My Drunken Girldfriend   added 4 years ago
  By: RoyCorby  Age: 56  Country: United Kingdom

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My fantasy is based a real event that I’ve always fantasised going the full way.  It goes way back to an incident I remember so vividly when we finished school forever.  I had a cute little girlfriend Jay.  We had lost our virginity with each other about a year before, as soon as we were legal.  We loved each other very much and had a very affectionate and physical relationship.  To celebrate finishing school someone held a summer party at their house (parents were away).  There was of course booze and someone had made a fruit punch, laced heavily with alcohol of course.  Jay got quite drunk and so did I and we ended up on the sofa snogging.  Jay got quite horny and started rubbing my cock through my jeans.  I started rubbing her tits through her thin blouse, right there in front of everyone.  Some of the guys were watching us & I could see they were getting horny.  My friend Gordon came over and sat next to Jay on the other side and said something about his turn.  Jay giggled and looked at him.  He started kissing her, real passionate French kissing.  She put her hand behind his head to hold him in place as she often did with me. 

Instead of feeling jealous I just got so turned on by this.  Gordon started to feel her tit, she didn’t stop him, in fact her reaction was to kiss more passionately.  Her hand dropped to rub his cock through his pants.  Mine was straining inside my jeans.  Some of the guys had gathered to watch.  I slowly started to undo Jay’s blouse buttons.  Finally the last button and I pulled her blouse apart.  Gordon’s hand kept working massaging her tit.  She had a front fastening bra and I unclipped it.  It fell to the sides to a cheer from the guys to reveal her beautiful breasts.  Her nipples were erect as Gordon massaged her bare right tit and worked his thumb over the nipple.  They were still engaged in wet French kissing and heavy petting with lots of heavy breathing.  I was so aroused I could feel a wet patch on the end of my cock.  I was so turned on seeing the guys drooling over my cute little gf, her tits exposed for them to see.  I ran my hand up her skirt and started to rub at her pussy.  Her legs opened a little and I got my hand into her knickers.   I slipped my finger between her vulva, she was wet and opened easily.  I started rubbing her clit, with Gordon still working on her lips at the other end rubbing her tits.  Her hips were now moving up and down the way she did when she was ready for sex.  I pushed her knickers out of the way and now the guys were really drooling as they caught sight of her pussy.  One of the guys kneeled down in front of her and started to pull on her knickers.  She brought her knees together as she allowed them to slip over them and down ...  they were off.  Her legs opened again to reveal her pink wet folds and the guys were just going crazy.  I hadn’t realised but Gordon’s pants were now unzipped and Jay had his cock in her hand wanking him off.  She seemed oblivious to the watching crowd of boys as I started to finger her.  Out of nowhere a guy called Steve appeared between Jay’s legs.  Steve was a big guy, with a hard reputation, you didn’t mess with him.  He dropped his pants and guided his cock toward her pussy.  I pulled my hand out of the way as he rubbed the tip of his semi-hard cock against her wetness.  He was hard very quickly and his cock head disappeared inside her.  I was nearly coming as he saw Steve’s cock entering her.  Jay was still pre-occupied with Gordon.  Then with a violent thrust and a shout of ‘Fucking Whore’ Steve thrust his cock deep inside her and started to fuck her hard.  Jay was shocked into consciousness of what was going on.  She squealed as Steve put all his weight onto her, fucking her for all his life.  I watched as she was powerless under him, just looking at his face with a look of shock on hers.  Within a few seconds he grunted loudly as he came penetrating as deep as he could while he dumped his load into her.  ‘That’s what you needed Fucking Whore’ he shouted as he pushed deep into her again.  The guys were watching cheering.  He pulled his cock out of her, I saw a little of his cum appear and stick to her pussy hairs.  Once he was off her there was a pause.  I saw Gordon moving as if he was about to mount her but Jay jumped up and ran off to the bathroom.  She dressed herself as best she could and called for me saying she wanted to leave.  She wasn’t upset but very embarrassed.  From then on I always got so horny when we met any of the guys, knowing they had seen her fucking right in front of them.  They must have thought I was crazy, and so did Jay. We were out in a bar once when Steve was there.  He kept coming up and touching her up suggesting she should have another good fucking.  I wanted her to and she thought I was crazy.  Steve would taunt me telling me how good her tight little pussy felt around his cock and how he enjoyed pumping his cum into her.  That was supposed to humiliate me but in fact I was so turned on.  Ever since I’ve fantasised that Jay would have lay there letting all the guys fuck her one by one.  We split up a few months later and I heard she had a couple of sex sessions with Steve and another guy... I just wish I’d been there to watch as her bf.

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