My Tennessee Vacation Part 2   added 4 years ago
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Kristine jumped out of the truck and helped me down.  She righted her skirt and grabbed my clothes.  I barely had anything on …just my shirt which was bunched up around my neck. Thank god for these rural areas I thought.  You came around to see what was taking so long and I jumped up onto you and wrapped my legs around your waist.

“Hi baby.”

You reached an arm out to hold onto me and said, “Hi back baby. Did you have some fun in the truck?”

I tossed my brown curly hair over my shoulder and laughed out loud. “I want you… I want to taste your hard cock. I want you inside me.”

You laughed and said, “I know baby.  Soon enough.”  You reached around me and opened the door to the cabin.  It was fairly dark yet splashes of moonlight flowed through the skylights.  You set me down in the doorway and said, “Let me get the lights.”

Kristine and I stood in the doorway. I grabbed her hand and walked her over to the couch in the living room.  That’s when I noticed some candles were lit.  She sat down and I mumbled something about being right back.  Grabbed my jeans and threw them on.    As I walked away, someone grabbed my arm and said, “Get back here” pulling me towards them.  I wasn’t scared but caught off guard.

I turned around and saw a few of the biker guys from the bar were just waiting for us.  You said loudly, “Honey I thought we could keep up the fun.”

Kristine squealed with delight.  She was already getting out of her clothes.   I looked over at the guys and smiled.  I knew what kinda night this was going to be for me. I was certain that you had planned all this while was out on the dance floor.

The hand of the guy that grabbed at me was still on my arm but instead of hurting, he started to rub his hands up and down my arms.  He pulled me to him and said, “now how about getting you outta those jeans again Darlin.”

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “You want what’s in these jeans, you gotta take em off me.”  He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.  He went and sat on the ottoman in front of the fire place and threw me over his lap. 

He looked over at you and said, “Your girl is offly mouthy, do you mind if I teach her a lesson?

You said, “Nope- I do it to her all the time.”  I just looked at you and stuck out my tongue.

You walked away from us and went towards Kristen who was already sucking on another guys cock.  I sat there thinking, “greedy little bitch couldn’t even wait.” 

That’s when the first crack on my ass happened.  I felt the blow immediately and still had my jeans on.  The sting lasted a few seconds and I slid off his lap a little. Now my pussy was right over his hard cock.

“You feel that?” 

I said, “Yes.”

“Yes what you little whore.”

“Yes master” I answered.  It totally felt like you were underneath me but I knew it wasn’t you.  I could see you with your cock in your hand near Kristine- just waiting your turn.  You were watching her and listening to what was happening with me.    

He pulled at the back of my jeans and pushed them off of my ass.  He slapped a few more times and each time the sting hurt a little more.  He leaned over to kiss the sting away and then another smack to my ass.  The pain was minimal but it was certainly arousing to both of us.  

His cock was growing underneath my pussy with each smack.  I felt someone come over and hold my legs apart.  The jeans were now taken off me completely.  Must have been another one of the biker guys. I could hear the two of them talking about what was next.

I tried to push myself up a little so I could see what was happening with Kristine.  I saw just a little of her laying down on the floor- one guy balling her hard while she was sucking on your cock.  I could hear the moans. 

Then I felt a tongue lapping at my pussy lips and someone pulled my hair and a cock was in front of my face.  I opened my mouth and heard one of the biker guys say, “I am gonna fuck your face, while he licks your pussy.  Your boyfriend says you are such a good little cocksucker. I want to see it, feel it and then watch you taste it.”

I tried to smile but his 8 inch cock was already being pushed into my mouth.  I love to suck cock but was having a hard time taking his 8 inches all the way in.  He kept pushing his cock in my mouth and my throat was open as far as it would go.  He pushed harder and I began to gag on his cock. He pulled out of my mouth and I spit all over his cock.  “Good girl and now again”

Just as he shoved his cock back into my mouth, the guy licking my pussy sucked hard on my clit and the sensations were rocking through my whole body.  Combined with listening to you talk dirty to Kristine out loud was awesome.  Then I felt the smack on my ass again.  This time after the guy smacked my ass, he spread my ass cheeks and dove his tongue right in. 

I couldn’t believe the sensations all over my body.  The hard smack, then the licking of my ass – the sucking on my clit and the cock in my mouth….I knew I was wanted to cum but first I needed to have this cock in my mouth-and I needed to make him cum.   I opened my throat further and his cock pushed in deep.  My gags were loud.  A finger was slipped into my pussy but that wasn’t enough for the guy licking my pussy.   

So as I sucked cock, the guy behind me lifted me up- my knees braced on the guys lap I was sitting on while he played with my tits– ass up in the air and I knew…I felt his cock slide into my pussy from behind.  He grabbed me around the waist and just fucked my pussy hard- in and out. While I continued to lick and suck and gag on the guys cock.   

“Fuck…yeah” I heard you say as you nutted all over Kristine.  I couldn’t see you but hearing you just made me hotter.  The cock started to explode in my mouth and he grabbed my head and pulled his cock out to cum all over my face.  I stuck my tongue out wanting some on my tongue….but the other guy was smearing what fell all over my tits. 

Then I was rolled over onto my stomach and I could see the guy who had his cock in me.  He was almost as big as you size wise and every bit as intimidating.  He put his hand on my stomach and slid his cock into me slow at first.  My back began to arch and my hips were reaching up to meet his cock…I needed it faster and harder.    He saw my reaction and just went slower….my pussy was hot and I wanted to cum. 

He was watching my eyes and all of a sudden I saw Kristine crawl towards us.  She leaned in and kissed me.  She asked me how you tasted on her lips. I wanted more….my eyes begged for it….I could taste your cum all over her mouth.   

She gave in for a few more seconds but then turned and crawled down my body…her ass once again in my face. Another guy pulled her to her knees over my face and began fucking her pussy.  Her knees were straddling my head….I was even more turned on being this close to the fucking….I thought I was going to cum that instance but  then I felt Kristine’s tongue licking right at the spot that the cock was sliding into my pussy….holy….shit was this intense.  His cock sliding in and then on the way out Kristine’s tongue….slipping around his cock and all along my wet slit, dipping into my pussy….

My body was ready to explode….then I sensed that the party was now closer to us.  Me lying on the floor.  Some guys cock in my pussy.  Kristine straddling over me her pussy within inches of my face and some guy fucking her right over my head.  Kristine’s tongue licking at my pussy. I had no clue where you were but I knew you could hear me moaning and shuddering in delight.

Then I felt a hand on my cheek….and it hit me…you were the one fucking Kristine so close to my face.  Your cock was pushing into her swollen pussy lips and I had the perfect view.

If I pushed myself up even a little-I thought I was going to be able to suck on your balls or lick your cock. So I pushed myself up on my elbows while my pussy was being assaulted – hard and fast...with gentle licks and sucks by Kristine.  

That’s when I was able to stick my tongue out and lick your balls….as your cock was pushing into her cock.

You must have been a little surprised….but you slowed your pace just slightly so every now and then you could dip your balls in my mouth.  For the few minutes that this happened…I was in heaven….my body was on overload.  I knew your leg muscles must have been killing you squatting like that….my body could barely take it much longer and I knew when I was ready to cum that every ounce of me would be happy.  Not sure who came first but I definitely knew that everyone did and the mess of tongues licking each other up was something that could take us to yet another delicious space tonight.   

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