farmer son might end up his daughter   added 4 years ago
  By: tiffanyd13  Age: 43  Country: United States

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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Tags: sucking forceful crossdressing lover bbc sissy blk
Location: In the forest
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Nature: Humiliating
Enter your story here...   Being a crossdressing sissy in the south is very hard due to the fact of small towns and very narrow minded.   Southern values datting back to civil war, if ur a male you supposed to be very masc and tough, making ur father proud is all that matters........well my father is dead now ,   and im sure if hes looking out for me as a gaurdian he done seen that his boy wants to be his gurl. fantasie is me and a old blk man named thomas are in the barn throwing hay and he ask " wtf?" " r u wearin girls panties?" I look up at him scared due to his height and weight .......i was a midget me 5'6" , 170 lbs at the time and him 6;4" I said yeah embaressed that i got caught.   He said , " what r u ?" a lil fag...again sayin yeah . He said whats ur name then ..."tiffany " he said u my gurl from now on    , and if u dont do everything i say then ur daddy will find out his boi likes to play girly...      so if u want a pussy, im gonna give u 1 .   well as i become the gurl for this blk 53 yr old man as he has 11.5" that he is slaming my pussy ass   , i hear dad down stairs  i freeze .thomas laughin and makin noise wanting me to get caught as a blk mans lil slut and bbc worshipping gurl be cont.....

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