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Location: An office
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I hadn’t seen Liz around the office for a few days, making me wonder if she had decided to end the office affair just as it was starting to heat up. This morning when I arrived, early as usual she was sitting at my desk, waiting for me.

“Hi there.” She said happily. “How have you been?”

“Yeh I’ve been ok. Haven’t seen you around.”

Liz was sitting on my desk, dressed for casual friday in a short blue loose fitting dress.

“I’ve been mandated to work nights this week, getting some figures ready for a big report. Boring stuff really, but it’s got to get done. Means we end up working three shifts for a couple of weeks. I’m about to dash off now.”

“Oh... that would suck, being here al night.”

“Not really, because it’s not my normal shift I get paid a differential, and they put me up in a room here in the city when I get done. It’s all pretty cushy. And it’s not like I really work that hard over the night shift. In fact... I’ve been thinking.” She moved herself over on the desk getting closer to me and lowering her voice a bit.

I leaned in closer to her to listen. “I really need a good fuck.” she said with a slight giggle. I’ve been thinking about us in the conference room that time. Last night I was so fucking horney thinking about it I kept fingering myself at my desk.”

I was getting hard thinking about Liz sitting there at her desk at night getting herself off.

“I’ve got a special treat for you if you come to my room.” with that she hopped off my desk and grabbed a pad of paper and started writing down the room number for me. As she wrote she make it a point to arch her back, drawing my attention to her ass. The dress she was wearing would normally just barely cover her, but leaning the way she did I had a full view. Liz wasn’t wearing any underwear, and nestled between her ass cheeks I could see the base of a butt plug wedged tightly into her ass. I looked around the office, it was still pretty deserted at the moment. Reaching up I touched the base of the plug with my finger moving it slightly. Liz stopped writing on the paper and grabbed the edge of the desk for support. Her knuckles were white and she gripped the desk hard. A moan escaped her lips as I moved the plug in circles with my finger. Liz pushed her ass back hard against my finger, pushing the plug deeper into her ass. She had her eyes closed now, clearly loving the naughty feeling of having the inside of her ass played with in the office.

We heard the sounds of people coming into the office. Liz stood up quickly and straightened her dress. She handed me the paper with the details on it. “Don’t be late.” she said... or I may just have to go find a bunch of college students and get them to gang bang me. Liz was squeezing her legs together, clenching against the toy seated in her ass. Then she turned away, heading to her desk. She grabbed her jacket and wrapped it around her waste before heading for the doorway.

I turned on my computer and logged in. A calendar reminder popped up for me. The appointment was set for 8:30 and was listed as being with Liz to discuss financials for two hours. I looked at my watch and it was only quarter past seven. The next hour was going to be torture. I kept myself busy catching up on emails and having a coffee. Finally at 8:15 I grabbed my access card and the bit of paper with the room number on it and headed off for the door.

I arrived at the hotel room right on time, just as instructed and knocked on the door. A shadow came in front of the peep hole, then the door opened. Liz was standing there is a black crotchless body stocking. Her hair was still wet from a shower. Quickly she pulled me in the room and closed the door.

“God it took forever for you to get here” she complained.

“Right on time” I said, pointing to my watch.

“Yes... but you still have your clothes on.”

Liz started unbuttoning my shirt, then undid my belt and pants. In moments she had me stripped off and was pulling me towards one of the two beds in the room. The other bed was still littered with sex toys that she had obviously been using to entertain herself. THere were several diodes, tubes of lube, vibrators, but plugs and an enema. “Quite the collection...” I said to her.

“Variety is the spice of life.” she said to me, as she climbed onto the bed on all fours. Her ass pointing to me, with the but plug that I had seen earlier still in place.

I touched the base of the plug again. This time the response wasn’t so reserved as there was no one to hear. She pushed her ass hard against my hand, pushing the plug further up her ass, then easing off. She went back and forth, fucking herself with he plug against me.

