First CyberSex Chat On Omegle   added 4 years ago
  By: jj87  Age: 24  Country: United States

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, Oral Sex, Cyber Sex, Masturbation
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Note: I have edited some of the beginning because it was just me making jokes...and Omegle has a new feature which allows you to be spied on when a total stranger ask you and another stranger to discuss a question.

The following is all true.


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Question to discuss:
You woke up trapped in a room with the other stranger. The only way to get out is to fuck the stranger hardcore. Whoever answers first survives.Though remember he/she might be typing to say no as well.

Stranger: I guess you'd have to do me first.

You: well

Stranger: *shrug*

You: I accept this responsibility

Stranger: Haha okay then :)

You: ok

You: but how?

You: where do I start?

Stranger: I dunno.... Have you ever roll played before?

You: umm yeah

You: well wait

You: not in RL

You: just internet

You: and just for fun

Stranger: Well, we could do it just for fun if you wanted

You: you mean cybersex?

Stranger: I guess

You: Just start typing sexy

You: and I will get into it

Stranger: Alrighty then... I look around the dark elevator for a moment before slinking up to you and smiling sexily. "Well, I guess we're stuck here for the moment...Care to have some fun?" I run a hand down your chest to fiddle with the waistband of your pants.

You: I slowly move my hands from your hips to your breast

You: caressing you

You: whispering "I want to screw you so much right now"

You: I kiss your lips and your neck

Stranger: I take your hands and move them to the zipper at the back of my dress, chuckling as I press into your kiss and rub my hips against yours. "Screw me then..." I nip your earlobe teasingly.

You: I slowly unzip your dress

You: and lean back as I take in your breast still covered by your bra

You: you smile at me

You: and undoe it

You: I kiss at first on your hard pink nipples

You: then slowly start sucking

You: and start to to take off your jeans

You: my hands pull them off as you look down with a little smile on your face

You: now you...

Stranger: I pull your shirt over your head and begin kissing down your neck

Stranger: then to your chest

Stranger: and down your stomach

Stranger: My hands working on the button of your jeans

Stranger: I tease the hardening cock behind your boxers with my lips and tongue as I push your jeans to your ankles

Stranger: looking up at you with a sexy smile

You: My erection stands out on my boxers while you move your hands and lips around it.

You: I slowly take off your panties

You: we both almost laugh at the awkwardness of the act

You: as I bury my face in your vagina

You: and move my tongue in a stroking motion...

You: up..down...up down

You: You put your hand on the back of my head and press it in deeper.

You: I grab your hips and feel your nice warm ass.

You: from behind

You: You lay down on the floor only for a minute

You: but I still lick your wet pussy

You: and then...

Stranger: I push you gently into a seated position, kissing you passionately as I wrap my hands around your cock

You: wait...ok pause

Stranger: ok

Stranger: lol

You: Is this making you horny?

You: It's doing it for me.

Stranger: Maybe a bit. ;)

You: Also I might consider writing erotica nowl

You: now

You: oh and do you have a certain persons face and body in your fantasy?

You: just wondering

Stranger: Hmm not anyone specific...

You: ok

You: me neither

You: but yeah it is a turn on

You: and I will be honest

You: I did just masturbate...

You: before this

You: as long as I can be honest and anonamouse

Stranger: That's okay lol

You: ok

You: just wanted to say it

Stranger: :)

You: for some reason

You: ok

You: I think you were still talking...

Stranger: Huh? Nope, i'm done.

You: about the pushing me down thing

Stranger: oh lol yeah

You: I mean if you want to continue

You: go ahead

Stranger: Sure, lets go

Stranger: I kiss my way down your body,

Stranger: licking and nipping

Stranger: making my way to your hard, throbbing cock

Stranger: I wrap my lips around your head and slowly slide down over you

Stranger: sucking lightly

Stranger: stroking you with my tongue

Stranger: and then you...

You: moan out of pleasure

You: I watch as you put your mouth on my hard uncut cock

You: and kiss my head

You: I put my hands on your shoulders

You: and massage you

You: then I slowly put my hand on your head and push down a little

You: enough for extreme pleasure

You: you moan while you have a mouthful of cock

You: you look up at me with wet lips

You: I bring you closer to me and kiss your lips

You: Your tongue and mine explore each others mouths

You: I put you on the ground

You: and slowly enter you from behind

Stranger: (ooooh thats my favorite position :3)

You: doggy style? or anal?

Stranger: I moan and lift my lower half higher, drawing you deeper into my wet pussy

Stranger: (doggy style)

You: ahh

You: I feel my cock covered by your hot wet pussy

You: I put my hands on your back and start to speed up a little

You: I ask if you want it faster or deeper?

You: then you say...

Stranger: "Yes, oh yes deeper, harder, faster..." I moan, arching my back from the pleasure

You: Our bodies begin to make a rythm

You: your ass wiggles back and forth as we both breather faster

You: breath

You: I cup your breast and kiss your back

You: You put your hand on my cock and pull me out

You: you push me on the ground

You: and then slowly start sucking me off

You: while I start using my tongue on your pussy

You: and then...

Stranger: Using this advantageous position, i take you deep into my throat, sucking hard as I bob my head faster and faster, moaning at the feel of your tongue on my pussy

You: I lean my head back in ecstasy

You: you go all the way down on my shaft and let my cock sit in your throat for a few seconds

You: when i take my fingers and push them in your wet slit

You: I hear you whimper a little and I like it.

You: then...

Stranger: I pull back off your cock, pumping it as I flick my tongue over your tip

Stranger: I sigh and moan your name softly, begging you to finish me

Stranger: pleading for you to cum in my mouth

You: I stand up and you kneel to the ground

You: you kiss my already dripping penis

You: then stroke my shaft

You: your hand grips and you feel the veins as they open with blood

You: I tell you "I'm cumming!"

You: You say "please"

You: I release into your mouth, shooting hot white semen on your tongue.

Stranger: I swallow it and milk your softening cock dry before standing and wrapping my arms around you. "Do you mind kissing me after that?"

You: I put my tongue in your mouth.

You: Still tasting the cum and smelling the almost bleach smell on your lips

You: you move your tongue all over my mouth

You: I can feel the stickiness of the semen

You: and I love every second of it.

You: We both lay on the ground

You: sitting

You: I look in your eyes and tell you that I love you

You: you kiss me again

You: and then...

Stranger: I whisper against your mouth that I love you too before vanishing forever, lost among the random souls crowding Omegle

 Anyway it was very nice. I might do it again some other time.

When I was done I felt like it was a real connection and I was sorry to see this person leave.

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