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One night on my way to the pet store, arriving 15 minutes before closing to pick up some food for my corgi.  I caught glimpse of a beautiful woman running the register.  As I gather my things to make my way to the checkout I devised a plan on how to approach this sexy girl.  I wasn't quite at the back of the line so I offer my place to an older couple so that I would be the last person to be in her presence.  My mouth getting dry as I approach her to pay for the items, I try to think of a compliment to give her.  Before I could even speak she blurts out, "I like your shirt.".  I stood dazed, frozen if you will, butterflies racing through my stomach as I fidget with the debit card.  I finally come to saying, "I like your hair.".  She blushes, and then I knew I had won her over with my realistic charm.  Before you know it we were exchanging contacts as we both parted ways out the store.

Over the next few weeks we texted, and chatted over the phone meeting up a few times to hang out.  I also found out how much of a kinky sexy little minx she was, so I decided to confide in her with this fantasy that I had been having since we met.  After hearing my perverted fantasy, she was instantly willing to make it come to fruition.

So one night out of the blue when I least expected it after a rough day that I had just went through I decide to go see her as she gets off work.  As she comes out to the car she asks if she can drive, I agree.  Not knowing where we were going I ask, where are you taking me.  She said, "Remember that little fantasy you told me about... well tonight I am feeling like playing".  I instantly become excited as we make our way to the adult store to gather the items needed.

As we make our way back to her place, she stops me at the door saying, "Close your eyes.".  I instantly start to become aroused, my cock bulging in my shorts, it sliding upwards across my silky boxers stimulating my head, growing to what seems like the biggest I had ever felt. She begins to blindfold me with her soft silky hands touching my face.  As we cross the threshold I feel this warm breath in my left ear sending shivers down my spine all the way to tip of my cock.  

She says, "On your knees!" with a playful yet forceful tone.  I suddenly feel the jerking of my arms behind my back as she cuffs my hands.

"I will be back, I have to change into my outfit." she firmly stated with sexy flair in her voice.

Waiting what felt like an eternity, cock pulsing up and down in my shorts, knees feeling sharp pains from the hard wood floor, I hear a door close.  I get a whiff of a tantalizing scent, as I hear the provocative sound of high heels clicking as she makes her way down what sounded like the longest hall way I had ever heard a woman walk before.  With each step she made it tickled my ear senses as I heard a sexy tone in her walk. 

I sensed her standing in front of me as she proceed to pull down my shorts to let my penis fly high with relief.  Feeling helpless I quickly say, "Take of my mask!". 

Bad idea!

She proceeded to slap my face, and twist my nipples with a tad bit of force stating firmly, "I tell you what to do you naughty, NAUGHTY BOY!".

Knowing what I said was wrong I immediately whimper, "I'm sooo sooo soo sorry mistress please forgive me.".

Her forgiving nature she reluctantly took off my blindfold.

What lay before my eyes was the sexiest female in the entire universe.  She was wearing a sky blue fishnet top, succulent breasts wide open for all my eyes to gaze upon, a pair of silky crotchless skimpy panties that wrapped around her curvaceous thighs showing off her neatly shaved pussy, and a pair of sky high shiny latex high heeled boots wrapped around her luscious legs.

My cock so hard as I look down I notice a tiny bit of clear fluid coming out of the tip of the head.  Just as I start to look back up to gaze into her seductive eyes she was turning around in the most exotic way bending over at the torso shoving her cute sexy little butt in my face.  Getting the most heavenly scent I had ever smelled as she slowly caressed my face with her supple ass cheeks moving from side to side.  I caught glimpse of a shiny crystal stainless steel butt plug that was in her tight little ass, at that moment I could not resist but to taste her sweet juicy pussy.  But just as I open my mouth she raises up, and turns back towards me saying, "You have to please me until I orgasm my sweet juices all over your face, until then you will be there on your knees cuffed.".

She turns to grab a chair to use as a stand to prop her sexy boot on so that I can begin to caress her leg and thigh.  My mouth watering,  I slowly lick my way up to the top of her boot and up her long legs.  Kissing, sucking, licking, it went on forever until I hear her shout, "NIBBLE ON MY ASS YOU DIRTY BOY!".  As she straddles the chair her sweet ass so far up in my face I cannot breath, I finally get relief for a second as she thrusts forward.  I then begin to playfully bite, kiss, suck, lick her round perfect bottom until she finally cannot take it anymore.

"Alright I think you've had enough, it's time to please me.", she says.

She then proceeds in an erotic manner moving the chair back, standing up, chest out, and sliding her feet slightly apart just enough room so she can ram my face all up in her goodies.  I then proceed to caress her cute little clit with my tongue and wet lips, rocking my head back and forth in a rhythm to her motion.


She begins to grind my face, grabbing my head with her right hand and pushing my head hard into her crotch.  Her pussy was flowing with the most sweet tasting juices, I almost cam she was arousing me so much.  I was sucking on her pussy forever until she ramped up her rhythm, I noticed her face and chest starting to flush.  I felt the throbbing of her pussy in my mouth, I started to moan.  I cried out, "GIVE ME YOUR PUSSY JUICES ALL OVER MY FACE, YES.. YES.. PLEASE GOD!"  She bends back one final time, and ends with an intense orgasm showering my mouth with her sweet juices.  I was so aroused I kept sucking and licking until I licked her all clean.

She smiles at me with the biggest smile saying, "That was the best orgasm I have ever had.".

"Now it's your turn..", she says, with which she proceeds to pull me up, and push me down hard into the chair. And then...

And the rest is up to you to fantasize about tonight...

Baseline Fantasy Draft

 I would like to meet a woman, with whom I am physically attracted to, who will cuff my hands behind my back, blindfold me, force me on my knees, and make me her bitch.  I will be made to caress every inch of her body with my tongue and lips in any way that she desires.  She will be wearing a fishnet top, crotchless bikini, sexy high heeled leather boots, and in the rear she will be showing off a super hot crystal butt plug that she will be required to leave in the entire time. 

She will start by making me worship her boots, then proceed up her leg and thigh while slowing turning to show me her cute little ass, with that sparkling crystal plug, that I will nibble on until my cock hurts.  When she starts to get really excited I will then begin to caress her luscious sweet juicy pussy with her using her hands grinding on my face so that I am unable to breath.  I will have to suck her pussy until she orgasms her sweet juices all over my mouth, which then I will be made to lick her clean. 

And after a short recess we would...

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