She was my birtday present and was very cuntivating!   added 4 years ago
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Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
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Nature: I will tell you later
Like most men I have the fantasy of another woman with my girlfriend. My girlfriend Heather is very straight and just the thought of another woman seemed out of the question, but she asked? “What would you like for you birthday?” I nervously jokingly  laughed and said to see you with another woman. She wacked me and said really what would you like for your birthday? I said I told you.

She looked up in the air and said well I can’t believe I’m saying this but ok under a few conditions. #1 you can’t touch her #2 I must be blindfolded I don’t want to see her #3 I get tied up and she does to me what she wants I’m not initiating any contact #4 I get looped first. I thought for a moment and said ok.
I already had a girl in mind that I worked with,  her name is Karen and is a  redhead with large tits and long legs.

I talked to my friend Karen and told her about my fantasy and the rules my girlfriend agreed to, she was game. She has a crush on me, but She did not know my girlfriend.
So  we set this up at a nice Hotel downtown. Heather and I are at the bar getting smashed I have never see my girlfriend so nervous before. I told Karen to meet us in our  room at 9pm.
About 8:30 we went back to the room and Heather got undressed. I blindfolded her and tied her hands above her head as she lay on the bed. She is laying there with white panties on and no bra.
Then the knock on the the door. It’s Karen looking as sexy as ever. She comes in and gives me a kiss on the mouth which surprised me.  She looks at my girlfriend lying on the bed and gives me a thumbs up. Heather is very beautiful with large  breasts and a perfect ass.

She goes over and whispers in my girlfriends ear and introduces herself. She says I will get undressed and come over and give the birthday boy his present.
She starts to take off her clothes,   I’m sitting on the chair next to her and my cock is getting hard quickly. After she takes off her cloths she walks over to me and gets down on her knees and starts taking off my pants, I don’t say anything as to alarm my girlfriend, She grabs my cock and starts sucking on my cock, I’m in disbelief I’m breaking one of Heathers rules, but it feels so good, I’m stuck. After a couple of minutes she gets up and tells me to get undressed and wait for my signal. I’m not in the arguing mood if you know what I mean.
I sit down as she crawls onto the bead and lays on my girlfriend naked. She whispers into Heathers ear that she is going to give her the most incredible sexual experience she has ever had and that she will not do anything she doesn’t want her to do.
She starts by kissing Heather’s neck and ear and cheek. She starts to kiss Heathers mouth but Heather pulls away. She then start working her way down to Heathers tits and she starts messaging them and sucking on them very gently. I notice Heather panting a little and moaning a little,   she is warming up. Karen then goes back to French kiss her and now she is receptive.

They go into such a deep lip lock I’m starting to wonder if my girlfriend as flipped over already, she does not kiss me like that. Then  Karen offers up one of her large tits to  Heather and she starts sucking on those nipples like she’s sucking my cock, it was very hot . After those huge tits got worked over I noticed Karen grinding her pussy on Heathers pussy, Karen lifts herself up and is just grinding away as both girls start to moan louder. At this point my cock is about to explode.

Then Karen starts to lick and suck her way down Heathers body toward her love muffin. Heather is starting to really squirm.  Karen grabs Heather white panties in her teeth and starts pulling them down with her mouth, as she goes over her pussy Karen’s nose stops at Heather clit as she wiggles it a little, Heather is going nuts. After Karen gets her panties off she rolls her over on her tummy. Karen starts to lick the back of her knees and work her way toward Heathers ass. She licks her pussy, right up her ass to her back real slowly.

Karen turns Heather over again and Heather is dripping wet. Karen takes her tongue and puts it on Heathers clit and Heather cries out LICK ME LICK ME! REAL LOUD I’m startled but very turned on. Karen has been teasing her.  Karen stops goes up to her and whispers in her ear. I have a proposition for you Either I sit on your face and you eat my pussy and lick my ass as your boyfriend fucks you or I’m going to starts eating your pussy as your boyfriend fucks me! 

Karen says before you answer I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it. Karen goes back down to Heather’s pussy and motions me over. Karen is on her knees with her ass up in the air and her face between my girlfriends legs with that auburn  muffin pointing right at me and silently mouths Fuck Me Fuck Me!
I’m about to violate that rule again but I can’t help myself. Karen is eating my girlfriends pussy and I’m about to fuck Karen. My cock is hard as can be and I start in on Karen’s pussy holding her tight ass watching my girlfriend who has no idea I’m fucking the girl that is eating her pussy right now. Karen is making my girlfriend moan so much she has no idea I’m fucking Karen. After about 5 minutes of pure bliss,  Karen stops me and slides back up to my girlfriend and whispers in her ear what is your answer? Heather says I’ll eat your pussy and lick your ass I couldn’t stand the thought of my boyfriend fucking you, Karen says great.

Karen Straddles my girlfriend and Heather starts to lick Karen’s wet pussy. I slide up onto my girlfriend and start to fuck her.
This is the most beautiful site ever. Karen spreads her pussy lips and lowers them down on my girlfriend’s mouth. My   girlfriend is reluctant as she has never had a girls vaginas in her mouth before. My girlfriend turns away but Karen grabs her face and says sternly stick your tongue out and lick my pussy!  Karen starts to grind her wet pussy on my girlfriends face working toward   orgasm.  Karen turns the other way and says to my girlfriend  fuck me in the ass with that tongue as she bounces up and down. Karen is rubbing her clit and is about to cum, she cries out with a massive orgasm and cum’s all over my girlfriends face.

I’m fucking Heather hard and after 2 more minutes I cum inside her. I get up and then Karen goes into a 69 position and licks  my cum from my girlfriends pussy.
That was the best birthday gift of all time!

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