her set up, cooking and sorting out the decorations. Ed, her husband, wouldn’t be back from work until late, he was working.  



Jane, Elle and Sarah were coming around at 7.30. 7. pm came and Alex said to Maria, “you look great, are you going to wear your special underwear, I’m gonna put mine on”. Maria said “oh, I’m not sure do you think we should we could be caught.” “That’s part of the fun” Alex replied, she grabbed Maria’s hand and walked her to the bedroom. She pushed Maria on the bed, and opened the wardrobe; in the draw were the special knickers, made of several layers of newspaper. Off came their underwear and on went the special knickers.  They crinkled as Maria got up. “Oh god I don’t think I’ll last the evening,” Alex hugged her and pressed against her, they thrust into each other, Alex put her hand on Maria Clit, “you wait till later, this should warm you up”.



Elle was the first to arrive, Sarah and Jane came along together. The girls all ate and had plenty of wine. Alex and Maria were feeling great. Alex said to Maria, “I’m just going upstairs, bring Elle upstairs and show her round the bedroom. “What we can’t, she might not like it” Maria said but Alex replied sternly “She won’t have a choice, and we’ll make her”. Make sure you turn the music up down there.



Alex had been upstairs for about ten minutes. “Do wanna come and see our bedroom Elle, I don’t think you’ve seen how we’ve done it” Maria said. She led Elle upstairs. She walked in to the bedroom. Alex had set up the bedroom, newspaper sheets, pillows, covers. There were several copies of papers just laid on the bed. “What’s this,” Elle said. Alex replied “we’d thought we’d play a game, we’re going to use you as our paper fashion doll”. Elle was a quite girl, she didn’t know what to do, “Can’t you ask one of the others”, “No get you shoes off, and this is what we call the challenge”.



Alex used a few sheets of paper to wrap Elle’s feet and lower legs. “What are you making me boots” She was giggling about this, it seemed to be a silly game. Maria wrapped her arms. They stripped her dress off, and Maria wrapped her shoulders, she removed her bra and wrapped her top half all the way up to her neck. They stood back and looked at their work. “Top half, legs. Right off with the knickers and we’re almost done” Elle moved around like a robot, feeling she couldn’t, move.  Maria pulled down her knickers. They wrapped her slowly pressing the paper into her skin. She yelped, starting to feel the paper, she rubbed herself. “Wow, I need more” Alex and Maria added another layer of paper all over her.



Alex and Maria stripped. “I’ll do you first, Elle I’m sure you’d like to help” Maria said. They wrapped Alex, and then did Maria. They all felt each other hugging and thrusting. Feeling every crunch and crinkle. Elle said, “It would be unfair to leave the others out”, They each grabbed arm fulls of paper and they went back to the party.



Sarah and Jane didn’t know what to say, they laughed, “Is this the fashion parade”, “yes” said Elle, “who’s next?” Sarah looked up, “Well you’re not doing me”.



"Come on the Jane get you top off" said Alex. They wrapped Jane’s top half, all the way to the waist. She pressed the paper into her breasts, “This is different, I think I’m gonna enjoy this party”. She dropped her boots and skirt. They wrapped her legs. To Sarah and Jane’s surprise, they pulled down Jane’s knickers and wrapped her up. Now the four girls were wrapped. “Come on Sarah, you’d love this it’s a bit of fun” She refused. Elle walked round the sofa, behind her. Jane Kneeled in front of her and held her hands, “Come on”, She said “No it’s weird”, Elle spread a sheet of paper and put it in front of Sarah’s face, she pulled back and wrapped it around her head, they glued it and added another sheet. They held her arms, she was helpless



They pulled her clothes off and then she was standing in the centre of the room naked apart from her newspaper head. “please don’t I don’t think I like this” Jane went up to her and kissed her though the paper “it’s the best, you’ll see”. The four girls hugged her close, pushing against her, then they put paper between her legs and wrapped around her vagina, they wrapped her every bit three layers, head to toes. They all stood back. She started moving, feeling herself all over touching her breasts, arms, clit.



“Jane come here, she said in a muffled voice” She grabbed her and held her close, “Touch me”, the girls made holes for her eyes and mouth. They let Sarah wrap their heads too. They went to the paper bed, kissing each other, licking each other, fingering each other for hours. .    

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