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     A few weeks ago my wife and I went out to a club. We were drinking and having a good time. My wife was getting pretty drunk and flirty. There was a two younger college aged guys that kept checking her out. My wife is in here early 30’s with huge tits and a beautiful face. She was wearing a low-cut top that really showed off her cleavage and a short skirt that only came down to about mid-thigh with no panties on. I could tell that these boys were enjoying the view. I noticed them checking her out and talking to each other, I could only imagine what types of things they were discussing. My wife was kind of oblivious to the guys staring at her. I could tell they were just waiting for their opportunity to chat with her by the way they would watch me when I went to get us more drinks. I have always had a fantasy about my wife with a couple of young studs; I decided to excuse myself to the bathroom for a few minutes. When I returned my wife was not at the table, I was looking around and I finally found her on the dance floor with the two men. They had her in a sandwich formation and were rubbing up against her. I could see that the one was groping at her ass and breasts while dancing around her. When the song ended she came back to the table and asked if it was okay that she was flirting and dancing with these guys and I told her it was. She then said that she was getting aroused because she could feel their erections when they were grinding up against her. I told her that she should have a good time, as she knew about my fantasy. She told me she was going to dance a bit more. I was getting so excited seeing her flirt and dance, the men kept bringing her more drinks and getting more adventurous with her as they danced. I could see them grabbing her ass, and rubbing up against her tits at every chance they got. I could see in her face that she was not objecting to their groping and grabbing. After a few more drinks she was rubbing her hands all over the one guy’s chests. The one guy excused himself, and she came back over to the table to check in. She asked me if I was enjoying the show. I told her that I was and that I was extremely turned on by her actions. She then said to me that she could tell that the one guy was really well hung and the other was really round, and that she was so excited because of the attention from the younger guys. As she was getting ready to head back out on the dance floor she asked me if I was serious about seeing her with a group of other men, because she was very interested in “having a good time with these boys”. I told her that she knew the rules and that it would only be okay if I could watch and possibly participate. She then said that she was going to dance some more and that we would see where it goes. She left with a wink and an evil smile. The dance was getting hotter, as the boys were now groping and rubbing her tits and thighs, and grinding the cocks against her body. I could see her starting to get flushed and I knew that she was super excited. After about ten more minutes, she came back over to me and said that the boys “invited her back to their frat house to play, as it was a holiday weekend there were only a few guys there and I could absolutely come along and watch or join in.” She asked if it was okay that she wanted to do this, and I told her that I was very excited, and the only other rule was that they needed protection. She said she was going to get everything worked out. In about a minute the boys returned to the table with my wife.


     They instructed me to follow them to their house and gave us the address in case we got separated. I asked if we needed to stop and get drinks or supplies, they chuckled and said no they had plenty of drinks, as they lived in a frat house. They said it was about a twenty minute drive. When we got in the car my wife was very horny. She kept telling me about how I was the best for allowing her this chance. She then said “well since we have twenty minutes, I might as well make sure that you at least have some fun!” She then reached down and undid my pants. She was stroking my cock and I was so enjoying it because I was so excited. Within a few seconds she leaned down and began to suck my cock, it did not take long before I came down her throat. She came up for air and said “thank you that was great.” I asked what had gotten into her, and she said pretty soon a few college boys with an evil smirk. Then she said “I could not let you cum all over the car, as we just had it detailed.” She told me she was nervous because she had only ever been with me. I told her that she would be okay, and that I would be there so nothing would go wrong. When we arrived at the house we walked in with Giorgio and Paul (the boys), there were two other men sitting on the couch. We got some drinks and were introduced to Joe and Steve. Joe and Steve were checking out Candace and wondering what the plan was. Candace decided to just get it out in the open, and said “I am here to be fucked by a group of college men, any objections?” This is my husband Tim, and he is going to watch and possibly join in. I could see that all four of the men had erections at the chance to fuck Candace. I then spoke up and said “the only rule is that you must use protection for any insertion.”


