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  By: BillyJones1979  Age: 36  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: The Fetishists, Group Sex / Threesome
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Maria was getting ready to go out with the girls. Ed was in the bedroom while she was getting ready. He was naked, reading the paper. After a while he let the paper lay over his penis. He put his hands over it and started gently applying pressure, it felt good. Maria was watching him in the mirror.


“What is it about newspaper that you like?” she said. He stopped, “it’s the feel and can be the smell, I’ll show you.” Ed took a sheet of the paper, folded it in half, and again. He went over to Maria.


“If you wear this tonight you’ll see, pull down your knickers”, he put the paper between her legs and then pulled her knickers back up, it pushed onto her clit. “I’ve gotta wear this all night then, well I love a challenge.”


Maria had been out for a few hours with four of her friends, Jane, Elle, Sarah and her closest friend Alex. Maria waited by the bar to buy some drinks, she was really feeling the paper it was giving her a tingling feeling. Alex walked up behind her and pinched her bum, there was a crinkling. Alex raised her eyebrow, but said nothing. “Do you want some help with the drinks?”


At the end of the evening the Alex ended up back at Maria’s. Ed was asleep. Alex took Maria’s hand and they went to the spare bedroom. She hugged Maria and put her hand back on her bum, she thrust into Maria, and it crinkled again. Maria thought, “This feels amazing”. Alex took Maria’s hand a put it between her own legs. It crinkled, “I felt it in the bar, so I thought I’d join you “Alex said. Maria replied embarrassed”What do you mean”. “I know what you’re wearing, I got hold of a paper as well, it feels amazing, I didn’t realise that you liked it too, all this time I’ve known you. “


Alex went outside to the garage and got all the newspaper’s she could find, she brought it in and started to cover the bed, pillows, and covers. She grabbed Maria, take your clothes off, have you got any tape. Maria grabbed a few rolls of wide tape. Alex got naked too.



Alex started by wrapping Maria’s feet and lower legs. Maria then did the same to Alex. They kept taking turns; they were getting more excited as they went on. Their legs were covered, then they moved to shoulders and their upper body, Alex held the newspaper to her own breasts whilst Maria tapped it on tightly. Soon all they were almost finished legs breasts, shoulders back, and belly. Maria bent over and spread her legs, Alex put four sheets between her legs and they tapped them up. Maria stood up, the feel was almost unbearable, and she could feel herself, wet, sensitive. She wrapped Alex, and then they hugged, touched, put pressure on the own clits, rubbed. Alex kissed Maria. Maria, grabbed some sheets and wrapped them around her head, Alex tapped it and ripped holes so Maria could see. Then Maria did Alex. They were done, wrapped from head to toe, dripping with excitement.


In walked Ed, he’d been awoken. Maria grabbed him, “Your challenge worked, I’m gonna wrap you up and then you’ll be my paper slave, come one Alex get him wrapped”, it didn’t take them long, in between touching and kissing each other. The three of them lay on their paper bed, wrapped crunching, crinkling. Maria lay on the bed, and ordered Ed to climb on, “put your cock in my mouth” He did and Alex rubbed Maria’s clit, along with her own, “Oh, fuck me Ed, you were right”.


Ed started slowly pressing the paper against Maria skin, the feeling made her orgasm straight away, he kept going getting faster, the pounding, crunching rhythm. Maria, orgasmed loads of times, the smell and feeling made her feel so good. Ed, then threw Alex down on the bed next to Maria, he climbed across, and started fucking her. Maria loved watching too, she could hear Alex screaming with pleasure.


This would be the first of many paper nights.   

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