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Location: A park
Roleplay: Sugar Daddy/Baby
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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The truth is that sometimes I can't even admit it to myself, let alone others. But no matter how much I can't face it- it's true. I'm engaged in a sexual relationship with my stepdaughter, Ashley. It started with a not-so-innocent kiss, and just kept going from there. I don't know- sometimes I think that she planned it that way, but who can be sure? I just know that at 18, her full and thick body has made something in me awaken. Her mother would kill the both of us if she knew what we were doing behind her back. Not that I care. I mean, the way I see it- I use protection and my step daughter is on birth control, so there's no immediate harm. Ashley loves me and I relish the bond that it gives us. I mean, we lay awake and talk for hours after making love. I know it sounds foolish, but it is what it is. The very first time that it happened, her mom asked me to pick her up because she was working late and wouldn't be able to get her. Since her mom and I separated, it's been slow trying to find a compatible woman to date because most don't really seem to want the same things that I want out of life. I'd given up on finding anyone to come along, and it went double for my sex life. I was just sitting in my car outside the high school when I saw my step daughter walking along the sidewalk in my direction. She was surrounded by a group of her friends, and they were all talking and laughing wildly. Ashley waved her friends off and came to the car, taking her backpack off and throwing it in the backseat before she got in. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She was dressed in her school uniform- you know the ones, blazers with school crests and blouses underneath, with the pleated skirt and the calf high socks with penny loafers. The school that Ashley attended was an all girl's school- the teachers were so strict that they might have been ex-nuns once upon a time. She was always complaining about how much school work that she had to do, so instead of letting her gripe- I suggested that we go for a drive and get something to eat. That was fine by her, so I drove us out to the closest Big Burger stand and ordered our food. It took a few minutes for us to get our food, and since we didn't want to sit in a crowded parking lot; I drove us to a secluded park that I go to when I need to clear my head sometimes. My step-daughter and I had a polite conversation; she filled me in on her troubles with boys, what's been going through her head about graduation and what it'll mean, and other pressing issues that are just so important to young adults. I sat and listened politely, suggesting helpful solutions where I could. We decided to get out of the car and walk around a little bit- to get some air and see some scenery as well.  It was as we were walking that I noticed just how beautiful my step-daughter truly is. As we were walking along the bike trail holding a full length discussion, an elderly couple on bikes came swooping out of nowhere around the bend and practically knocked Ashley down! I helped her up, and they were very apologetic- of course. But she was fine, no more than some scratches on the palms of her hands and that was it. We waved the couple off, it was nothing to be worried about. The couple took off on their bikes, and I helped Ashley over to a bench because she said her leg had a scratch on it too. She limped to the bench with my assistance and then I took her leg in my hands and examined it. It was as I was holding her leg that I realized that my attention was not on her injury- I was looking up my step-daughter's skirt, directly at the pink panties that she was wearing. I was both aroused and ashamed at the way my body was reacting under these circumstances.  But for the life of me, I couldn't stop myself. I tried to be very discreet so that my actions wouldn't make her panic- but then I looked up at Ashley and realized that she was looking back at me. I almost died on the spot. Instead of anger though, she was smiling.
"Daddy," she said, in her sweetest voice. "Are you looking up my skirt?"
I cleared my throat. "N-no. I was checking your leg like you asked me to do. You still haven't actually told me where your leg is hurting though."
And without a beat, Ashley pointed to a spot on her thigh- that was under her skirt- and declared that was where her leg was hurting. She smiled at me again.
"Remember how I would fall off my bike and you would kiss the area that was hurting on me?"
I nodded my head yes.
"This is where it hurts, Daddy." She continued pointing at the spot on her thigh. Without any hesitation, I slowly pushed her skirt back and kissed the affected area that she claimed was in so much pain. In doing so, I also got a whiff of her natural scent through her panties.
"Do you feel any better?" I asked, as I straightened up.
"No. I think I'm hurting somewhere else too. It sure feels like I am." Ashley responded.
"OK....where else?" I asked.  Ashley pointed to a spot on her knee. I kissed it too.
"Anyplace else?"
She swiftly pointed to her elbow, which garnered another kiss from me. Every time I asked her if there was another spot, she'd point it out and I would promptly kiss it.
It got to the point where I was now fully aroused and not sure how I was going to relieve myself of all that unreleased sexual pressure. I couldn't walk around with my dick breaking through my trousers. Just when I thought I would die of embarrassment, Ashley leaned forward.
"I'm still hurting."
"Where? Show me where it is so that I can kiss it."