     Candace sat down between Giorgio and Paul on the couch and was having a drink. She set her drink down on the table and put one hand on each of their thighs. Giorgio put his hand on Candace’s tit and leaned over and began kissing her. Within a minute Paul had his hand on her other tit and she was beginning to moan a little. She was sliding her hands up and rubbing against their cocks. Giorgio slid his hand up Candace’s skirt, and was surprised to find that she was not wearing panties. He stopped kissing her and said that he could tell that she was very excited. Paul unbuttoned her shirt and was playing with her tits through her bra. Candace stopped them, stood up and removed her bra allowing them to see her 38 DD’s for the first time. All for men’s cocks sprang to attention. Candace then sat back down; Giorgio was sucking on one of her nipples and playing with her pussy under her skirt. Candace undid Giorgio’s zipper and pulled his cock out; he was very hung, at least 8 inches and fairly thick. Candace just smiled at the sight and began to play with his cock she then reached over and undid Paul’s pants and pulled his cock out, he was not nearly as long, but he was really thick, she could not even wrap her hand all the way around his cock. Giorgio wiggle Candace’s skirt up and was playing with pussy. Joe and Steve removed their pants and were moving over towards the couch to get in on the action. Giorgio knelt down between her legs and began to eat her pussy, which was already dripping. Steve sat down where Giorgio had been and Candace grabbed his cock and began to stroke it, he was about average size. Joe walked to the end table opened the drawer and got out a condom. He put it on walked over put his hand behind Candace’s head and placed his cock in her mouth. She was moaning and slurping on his cock, as she was stroking Paul and Steve, and Giorgio was eating her. Giorgio grabbed a condom and started to slid his cock into her tight little pussy, as he entered she let out a squeal. I could tell she was completely enjoying this. After a few minutes Joe came from the blow job, he was quickly replaced by Paul. Candace strained to get his thick cock into her mouth. Joe sat down and began sucking on her tits while she played with his cock until he began getting hard again. Giorgio told her to stand up, he then sat down and told her to sit on his cock because he wanted to fuck her ass, she did as she was told. Paul got back in position in her mouth. Steve then knelt down and began to suck and lick her pussy for a minute, he then place a condom and began to slide his cock into her pussy. At this point she had Paul in her mouth, Giorgio in her ass, Steve in her pussy, and Joe Sucking her tits and getting a hand job. She was squealing and moaning as she could around Paul’s thick member. Within a few minutes Steve came and was replaced by Paul; Candace let out a loud painful moan as he eased his cock into her pussy, the sight of her pussy getting stretched by that huge cock was enough to get me extremely aroused. Giorgio came with a loud moan. Paul pulled Candace down to the floor keeping his cock in her; Joe then slid his cock into her ass, and Steve put his cock into her mouth. She was screaming and cumming like I had never seen before. There was a puddle forming in the floor where they were having sex. She was bright red and sweaty, she kept looking at me to be sure I was okay with what was going on. She had a very wicked smile when she looked over and I was stroking my cock.  After a while one of the boys asked if they could cum on her, and I said it was up to her. She said as long as it is not on my face or near my pussy. The Boys continued to fuck her for a total of five hours; she was cum on at least ten times. When they all had the fill, Candace got dressed without even cleaning off.


     We went home, as soon as we walked in the house I stripped her naked and pushed her down on the bed and began to eat her pussy. I was so turned on by how swollen and stretched out she was from her experience. I moved up and began sucking on her tits which were very salty and sticky from all of the cum that was all over her. I fucked her really hard until I filled her with cum in her pussy and ass. Our bodies were sticking together from all the fun she had at the frat house. After we fucked we both fell asleep. When she woke up her whole body was sore, but she woke me up with a blow job; when she finished she said “thank you, and I hope we can do that again sometime because she loved the frat house slut, as it made her feel good about herself.” My only wish is that next there are more guys there to really make her the frat house slut.

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