One week as a Human Toilet - Day One, Part One   added 4 years ago
  By: MissEllie  Age: 34  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Prostitutes, Anal Sex, Being Taped, Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, The Fetishists
Tags: fuck penetration triple double pussy ass oral Anal gangbang
Location: A dark back alley
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

Day One: 6:00 PM Sunday October 23rd - 6:00 PM Monday October 24th


It becomes clear to me, as the first several men approach, cocks hard, the heads glistening with pre-cum, exactly which part of the contract they're interested in exercising first - which of the various uses I've signed up for they will first be putting me to.


"Ellie - your name is Elaine but we call you Ellie, yes? - you will be forgiving and patient if we wait a little before we turn you into a toilet, yes?"  He's of moderate height and build, kind of dark, neat and slightly boyish in his appearance also there's no boyish hesitation or lack of confidence in his movements and approach.  "Only... this is the last time for a week you will have a clean face and body.  And you are... not the usual sort of woman who is asking us for this.  So we will, I think, enjoy your clean face and body first."


"Oh?"  He's standing close enough - as are several others - that I could reach out and touch him were my hands not so wholly restrained; as it is, I could probably take him into my mouth if I craned my head forward far enough.  I don't, though; I let him set the pace.  I have a whole week of this ahead of me; there's no need to rush anything.


"Yes, you are... younger than most."  He steps behind me; I feel his fingers graze my shoulders, my neck, teasing a little involuntary shiver from me.  "More slim, too.  More... small."  His hand slips around me, over my shoulder, to lightly brush my left breast.  "Prettier.  Young and pretty, yes."


I can't help but blush at the compliment.  "I'm not that young," I tell him - very aware of the difference between his accent and my own.  "I'm thirty."


Here he laughs.  "Thirty!  Really?  And here I would have said no older than me, twenty-three.  Well!"  I feel him settle down behind me, his legs brushing against my booted ones; the others draw in closer, one, tall and fair, lean, standing directly before my face, reaching down to take my head in his hands, fingers curling against my skull through the spikes of my hair.  "Thirty.  Experienced, yes?  You know what happens to you now."


They don't bother waiting for me to respond; Tall-and-Fair thrusts his hips forward at the same time as he shoves my head down, Young-and-Dark takes a hold of my hips and pulls them down as he drives his own upwards, and just as quick and slick as that, my throat and ass are filled with cock.


They do wait a few moments as, bound hand-to-foot, I writhe and squirm between them, a cock-muffled moan the only sound I can make in response to the sudden intrusion at both ends.  Then they begin to thrust - to fuck me - alternating their strokes, Young-and-Dark thrusting up into my ass, his hips lifting me to meat the downward stroke of Tall-and-Fair's cock into my throat, pushing me back down.  It's practiced, professional; they've done this before.  It's rough, makes me ache, makes my head spin.  It's not what I'm used to, this helplessness, this passivity, being unable to reach out, grab, pull, be an active participant in my own impalement.  It's unfamiliar... but it's oh so wonderful.


It's also over all too soon, Tall-and-Fair pulling out - no hot wash of liquid in my mouth or over my face, he hasn't cum - to leave my petite body bouncing on Young-and-Dark's shaft, my gasps rising from my liberated throat to fill the air. Tall-and-Fair steps back and another takes his place, hand around the base of his shaft, holding the head a few inches from my face - it's clear that he isn't going to fuck my throat the way his compatriot just did.  He doesn't want to throatfuck me.  He wants me to suck him.  And I comply.


Bending my neck, still rising and falling, ears filled with the pounding of my blood, my own gasps, and the slapping of my pale ass and thighs against Young-and-Dark's hips, I take this newcomer's cock into my mouth and suck hungrily at it.  My head bobs, my tongue swirls across him, letting the hard smooth steel of my tongue piercing do its work  He's evidently quite satisfied, a grunt rising from him as he feels that steel nub, his hand on my shoulder, just steadying the two of us, not trying to force me down or off.


I'm aware of hands on me, grasping hips, cupping breasts, pinching nipples, sliding across my smooth taut belly; of Young-and-Dark slowing down, not the forceful pounding with which he first entered me but a slower rise and fall of his hips against my backside, as I settle into a rhythm of the newcomer's cock.  I'm aware of his voice, that tantalising middle-European accent with just a hint of rougness and breathiness to it, the very sound of it tickling my ears.


"So, Ellie, you are enjoying your..." and here he reverts to the precise, dispassionate language of the release and waiver I signed, "your 'acts of penetrative sex?'"  He chuckles.  "Your 'one or multiple partners?'"


I take my mouth off the dick I'm working long enough to respond, a brief and breathy "Fuck, yeah," and then go back to the business of submissively sucking cock.


