farmers son ....part 2   added 4 years ago
  By: tiffanyd13  Age: 43  Country: United States

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Categories: Force/Rape, Anal Sex, Other men, Oral Sex
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Nature: Agressive
Enter your story here... well like i said the man thomas was tring to get me busted in a compremising postion by my daddy,   anyhow we were able to not get caught.   thomas told me from now on when i seen him at the barn i was to go inside get dressed in either a cotton dress, schoolgirl outfit or tight jeans with heels and   always wear my wig and have my breast forms on 42dd....he really liked them along with hotpink lipstick and makeup if possible.  If he had to he would put a chest up in the loft for my clothes.  anyway during certain times of the year we would have to pull weeds out of the feilds and daddy would go around and hire every blk he could find for those couple of weeks.    One time in a feild about a hour away i was left in the feild with thomas and 2 others .    All mornin i heard thomas and the others laughin and makin joke about how white girls loved bbc.    Thomas said aint that right ? to me , smilin....i said i guess and they all laughed and said yeah  you know , i just kept on workin and acted as if i didnt pay them any attention, well thomas said next feild we go to theres alot of woods and the weeds arent bad so well go do that one ourself, just me and him .     I guess i'll be wore out over a stump or something like that ?   Im scared he'll tell the other blk guys , if he hasn't already there one been lookin at me really hard past couple of days and wants me to sit beside him in te back of the truck on the way home, i'll know soon enough i guess.....

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