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Categories: Steady Partner, Transvestites
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My wife woke me up this morning as usual with a nice kiss and said its time to get up sweety! But then she added something she has never said before.

"I laid out your clothes in the other bedroom."

My wife has never done this before. I hurried and shaved, then did my ususal morning exercises.

To get to the other bedroom I had to walk thru the house past her reading and eating breakfast. She knows I wear panties 24/7 but I ususally do not walk around the house in just the panties.
Once in the room I turn on the light and to my surprise there laid out on the be is a set of my sissy clothes!

My wife knows I dress sometimes but has only once been involved in actually dressing me and that was jus with a bra. Now she had gone into the back of my closet and picked out my grey pencil skirt, grey short sleeve top with the little metal eyelets all over the top, black lacy hose, black bra, 4 inch heeled shoes, blond wig, red lipstick, pink bracelet and a necklace! There also was a box that had a bow on it.

"Hurry and get dressed honey." she called out.

My hands were shaking as i picked up the panty hose and slide them up my smooth legs (I had shaved them the night before so they were nice and smooth!). Then came the bra and heels. Finally the skirt - its very tight fitting and comes to just above the knees - and top. Next came the wig and lipstick, finally sliding on the bracelet and hooking the necklace around my neck.

There sat the box. I carefully removed the bow and opened it. What I saw made me almost cry and I had to sit on the bed or I might have fainted! There laying on pink paper was a set of breast inserts! And they looked huge!

OMG I had been looking at these on-line for the last several weeks but could not bring myself to buy them - and here they were - a present from my wife!

Finally I regained my senses and carefully removed them from the box and lifting my blouse up inserted them into the bra. When i pulled the top down and tucked it in the waist band of the skirt I now looked more like a sissy woman than ever! I had boobs! And they had to be C cups!

I looked in the full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door and started crying! I was not pretty but I did look very feminine!

With shaking hands I opened the door and went to the kitchen where my wife was fixing me breakfast.
(to be continued!)

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