Soon, I hear his breathing quicken, an urgency enter his thrusts, and with a grunt, Young-and-Dark slams his hips against mine and holds them there, loins twitching arrhythmically against my ass as he climaxes and cums.  I savour it, head still rising and falling on the shaft of the man standing in front of me, worshipping his cock with my mouth; I can't tell how close he is to climax, and honestly, I'm too caught up in the sensations of sucking dick to care about his cum right now.  Not that there'd be any shortage of other dicks to suck, were he to cum right now.


Young-and-Dark slides out of me, stands, moves away; for a few moments, I can feel little rivulets of his cum trickle from the still-tender pucker of his asshole before I feel another man take up position behind me, the pressure of another cock against my rear entrance.  He takes a hold of the back of my head, catching my spiked hair, pulling me firmly but insistently off the cock I'm sucking; I relinquish it only reluctantly, taking the opportunity to catch my breath, then gasping as he slides into me, not a rough and brutal thrust like Young-and-Dark's first entrance, but the sensation of a cock burying itself to the base in my backside still enough to send a sensual wave through me.


He shifts; instead of kneeling behind me, he lays down beneath me, hands moving to my shoulders and pulling me back with him.  I catch his meaning and ease back with him, my lithe and petite body laying back against a broad, muscular chest, cock still buried in my ass; in this position, my legs are spread, my pussy bared.  I realise what it means, what's coming, and it thrills me.


Tall-and-Fair is the one to take me first, stepping forward to kneel between my spread thighs, stroking his cock slowly as he positions himself at my entrance, rubbing the head of it against the pink, lust-dampened lips of my pussy, the fiercest of smiles on his face as his eyes meet mine in the moment of penetration: a look that acknowledges and affirms that I've paid for this, that I've paid to be treated like this, used like this.  That I have paid to be filmed as complete strangers double-penetrate me bareback, with worse - deliciously, obscenely worse - to come.


They enter a rhythm, again, alternating strokes, filling first my ass and then my pussy with their hard meat, working me slowly, in no rush to get themselves or me off, making the most of the moment.  There's little for me to do except relax into it, into the rhythmic pistoning of cocks in and out of my lower body, aware of the slow beading of sweat across my body and theirs.  Their pace is deliberate; were they working my holes harder and faster, the pounding might be enough to overwhelm the conscious part of my mind; even without orgasm, I could lose myself in the sensation of cocks frenziedly fucking my holes.  This way, I can't; I can't lose myself in the fucking, I can't for a moment forget that I've paid to have this done to me.


They are so very good.


Tall-and-Fair pulls out without climax, letting another take his place - fill my pussy - as he stands, moves over me, squats over my torso with his cock along my sternum.  He makes an exaggerated face of disappointment - "Ohh, no titty to fuck?" - mocking my A-cups although there's no way, having seen me naked for as long as he has, having spent long minutes fucking my pussy, that my lack of endowment could come as any surprise to him.  Then he shrugs, reaches down to cup the back of my head, bending my neck to lift my face to his cock; my mouth engulfs it greedily even as the blush of shame at his comment mingles with the pink of arousal and exertion on my cheeks.


In time, they cum, fill me, and are replaced; they change positions, bringing me up onto my knees so that the man beneath me is in my pussy, the one behind me pounding my asshole like I'm a bitch in heat, a succession of cocks being offered to my hungry mouth in this hunched-forward position, some letting me work them to climax and rewarding me with a mouthful of cum, others pulling away, avoiding finishing up in my mouth but quickly and eagerly being replaced.  Somewhere in the gangbang, in the pistoning-together of bodies, mine so small as it writhes and twists between those of so many men, so many strangers, I ride out a long, rocky climax, not the bursting-dam sensation that makes me scream as my toes curl and my spine twists, but an upswelling or urgent heat from within me, washing through me and making everything tingle.


At some point, they cum and are not replaced; I take a final shot in my ass, another in my pussy, whimperingly working the cock in my mouth to its climax, a part of me aching for more, craving more cock, but another, bigger part of me realising with a wretched thrill what this must mean.  What they must be about to do.  What I must be about to become.


The dick in my mouth stiffens, twitches, cums; it shoots its load across my tongue and down my throat, and I milk it for all I can, savouring the taste of cum even as the anticipation fills me for what else I'm about to taste.  A hand grasps my head firmly, pulling me off, letting me rock back onto my heels; it's Young-and-Dark that I've just sucked off, and as he looks down at me, his expression is a mixture of satisfaction, triumph, and - yes - disgust.


"Well.  Ellie.  You are not so clean any more."  This much is true; my holes are sopping, slick with the cum of many men and the juices of my own arousal, my thighs slick, my face smeared with precum, cum, and the streaks of my own makeup, my body shimmering and blotchy with sweat.


"Now it is time for us to make you very dirty."

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