With a very precise movement, Ashley slowly lifted the front of her skirt and lightly touched her finger to her crotch. I could only look at her panties and the bulge of her vagina that was pressing up against the delicate pink cloth.
I knew that if I crossed this line, there would be no going back. I knew it. But it had been so long since I'd touched a woman, and she was literally offering herself to me.
Without any other thoughts but how good it would feel, I used my hands to spread her thighs apart and then pressed my face into my step-daughter's crotch and willingly kissed the spot she was pointing to. When I finished, I glanced up and caught her blushing very hard.
"Thank you Daddy." Ashley said. I looked up at her and realized that she was blushing. Hard.
I realized at that moment that I wanted more. I wanted more than just to kiss her spot, I wanted to bury my tongue into her.
"Is it still hurting Ashley?" I asked.
"Well- kinda. Will you kiss it again for me Daddy?"
"Sure. But this time, let's make sure that I can actually touch it." I said.
"Do I need to pull my panties down or take them off?" Ashley asked.
"Tell you what, take them off and then I'll kiss the area that's hurting again, OK?
Ashley stood up and obediently pulled her panties down. As she stepped out of them, I caught a slight view of her pussy and it was every bit as beautiful and as hairy as I thought it might be. Instead of sitting back down, I asked her to continue standing up. Using both hands, I grabbed her ass cheeks and steered her in front of my face. Then I lifted the front of her skirt again- and positioned my face directly in front of her pussy.
"Now Daddy's going to have to be a little bit more direct with kissing you so that it doesn't hurt anymore, OK?"
I slowly leaned forward and kissed my step-daughter's pussy. I didn't even mind that she hadn't shaved it- I just kept kissing and kissing her on the spot that she had pointed out to me. Then I heard her start moaning, and I took her hand and put it on top of my head.
 Ashley buried her fingers in my hair and kept moaning. It had been so long since I had tasted pussy that I couldn't wait any longer. I kissed the lips of her bulging pussy yet again and then I used my hand to open her up and locate her clitoris. As I licked it, and kissed it, and sucked on it, Ashley began pushing my head into her crotch. I began to tongue fuck my step-daughter and from the moans she made, I knew she was enjoying herself just as much as I was. Every few seconds, she would moan and encourage me to keep going by telling me:
"Yes! Oh, right there! Right there Daddy! Right there, oh shit it feels so good!!
I was licking her clitoris fiercely now, and Ashley's moaning had intensified. I knew that she was going to cum very soon and I wanted her to. More than anything, I wanted her to put every drop in my mouth.  Now both of her hands were on the back of my head, and her fingers were curled up in my hair. She was not letting go until she came, my darling step-daughter had turned into a sexually self-fulfilling whore- using my tongue for her own purposes. She wanted to cum, and she wanted to cum very hard. She was literally rocking my face back and forth into her crotch as I used my tongue to lick her clitoris.
When she came, I felt it surging through her. Ashley's fingers locked in my hair and she began shaking so hard. All I heard was:
"Ooooooohhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt I'mmmmmmmm cummmmmiiinnnnggg!"
And she did. She came so damn hard that her pussy flooded over with her sweet, sticky, juices. I got to taste every bit of it too. My step-daughter came so hard and so much that she almost fell to the ground, and she might have- had I not caught her in time. As she sat on the bench beside me, she looked over at me with a smile on her face, one of satisfaction.
"Daddy?" She said.
"Yes?" I replied.
"I'm not hurting anymore."
"That's good. I'm glad I was able to help." I told her.
Ashley slowly leaned forward on the bench and placed her hand on my trousers.
"Is there anything that I can do for you, Daddy?" She asked.
"Well, now that you mention it- remember how you used to ride Daddy when you were younger? How I used to bounce you on my knee all the time?"
"Yes. I remember."
"How about riding Daddy again? I know you're a little bit older now, but it'll be more fun now that you'll be able to truly enjoy it." I said.
Ashley got up, and I unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis. I had a condom with me, so I broke it out of its foil wrapper and put it on. Then I used my other hand to help her straddle me.
I slowly slid her pussy onto my solidly thick cock, and in an instant all the old feelings of enjoying pussy came rushing back to me. Ashley was facing me, so I directed her to put her arms around my neck, which she did.
"Now, I'm going to slide you up and down," I told Ashley. "I'll go slow and it's going to hurt a little at first, but then it's going to stop hurting and then the ride will get faster. OK?"
"Yes Daddy." She said, very obediently. I nodded and put my hands on her waist.
"OK baby, here we go....."

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