One week as a Human Toilet - Day One, Part Two   added 4 years ago
  By: MissEllie  Age: 34  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Being Taped, Group Sex / Threesome, The Fetishists, Prostitutes, The Audience / Voyeur, Force/Rape
Tags: shit scat Video
Location: The toilet room
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

Day One: 6:00 PM Sunday October 23rd - 6:00 PM Monday October 24th


"I think we will start with your mouth."


Like perverse, inverse vultures they descend upon me, to feed rather than feed upon me, Tall-and-Fair standing before me with that cruel, superior look on his face as two others crouch down next to me, digital SLR and hand-held video camera trained on my face - "For your close-up," they explain to me, grinning; "We sell you on DVD, maybe on the website, yes?"  If my heart wasn't already pounding from lust and anticipation, that would have set it all a-patter; Young-and-Dark continues to speak as he slips behind me.


"Yes, we will sell you, we will sell your face."  His fingers glide over my trembling shoulders, up to the sides of my head, holding it lightly.  "Those who pay will see who you are - hear you tell us what you are.  You will tell us, yes?"


I nod, head restrained only slightly by the light touch of his fingers.  In front of me, Tall-and-Fair sneers, turns, squats a little, reaches back to spread his own ass cheeks as he lowers himself slightly towards my face.


"You," Young-and-Dark continues, "have just sucked the cocks of rather many men.  But tell us now: what would you rather have in your mouth?"


Two cameras trained on my face from mere feet away, a dozen or more men standing around me, bound hand-to-foot, there's only one answer I can give.


"Shit."  I don't just speak it, I moan it.


"You have just now swallowed the cum of just as many men.  But tell us: what would you rather be swallowing?"


"Shit!"  I surprise myself with how much more forceful that answer is, how much more like a demand it sounds, but that's apparently enough for the men around me; with a ripple of laughter, they close ranks, Young-and-Dark taking a sligtly firmer grip of my head, tilting it back a little as Tall-and-Fair lowers his asshole to me.  My lips are wide; my tongue darts out, teasing the cleft of the ass before me, eliciting a little gasp and a chuckle from him, another from Young-and-Dark.  "You are an eager one," he tells me.  "So go ahead.  Beg for it.  Beg for what you want.  Beg for shit, Ellie."


Head held in his hands, a stranger's puckering asshole before me, I beg.


"Please," I pant, heart pounding in my tiny ribcage, "Please, I want it, I want your shit.  Please, I want to eat your shit, give it to me, feed it to me, feed me your shit, let me eat it.  Please let me eat your shit!"


My cheeks burn with shame just as strongly as my cunt burns with desire.  I could probably have knelt here begging for shit all night, but apparently, what I've said is enough; there's another ripple of laughter as I deegrade myself, then, with a grunt, Tall-and-Fair answers my debased begging in the only way he can.  In front of me, his asshole bulges obscenely - I have enough time to beg "Oh yes, give it to me, I want it, I want it," - before the head of his thick log of shit emerges, passes my open lips, and enters my mouth.


"Slowly," Young-and-Dark tells me, as his compatriot finishes squeezing out the first load and straightens up, his faeces filling my mouth.  "Do not swallow yet.  Chew it."


I couldn't swallow even if I wanted to, the mass of shit in my mouth is too thick for that, but I comprehend his meaning.  Right now, he and the other men around me aren't interested simply in seeing how much of their shit I can gulp down - the want to watch me enjoy it.  And so I do.


There's nothing in this worth comparable to the taste of shit - nothing quite like that indescribable foulness that gets my cunt so hot and wet.  My jaw closes; I feel the mass in my mouth squelching, between my teeth, between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, bulging outwards to fill me cheeks - I'm careful not to let any of it past my still-parted lips as I begin to chew.  I exaggerate just a little for the cameras zoomed in so closely on me - opening my mouth all the way, slowly, before biting down again, mashing the mouthful of faeces between my teeth.  With each clench of my jaw it becomes less firm - no longer a log, simply a soft and shapeless brown mess in my mouth; I can only imagine how I must lookin, playing with it with my tongue, rolling it around in my mouth, teeth stained yellow and covered by slimy brown chunks.


I'm allowed to chew on it for sevearl more minutes before Young-and-Dark nods his approval and addresses me again.  "Very good, Ellie.  How do you like that - how do you like the taste of that shit?"


I tell him, "I love it," or at least, I try to; without swallowing, with my mouth still filled with filth, it comes out sounding more like "Aw uhv uhd."  Another round of laughter follows that; once it fades, Young-and-Dark speaks again.


"You may swallow now," he tells me.


I can't take it all at once - it's too big a mouthful for me to force it all down my gullet like that - but little by little, I gulp it down, the vile stuff passing from my mouth and sliding filthily into my stomach.  Soon I'm done, can breath through my mouth again, licking at the chunks that still cling to my teeth with a tongue that itself remains smeared brown with shit.  Panting, I look up at them, hunger and lust in my eyes; I'm almost overcome with the urge, the need, to masturbate, the fact that my restraints make it impossible making the urge that much stronger.


"You are ready for another load?" he asks me.  "Or do you wish to wash out your mouth, to take a drink, first?"  I have no doubt what sort of 'drink' he's offering me - a man with flaccid cock in hand stands ready to provide, even as several others pump themselves to maintain their own arousal - but I know what I want.


"More shit," I tell him.

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