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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex
Tags: watersports
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
We hadn't been together for months, and it had been years since we were naked together.  Now we were alone for a short period of time, but we had to get back soon before anyone would miss us.
"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" you asked.
"Of course.  I've been dreaming about it.  Are you sure?" I replied.
"Oh yeah.  You are going to get exactly what is coming," you tell me.
We pull up to a bathroom building in a state park parking lot and you tell me, "This place never has anyone here, so we will be alone for the time it takes."  You lead me into the womens' toilet room and over to the handicapped stall.  We go in and lock the door behind us.
"Okay, strip!" you command, and I start taking off everything I am wearing.  I pile it neatly on the floor until I am standing before you completely naked.  You take out a length of silk rope from your bag and tie my arms behind me using those Japanese knots your learned on that website.
"Here, put these on," you tell me as you take out a pair of lace panties from the bag.  I step into them, and you pull them up wiggling them over my hips. You have me kneel on the floor in front of the door facing the toilet, waiting for you.
"I am glad you decided to go through this little ceremony with me.  It is going to change our friendship.  For such a long time you were in control, and then we were equals.  But now it is time for me to have ALL of the power, don't you agree?"  I nod my head in agreement waiting for what's coming next. You take out of your bag a silk wrapped object and start to carefully remove the wrapping.  I see it is a delicate champagne glass with a hand painted floral design. You sit on the toilet facing me and I can see up your skirt to those beautiful lace panties you have on.  You smile at me and look me over, up and down.  You reach your leg out and with that sexy high heel gently rub against my cock and balls now straining against the panties in which you encased them. You hike up your skirt wiggling on the toilet, gently pull aside your panties, move the champange glass in front and start to pee in the glass! As you carefully control yourself you end up with a perfect pour.  You begin to explain to me what is going to happen.
"Before we left I gave us both two tabs of Yohimbe.  It is supposed to make you hard as a rock and make me cum harder than I ever have before.  But before we get to that there is this matter of why you are kneeling before me.  When you drink this glass you are becoming my sissy cum slut toy, do you understand?"  I nod my head again.  You say, "I don't think you do.  It means that no matter what sexual whim I have, no matter when, you are going to do exactly as I say!  If I text you that you are to wear a lace thong, you are wearing a lace thong all day under your work clothes.  If I say pantyhose, then pantyhose it is.  If I want cum on your face, you are going to ask how much.  Do I make myself clear?  If I want you to orally pleasure anyone I say, you will go and do it and leave after you satisfy them, man or woman.  When you drink you give up control over your orgasms, they are mine.  I get to say when you can or can not cum.  Every drop of your cum you will drink.  This is what it means to drink that glass.  Do you still want to?"
"I really do," I tell you and you can see that my cock has now fully hardened and sprung out of the panties.
You lean forward putting one hand on the back of my head and with the other tilting the glass to my lips.  I try to gulp it down fast but you pull the glass back down.
"No gulping!  I want you to savor the flavor.  Love every drop.  You like the way it tastes, don't you?"
"Good.  Let's try again."  You give me another sip and take your hand from the back of my head.  I feel my nipple pinched hard and I swallow another gulp.  "Don't gulp!" I feel your heel on my cock.  "Sip..."  and I take another small sip.  It's warm and tangy. "Savor the aroma too. Don't you like my fine nectar?"
"Yes, yes I do, please may I have some more?"
"When you finish this glass I want you to know that everytime you use my first name, it is telling me that you love me with your whole soul.  That you remember who is in control, and that you repect me above all others."  You let me take a big sip and swallow. "Look at how turned on you are now."  I feel your hand wrap my cock and stroke it a few times. "Now finish this glass, I am so wet and I have to get off."  You pour the rest into my mouth, and I take the time as you want me to, for savoring before I swallow the last.
You slide to the edge of the toilet and lean back as I watch you begin to pleasure yourself.  I see how wet you are and how turned on the whole ceremony is making you.  It isn't long before you start moaning.  As you are about to cum you grab my head and force my lips onto you.  My tongue pushes in and my lips cover you as you cum.  I feel a rush of wetness coating my tongue.  It tastes so much different.  Sweet.  As you relax I feel you push me back so you can get up.  You position yourself squatting next to me.  I kneel all the way up on my knees as you start stroking my cock.  It takes no time at all before I am about to cum and I tell you so.  Quickly you move the champagne glass to catch it as it shoots out.  Stream after thick stream shoot into the glass. Wasting no time you bring it to my lips and coat my tongue with my own cum.
"So good.  I am so glad your my sissy cum slut toy now.  Now one last thing before we go back.  Say my name!"

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