Summer of 91 - Part 2   added 4 years ago
  By: aussiemerk  Age: 41  Country: Australia

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The next day I woke up early. Excitement coursed through me as I took a quick shower, and shaved. I looked through the medicine cabinet and found an old bottle of cheap after shave that my brother left a few years ago when he left home, and put way to much cologne on. Looking in the mirror I tried to comb my hair several different ways, trying to look more sophisticated, before settling on my normal floppy part in the middle style. I looked through my clothes trying to find anything that made me look more mature, finally settled on a pretty generic t-shirt and sweat shorts.

I waited at the top of the stairs until I heard my parents leave for work. Then as quickly as I could I rushed down the stairs and ate breakfast, before grabbing my bike and peddling down the road as fast as I could to Lisa’s house. When I arrived the house was still dark, looking at my watch it was only six thirty in the morning and Lissa was obviously still asleep. It was only then that the adrenalin that had be rushing through the morning wore off, and the nerves caught up with me.


I sat on my bike in front of the house for hours and hours, watching the windows for any sign of life. Twenty minutes later Lisa was up and moving around. The sun was coming up over the crest of the hills to the east, and the day was already starting to get so hot that my palms were starting to sweat. All the windows in the house were open to help with the summer heat that had only slightly abated during the night. I watched as Lisa came down stairs in only a very thin robe, the outline of her sexy body showing through the fabric. I found myself getting hard already, sitting there watching her.


She went about her morning routine without noticing me. She sat at the kitchen counter watching the morning news and sipping her coffee. Her hair was uncombed, and her robe had fallen open. From my view point behind her and to her side I could see her bare thigh and the fabric of her robe gathered up slightly between her ass cheeks as she sat there. She finished her coffee, and went back into the kitchen. As she moved her robe fell completely open. I watched her longingly, remembering what it was like to touch her skin the day before.


I came aware of the fact that cars were starting to drive along the road, and got scared that someone would figure out that I was watching her from the window. I peddled my bike around the back of the house. Getting off my bike, I convinced myself that the day before was a one off thing, that Lisa ready did just want me to come over to help with the yard work and that nothing would happen. I felt foolish for all the effort that I put into getting ready and getting here before the crack of dawn.


Lisa came to the back door. Her robe was done up providing only slight cover for her body. “Wow... when I said early I didn’t really mean this early. I haven’t even had a shower yet.” she laughed.”Or were you thinking about something else maybe?” she said with a teasing grin.

“uhh no.” I stammered. “I Uhhhh... just thought that it would be hot today and maybe get an early start.”


Lisa smiled at me. Then turned around and dissapeard back into the house. I went to the door and watched as she walked slowly up the stairs. The light from the front windows shown through her robe, making it nearly invisible. I lustfully watched her as she went up stairs. After a few moments I heard the sound of the shower running.

I went back to clearing the brush, through my every thought was on Lisa’s body. Her hips swaying as she walked. Her small, pert tits. The door behind me opened, and I realised I had been standing there for a while fantasising about her. I turned around and there she was, showered and dressed. She had a thin t-shirt on that  was low cut and tight enough that I could clearly see her nipples through the fabric. She was wearing very short shorts that were equally tight, showing the outline of her pussy, and gathering up in her ass as she walked. Her hair was up in a pony tail. She had two glasses of ice tea with her. She came seductively close to me, handing me one of the glasses, and sipping from the other.

“Definitely going to be going to be hot. I don’t think we’ll get much done today.” she said looking around the yard. I was watching as condensation dripped off her glass onto her t-shirt. She came close to me, cuddling up and kissing me softly on the cheek.”Later” she whispered into my ear, then catching scent of the cheep cologne I had overloaded on, she giggled. “After you have a shower!” The look on my face must have betrayed my feelings at the moment. “It’s sweet that you went through all that effort for me... it’s just that cologne... I’m really sorry... but it’s really bad.” she giggled again. I gulped down the ice tea and handed her back the glass, then watched her round little ass as she went back into the house.


For the next few hours we worked around the yard. I would watch Lisa as she crawled around on her hand and knees, shorts crawling up her ass, her crop top barely covering her breasts. I could feel her eyes on me as well. More then once she would ‘accidentally’ brush up against me. By noon the temperature was reaching into the hundred mark and list decided that we had done enough work for the day.