I grabbed the plug with my fingers and pulled slightly. Liz groaned as the flesh of her asshole stretched, opening wider and wider until the plug finally was free of her greedy hole. The plug had been in for so long that her pink ass hole was still gaping open after the toy was removed. I ran my finger around the well lubed hole sliding inside of her, teasing her. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavy.

I went to the second bed and found another but plug. This one was larger and longer then the first. I took the bottle of lube from the bed and spread it across the surface of the plug before returning to her. “ohhh...” she said... “that one hurts like fuck.” I started to put the plug back, “No... fuck no, give it to me.... it hurts in such a fucking good way.”

I gently placed the tip of the new plug against her open little ass hole. The gaping hole was opening and closing, begging to be stuffed full again. Gently I pushed the tip of the plug into her, stretching her asshole once again. Liz moaned, rotating her ass, trying to loosen it up a bit more to take the massive girth of the new toy.

“God... “ she gasped. “Touch my pussy... please....” she begged. I reached around with my free hand and rubbed her clit. After a few moments she relaxed a bit more, the sensation of her clit being rubbed made her ass open a bit more. Her ass was open almost to the point of taking the widest part of the plug, but was now at it’s limits. Liz put her head down, her cheeks resting on the bed. She was moaning with pleasure at her asshole being stretched so much, and her clit being rubbed. She grabbed a handful of the sheets on the bed, inhaled deeply, holding her breath for a moment, then exhaling completely, she bucked backwards. Her asshole stretched just a little more, and then pulled the remainder of the plug in. “UUhhhhhhh.....” she yelled. “Fuck that’s good.... I’m so fucking full.”

Liz collapsed on her back, reveling in the feeling of having her ass crammed full of the massive plug.

“Your turn.” SHe said forcefully.


“Good for the goose, good for the gander.” She grabbed the but plug that I had removed from her. “A plug in your ass feels so fucking good. Though a cock feels so much better. I want you to fuck the hell out of my ass, but first you are going to take this yourself.”

I wasn’t in a position to argue. My cock was fully hard, and dripping precum. I had played with some anal toys on my own before, but my wife would never consider playing that way.  This was my opportunity to indulge a fantasy of my own. I got down on all fours on the bed, exposing myself to her.

This plug wasn’t anywhere near as massive as the one Liz was currently enjoying, but at it’s thick point it was still a bit larger than an average cock. Liz grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed a bit on my hole. The feeling of having someone else's fingers rubbing lube on my asshole was amazing. I found myself moving around trying to push against her finger. Her finger that wasn’t playing with my asshole was fondling my balls playfully.

After a few moments Liz spread a large amount of lube onto the plug. She pressed the tip against my hole. I relaxed and pushed against it a little, feeling myself open slightly. Liz started rubbing my ass cheeks as she pushed against the plug. I took most of it in me without problem, but my ass resisted the last little bit.

“Lie down I told her.”

She positioned herself so she was lying on her back. Not wanting to relent on any of her progress, she never let go of the plug, or let up on the pressure. I moved myself so I was kneeling over her face, lowering my cock to her mouth in a sixty nine position. Her mouth worked on my cock, her hands worked on my ass, urging the plug deeper and deeper inside of me. Her pussy was dripping wet and I licked and sucked her. Eventually I felt a slight burn as my ass stretched just a bit further, and then instant relief as the plug settled into my ass completely. I clenched my ass hard, settling the plug into a comfortable position. My erection got even larger with the feeling of being filled up.

Liz pushed me off of her and then got back on her hands and knees.

“I can’t wait any longer. “ she said desperately. “I have to have your cock in my ass. I need you to fuck me... I need it so bad.” she begged.

I took hold of the monster plug that was stretching her ass, giving it a slight turn, and a bit of a wiggle. Every small move on the outside sent waves of pleasure through Liz’s body. She reached behind her, pushing my hand away, and pulling on the plug herself. She pulled gently at first. The delicate flesh of her ass bulged as it resisted giving up the larger mass of the plug inside of her. She let go of the plug, and it sank back into place.

