She left the bathroom door open! Part 2   added 4 years ago
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My girlfriend and her friend Cindy and I were sitting around having wine one night at our home.Cindy is a tall blond with a perfect ass. The girls get together and drink wine and get silly and The talk seems to turn to sex. The phone rings in the other room and I have to take the call.

When I’m away my girlfriend turns to Cindy and tells her that she can get me to do anything for her. Cindy says anything? My girlfriend says yes, in a little while I’ll call him to the bathroom to help me and you sneak in the room and watch, I’ll show you what I mean.

Cindy is thinking wow this should be interesting. I come back from the phone call and sit down and we continue our wine party. We are on our 3rd bottle so things are starting to heat up.

My girlfriend get’s up and heads toward the bedroom bathroom, in a few minutes she calls out for me. I get up and go and see what she wants.  She is standing in the bathroom; I ask her what she needs. She says she’s a little drunk and needs help getting her pants down to pee and could I help her? I say of course, she says get on your knees and pull my pants down, so I unbutton her tight jeans and slide them down to her ankles then I pull her white panties down to her ankles. She sits down and says I want you to watch me. I’m on my knees looking at her shaved pussy.

Cindy has come into the bedroom and is watching this with disbelief. My girlfriend starts to pee and this is a good one she has been drinking a lot. After a long minute she is finished. I’m thinking now she wants me to pull her pants up. I was wrong she looked me in the eye and said now I want you to lick my pussy clean. (I remember back when she was laying I bed one night and told me she wanted me to lick her pussy after she pee’d) So I slide her pussy up toward my face and started to lick her pussy that tasted like pee. She grabbed my head and forcefully pushed it into her pussy. I licked her clean and she started to get very wet. She started to moan loudly as she was drunk. I looked to my right and her friend Cindy who was wearing a short red dress and high heels was standing there watching us with her hand up her dress and in her panties, she was playing with herself as  I licked my girlfriend’s pussy.

After a few minutes my girlfriend had an incredible orgasm and cried out. She noticed her friend watching us and invited her over.

Cindy said I have to pee also. My girlfriend took her by the hand got on her knees pulled down her panties to her ankles,   lifted her dress and helped he sit down. Cindy couldn’t go at first she had stage fright. My girlfriend licked her pussy a few times and told her to relax. It worked she sat they peeing with my girlfriend on her knees watching.

When she finished my girlfriend started licking her pussy clean. By this time my cock was rock hard.  Cindy was leaning back enjoying my wife when she gave me the look of come on over.

I took a chance and walked over and stood above my girlfriend who was busy eating her pussy. I pulled my cock out and put it in her mouth. She gave me an incredible blow job. This went on for about five more minutes. I exploded into her mouth. she also let loose in my girlfriends face. I stepped away as my girlfriend stood up and French kissed her and swapped my cum. This was the most erotic sight ever for me.  I can’t wait for the next wine party.

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