first threesome   added 4 years ago
  By: sam012  Age: 37  Country: India

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My wife rang me at the office and askedfor the erotic site we used to I gave the adress and asked why she wanted it?..She just laughed and cut off the telpphone. I kept thinking of it and decided to go home early to see  what it was.....well I had the key so I did not ring but entered or house with my key. No body infront room as I expected so I went to our bed room where I keep my PC..and vow! she and her freind were watching a lesbian tube clip.....My wife naked and her freeind also sucking my wifes tits.... My wife started rubbing her breast from her bra and evenualy pulled them out...she started sucking her tits...and I could not believe the scene....I was watching from a partitioning window with  lowers on my favour...Suddenly the clip female who was submissive.moaned..and my wife asked her freind to be complete naked...they started rubbing pussy and kissing each other...again bob sucking and my wifes freind going down between my wifes legs..and sucking her cunt...."Hmmmm. yor hubbys is damn lucky wonder you say he loves to drink your jiuces..." I always liked to drink my wifes juices...they were sour...she just caught my glimpse and thuddered...but kept on getting sucked winking at me...I had a full hardon..I just entred the room...My wifes freind was shocked but befre she sould say anything I went down on her cunt and started licking her bottom lips....while she tried to separate my wife hold her and I entered my tongue into her cunt...she was trying to free then slowed down and eventually burried my face between her legs..."Let it be today ..I dont care what happens to me.." she said to my wife..I came out and started kissing her while both of them were taking off my clothes. "Why yo wanted to be with her na?" my wife said,"then do it now..." I was not to wait for that invitation but started kissing her tits within which she went down on my dick...It started getting more hard and after a while I pulled her out and just entered her...After a few moments my wife also came around rubbing her clit and putting it on her freinds mouth....we just exchanged positions and had three wondeerful climaxes...

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