Liz tried again, grunting with the effort. This time her ass begrudgingly gave up the plug, with the widest part free of her, the rest slipped out easily. Her ass gaped open, quivering with pleasure, wanting to be stuffed again.

My cock was as hard as it could be, throbbing with anticipation. “Fuck me now. Please....” liz begged again, waving her open ass in front of me. I touched the head of my cock to her open ass. The muscles contracted around me, and then relaxed again.

“Don’t tease me... fuck me.” She said forcibly again.

The plug that had been in her was a fair bit larger then my own cock. Her ass welcomed me easily, grabbing at me, pulling me in to her well lubed ass. I slipped in with a single motion, and a huge sigh of pleasure from Liz. My balls rested against her pussy, my cock was fully buried in the soft flesh of her ass.

Liz reached down and started rubbing her own pussy as I started slowly moving in and out of her. At the end of each inward thrust she would buck herself against me, pushing me just a little deeper into her. It wasn’t long before her ass muscles tightened around me. After a few more strokes I pulled out of her completely.

“Give it back.” she whimpered. Her little hole, still open quivered with anticipation.

Every move I made I could feel the pressure of my own plug pressing my prostrate. I slammed into her again, fully impaling her ass on my cock. All the way out again, and then slamming my cock back home. “Ohhh god that feel so good.” she moaned. Liz stroked her pussy harder and faster. Taking the queue I started slamming her ass harder and faster to meet the strokes. It wasn’t long before I felt Liz’s ass grip me harshly as she exploded in an orgasm. “Fuuuucckkkk” she growled still pumping her ass against me, rubbing herself.

When she finished she leaned forward, falling off me. I was still extremely hard and wanted to fuck some more.

“Lie down.” She ordered. Not sure what she was going to do, I complied. She mounted me in reverse cowboy position, guiding me back into her ass. The angle made the penetration even deeper and a bit tighter, but meant that she had control of the situation. Slowly she rose up and down on me. THen she reached between my legs and started playing with the plug she had implanted in me.

Her hips rose up and down. She pulled on the plug, making it slip out of me. She rose her hips up, and pulled the plug almost all the way out. Then she lowered her hips back into place as she slowly and deliberately pushed the plug back into me. She did this a few times before discarding the plug all together. Up and down she rode on me again... then she started probing my open ass with her fingers. One finger, two fingers... the was prodding my prostrate now. I felt my orgasm building. I left pressure everywhere in my body building. Faster she started rocking her ass up and down; faster she moved her fingers.

I couldn’t stand it any more. I grabbed her hips and thrust my swelling cock as deep and hard into her little ass as I possibly could. Liz screamed in sock. I could feel the cun exploding deep inside of her, all over me as well. passage squeezed me tightly, milking my cock for all the cum I had. Liz slowed her movements until she was completely stopped. Carefully she slipped my rapidly softening cock from her ass. Liz lied down beside me, spent and exhausted. “God I love a good ass fuck.” she said, running her hands over my chest.

I looked up at the clock and sighed. My “meeting” booking was almost over and I would have to go back to work. I cleaned myself up as best as I could, and then headed off back to the office. I managed to slip back into the swing of work and no one was any wiser to my excursion.

Later that day Liz came back into the office on her way home. She had her pull along luggage bag, which I knew was filled more with toys then with actual luggage. She had a big smile as she came over to my cubicle.  She gingerly sat on the edge of my desk. “My ass hurts...” she whispered with a smile. “But damn that was good.”

With that she stood up and started walking away from my desk again. She stopped at the edge of the cubicle and flashed me a look up the back of her dress... at her uncovered ass... with the smaller but plug firmly in place once again. She looked back at me and winked before dropping the back of her dress and walking off, innocent as ever.

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