Our clothes were soaked through with sweat. Lisa looked at me. “God I wish we had a pool... Come on...” she said taking my hand and leading me into the house. I hesitated a bit. “Don’t be shy now... I’ve felt you watching me all day... why do you think I wore this?” Resistance gone she led me up stairs into her bedroom, and into the master bathroom.

She tugged at my shirt, pealing it off of me, then working on my shorts. Before long I was standing naked in front of her.  Tentatively I lifted her tank top over her head, then quickly went for her shorts. She grabbed my hands, and brought them to her tits. “Slower...” she whispered. “You need to learn...”


I caressed her breasts for a few moments. Lisa took my head gently in her two hands and guided my mouth to her nipple. I sucked her nipple into my mouth. “Gently...” she sighed. After a few  minuted of sucking and caressing she guided my hands down to her shorts, letting me peel them off. Our hands were running all over each others bodies, licking and sucking each others nipples and bodies. After a few moments I got the courage up to run my hands down her body between her legs.

We stumbled into the shower together. Lisa turned the shower on; the cold water came as a shock to the heat of our bodies. Quickly we washed the sweat off of each other and toweled off. Lisa then led me to her bed. She lied down in the middle. She moved my hand down between her legs again inviting me to rub her pussy. Having never done anything like this before I immediately started searching for her opening to finger her. Lisa’s hand guided mine to her clit. “Slowly, gentle circles.” she whispered. I did what she said, enjoying the reaction that I was getting. “Faster... just a little bit” she said. I did what she said, complying with every instruction. Before long Lisa’s back arched, she squeezed her eyes shut and started moaning. “Ohhh god yes....” she panted in full orgasm.

When she was done she sat up with her back against the head of the bed, spreading her legs wide. Come here she said, patting the bed in front of her. I sat down feeling her tits press against by back. her hand reached around grabbing my cock. Gentle she started stroking me, while kissing the back of my neck. “You want to learn about women?” she asked. “I can teach you... I can teach you a lot... but you have to promise not to be jealous when Jim is home... and you can’t ever tell anyone about us.”


“Ohhh god yes, I want that.” I moaned.

“Good, because I want to teach you.” she said to me. “But not today... today is just this.” She squeezed my cock a little harder, stroking it a bit more. Then she stopped. She moved out from behind me and laid down on the bed again. “Come here, straddle me.” I positioned myself with one knee on each side of her, then she started stroking me again. Before long I could feel my orgasm building. I stiffened up, throwing my head back. Lisa being far more experianced than I was angled my cock downwards, and continued to jerk me off while I splashed her tits and neck with a massive load of cum.

When I was done, Lisa continued to gently stroke me with one hand, while she was gently playing with my balls with the other. “You like that, don’t you?” she asked. I nodded.

I moved off of Lisa, letting her get up off the bed and wipe the cum from her body. Teasingly she wiped a drop up with her finger, then watching me with a grin stuck the finger into her mouth and sucked the cum off. I watched her, mesmerized by the site. She walked towards me, with her sexy walk, eyes locked o mine. With one hand she pushed me back onto the bed, then climbed on top of me. Kneeling over my stomach, she leaned forward, her nipples brushing my lips. Then she moved down a bit more so that her pussy was hovering over my cock, her public hair tickling the head of my cock, making it stir again. 


“Ohhhh.... I see you like that...” she giggled. “Well you can’t have it... at least not yet.” with that she hopped off the bed. “Slowly, we need to take things slowly or we will run out of things for me to teach you this summer. And we wouldn’t want that now would we.”

“No... I... uuuu.... guess not.” I said disappointed. By this time my cock was fully hard again and I wanted to feel what it was like to fuck this woman.

“Awwww.... “ she said, looking at my raging erection... Then she bent down and gently kissed the head of my cock before turning to get some new clothes. “Patience.” She said, “Patients and we can explore every deep dark fantasy that you have. But now, it’s time for you to go home and for me to go shopping. Come back tomorrow and we can see about a little more fun, for both of us.

I watched her as she got dressed. More conservatively this time. When she was done I hastely threw on my clothes.

As I headed out the door she stopped me, kissing me fully on the lips. Taking the cue I brought my hand up to caress her breast again. But this time that was as far as things went. “Tomorrow...” she whispered, and then we parted.

So we left it... my first lesson in sex was done and I was looking forward to the next one.

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