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  By: EndeavourLost  Age: 32  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: submission humiliation
Location: Anywhere
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Peter felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment as the shop shutter rose to reveal him. For a moment he struggled in the clutches of the display bracket though his efforts were futile and quickly subsided. In the harsh spotlights his naked body glistened, smooth and helpless for all to see. Despite his embarrassment and the fearful woes that chorused in his mind his cock throbbed against the walls of his chastity device, his mouth dried, and skin quivered. By a baby pink collar he was tethered by a leash to the mannequin to his left who was dressed for this season in the "must have dress". Of course Peter’s tag valued him at half it’s price, though now in the sale he was almost free. Outside autumn drizzle darkened the high street cobbles from slate grey to almost black while a few eager shoppers sheltered in doorways for the stores to open. It would not be long now until the crowds arrived.     

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