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We were tucked away in Tennessee. Not much for us to do since your bike broke down on the way to your ride. However I was into making the most of it and wanted to cheer you up. I suggested we head down to the bar and see what was happening.

I threw on a pair of jeans, some cowboy boots and a too tight button down smiled at me as you know my boobs were the draw for tonight. I was so tired of being with a crabby you, that all I could think about was a lil fun in a bar where we didn’t know anyone.

We sat down at a table and a beautiful waitress came over to take our order. I made eye contact with you to play nicely. You smiled and began your charming a few seconds you knew her name and practically her breast size. I ordered a beer and leaned back in the booth watching you work you magic.

She laughed at something you said and sashayed off to get our beers. When you asked me what I thought about her, I smiled at you, licked my lips and said lets have some fun honey. Before she could come back, I undid a few buttons on my shirt and let some of my cleavage fall out of my shirt.

You reached across the table and slid your hand out to unbutton another. Live dangerously you laughed. I was already starting to get a little excited and when she brought our beers back, I eyed her up. She did have a nice set of tits on her- pushed together in a too small bra and overflowing out the top of her shirt. She had on a short skirt and had legs that seemed to go on forever. She caught me looking her up and down and smiled at me. She also noticed that my 34c's were on full display at that point.

You told her to keep the beers coming for me and that if she did, she would get a big tip at the end of the night. She smiled and said yes, but it was too my tits not your face.

The band played a song and I got up with my beer to dance. Dance floor was full of people and I was having some fun. I looked your way and you were engaged in conversation with some biker guys. I am sure the motorcycle talk kept your attention. Just as I was about to walk back to the table, our waitress Kristine came to me and handed me another beer. I said thanks and began to cool off with the cold beer on my cleavage. Never once taking my eyes off her. I could feel you watching us as you talked to those guys. A few laughs coming from your direction.

I brought my beer back on the dance floor and found someone to twirl me around a few more songs.  Beers were delivered to me in a steady stream and I had a pretty good buzz on by the time I walked back to you.  I knew you were still talking to those guys, but I was hungry for you.  I walked up to you and stood next to you, you pulled me into you and I leaned into you so that my part of my ass was against your cock.  I looked up at you and leaned down for a kiss.  I opened my mouth and sucked your tongue into my mouth and could feel your hands slide down my ass cheek.  Your arms so much longer then my body, your fingers finding the way to the seams of my jeans and just offering a subtle glide over my seams.    I sighed into your mouth and wanted so much more.  I pulled back slightly and looked up at you.  Just a little more of your tongue and I pushed my ass back on your hand.   

At that moment, Kristine walked up with another beer and one of your biker friends offered to pay.  You pulled back and introduced me to them.  I shook their hands and watched as they were checking me out.  I couldn’t recall their names but they were attractive and kept your attention.  Kristine lingered awhile and so I made some small chat. I asked her if she were from TN, and how long she worked at bar and hell..I straight up asked her if she were interested in some fun.

She blushed a little and I apologized thinking maybe I offended her.  She laughed and said she was game for some fun and was off work in 30 minutes but she wasn’t really comfortable staying at bar as it was where she worked.  I said we would be out front and she could come back to our cabin if she wanted. 

I knew you were listening sorta- one ear on my conversation and one ear in yours.  You smiled over at me and nodded your beer in my direction.  I walked towards you and straddled your thigh with my legs and I whispered how I was bringing her home with us.  I rode your thigh a little and you tweaked my nipple with your hand.  I leaned in for another kiss and then went to use the ladies room.

I heard a ton of laughter from your direction on my way across the bar.  I looked over my shoulder and one of the guys was slapping you on the back.  I smiled at you and him.
BUt when I got back to you the guys were gone.  You pulled me close to you and said lets go wait for Kristine in the truck.  You had settled the bill with her and discussed that she would meet us out front.  I grabbed your hand and walked out of the bar with you. 

You were talking dirty to me the whole way to the truck….and pushed me hard against the truck and leaned into me and said, “you are going to get fucked so hard tonight you tease.”

I enjoyed when you got like this.  I could feel your cock harden against me.  I knew it would be fun.  You opened the truck and lifted me up and told me to get in the backseat….readily I climbed back there and knew that you were going to have some fun with me before Kristine got off from work.

My shirt was over my head and you were sucking at my nipples through my bra. My legs were wrapped around your body and I was pulling you into me.  I was trying hard to rub myself against your body…it felt good….you were pushing into me and I was getting worked up.  You pulled one of my tits completely out of my bra and had the whole boob in your mouth and your hand was grabbing hard against my other boob.  I didn’t even think about your truck door being open and anyone watching.  However, Kristine popped up and said, “hey”….you pulled my boob out of your mouth a little and said, “well climb on up…”

You undid my legs and I just stared at you….you shut the truck door and walked around to your side.  I was just a little drunk and you knew I was getting hot so you said to Kristine, “Why don’t you go on back and enjoy what I started.”  I threw my head back, laughed and said, “Hell yeah.”

Kristine climbed in the back seat, her short skirt riding up and I saw you take a few long glances at what must have been a heavenly sight.   Kristine came towards me and I pulled her face to mine and kissed her full on the lips.  She needed no encouragement, her lips were kissing me back and her tongue was finding a way into my mouth.   Her hand reached out for the boob that had just been in your mouth and she was squeezing it and using her fingers on my nipple.  She wasted no time, taking my nipple in her mouth.    The sucking sounds were loud and I knew she was doing it to get a rise out of you.

I tried to look at you and could see you watching in the mirror.    I heard you undo your belt and push open your jeans.  I grabbed Kristine’s head and pushed her into the front seat.  She saw your cock in your hand and she scampered over the seat to lean her mouth down and take it in her mouth. 

I caught a glimpse of that heavenly sight- her ass up in the air and that skirt not covering much.  It was covering a black thong and so I lifted the skirt full up on her hips and just grabbed her ass with my hand…she jumped a little but once she realized it was my hand, she went right back to sucking at your cock.  I could hear you moan a little enjoying her mouth and tongue on your cock.  I knew you must be hard and frankly my pussy was wet but my jeans were still on. 

I took my hand and slipped it down over Kristine’s ass and down to her pussy.  I slipped a finger inside her thong just to see how wet she was and found she was as excited as I was.  She must have pulled off your cock a few seconds because I heard you tell her that you could wait and that this was all about me, so get back there and make your girl happy.

Not sure you knew my finger was playing with her slit and slipping inside her wet pussy.  But true to your words, Kristine came back into the back and watched me wiggle out of my jeans and panties.  I threw my panties up to you in the cab and watched you reach for them and inhale my scent.  Very soon my scent was gonna be all over your truck….I was wet and ready for Kristine to kiss my pussy. 

She grabbed one of my legs and pulled it up to your head rest and the other on the passenger seat. I was spread wide open and she moved so you could see.  She was so small her ass fit on the console between the seats and she leaned in and began to just suck on my wet pussy lips.  First my lips and then she opened my lips to get to my clit.  She was sucking on my clit and I was moaning out loud. 

I knew it was turning you on.  I grabbed her head and began pushing her head into my pussy.  Not even in a nice way…god I wanted to cum all over her face…I was watching your eyes in the mirror and didn’t even feel the truck come to a stop.  Her face was in my pussy and her mouth and tongue were doing a helluva job.  She struggled against my hand…and came up for air after I came all over her face.   I could see my wet juices all over her mouth…I pulled her up to my face and kissed her full on the mouth….you opened the door to the truck and said, “Let’s take this inside.”

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