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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: cd
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

He really is so cute, Katie, I can't begin to tell you!  A darling!
When I began I never dreamed he'd finish the way he did!  No, not
for the world, I'd never leave him, not now!  I mean, he's come so
far, and he did it all just to please me, to save me all sorts of
grief, and really, Kate, now that he's got a life of his own he's
such fun to be with!  There isn't a girl in the whole world who
comes near him!  I love him, I really do!

Oh yes, you have, you've seen him.  Not even a week ago!  Remember
the lady who stopped by our table to say 'Hi' at Baxter's last
Friday when we were having dinner, your George was out of town, so
which one was it you were with that night, was it Dave?   She was
wearing a pale green draped cocktail dress, chiffon I think, and
she came with a tall, thin, rather attractive man, Scott someone,
he handles investments for Van Wyck Associates?  Remember her?  She
asked Scott to fetch a scarf or something, and he practically
knocked over a waiter he was so eager to oblige?  Yes, that was my
Laurie!  No, he got it at Magnin's, he says he tried it on and it
was *him* at the very first glance, so delicate yet so daring, and
the pale green is just perfect with his blonde hair.  That's right,
you remember now.  Stunning!   That's my babydoll! 

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