my wife\'s lesbian start...   added 4 years ago
  By: sam012  Age: 37  Country: India

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This is  a terrific stimulating fantasy imagining my wife’s lesbian play and I always have wonderful cum!!! In my fantasy, my brothers wife decides to stay overnight with us. After dinner, she retires to the guest bedroom just next to our bedroom. A door separates our bedrooms. Some where in the middle of the night she just opens our bedroom door slightly and keeps looking at us. My wife gets up and gives her a sign after which she goes to her room. My wife quietly gets up unknowing that I am watching her.  She goes in the next room keeping the door open. I almost start getting hard ( and right now also getting a hard on as I write this) and slowly get up to get the idea in the next room. My wife lays besides my sis-in-law and after a while puts her hand over her. They talk for a while and then she starts caressing my s-i-l’s boobs. Then they start playing  and start undressing each other. I usually come off at this point only as it just makes me wild imagining my wife playing with other lady…I just cant bear it more than this so far!

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