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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex, Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex
Tags: young old mature tits fuck sex aggressive oral finger wank mastubation voyeur submissive domination Anal
Location: An office
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

I was sitting in the office of the store i work in, filing some paperwork. I always keep an eye on the cameras - as you never know when someone might be up to something they shouldnt be. Whether it be staff or customers !

We have a high quality CCTV setup. I have been known to mis-use this quality once or twice in checking out some of the ladies that walk in. But on this occasion, it was the front (cash) office that caught my attention.

Tracy was working tonight and so, was sorting the days takings, then when she has finished - she would call me to double check everything. Tracy is maybe a shade over 40 years old but to look at her, you would not think so. She is a very attractive women, long tied back brown hair - bordering on black. Nice, even tan (i found myself wondering how even - considering she had not long been on holidays!) with a body that has ALL the curves in ALL the right places... shes maybe a size 14. Nice round ass and lovely breasts that she sadly has to cover right up because of her position in store. Tracy loves a bit of a flirt and i often find us engaged in such conversations. Some of the things she has said to me in the past.. all in good humour of course, has almost had me hard ! And thats just the playful banter.

Anyhow, as i was filling in some papers and rotas for the week, i noticed something odd with Tracy in the  office on the cameras. She had her jacket, laid accross her lap. Now since this is a cash office, any behaviour like that can be deemed as suspicious and some alarm bells started to ring in my head. But shes such a lovely women, no way would she be doing anything wrong i thought? So i just watched for now. I zoomed in a little to try and see what was going on - but to no avail. Just some moving aroud with a hand under the jacket and she kept re-adjusting her seating, more so than the average. So it was crunch time - how do i tackle this situation i thought to myself... and then, Tracy threw me a proverbial bone. From under her jacket, dropped a vibrator... I could not believe it ! Although i was some what overcome with relief that it wasnt anything a littlre more naughty! She swiftly picked it up and hid it back under her jacket on her lap. I was instantly aroused and since my office is the main one,  it doesnt have a camera in it - so didnt mind the rush of blood making its way to my penis as i contnued to watch her. She would twitch now and then, i knew she was enjoying herself and wondered how would she handle her climax there, alone - with a degree of quietness, since the store still has some staff working on stock. I hadnt even noticed my own hand rubbing my now throbbing penis in my trousers. I unzip my fly and start to stroke around my balls through my boxer shorts, this is so exciting - its like live porn in work... and the best part - im getting paid to watch and get off to it ! Tracy starts to lean back and forth in her seat - shes grinding on the vibrator and i can see her biting her lip in pleasure. And then, out of nowhere - she looks up at the camera ! Its literally looking straight down on her. face on. I dont know why but i slightly panic and remove my hand from my pants as if someone had seen me! But of course - nobody could but that look up was swiftly followed by her removing her jacket from her lap. She leans back in her chair and rubs the vibrator tip around her clit, slowly as she opens her legs wide - letting me see everything thats going on. It was only at this point did i catch on - this show was all for me, she knew id be watching... hell, she probably knew id be pleasuring myself to iit. I can almost see her nipples becomming erect through her blouse and then she slowly unbuttons it down a little. She was wearing a black blouse with her trousers that were also black and as she gets to her third button or so - i see her red, lacey bra - i wonder if she remembers me telling her in the past that red is my turn on colour when it comes to womens underwear. She takes a hand and grabs at her tit quite aggressively... really working her one breast. She pulls her blouse open and cups one of her breasts and eases it out of her bra. The FIRST thing i notice is her nipples... they are huge !! and i LOVE big, hard, seriously suckable nipples. She lifts her tit up and bites her one nipple, letting go with her hand and suspendng it with her teeth before letting it drop and shake around. She smiles as she looks into the camera again and i cant hold myself any londer, i pull my trousers and underwear around my ankles and grab my blood filled cock hard. And i start to slowly work the shaft up and down whilst mesmerised by her display.

Then tracy moves things up a level. She removes her blouse completely, just leaving her one boob hang out over her bra. Then she places the vibrator on the desk and stands, she turns her back to the camera as she fiddles with her trousers, then she bends right over and slowly exposes her ass as she lowers them. I begin to rub the shaft of my penis, from head to base with the knuckles/backs of my fingers. Ever since a lady friend i used to date did this to me - iv been a big fan. Its a nice feeling - but not to much, doesnt make me want to come, just enjoy the fun im having. Im fixated on Tracy by this point, her bum was so round and just, curvy - its perfect ! Oh and that tan i wondered about, seems for sure - to be all over ! Shes really starting to perform now too, as she stands up straight and runs her hands the length of her body, with a bit of a slow dance. Its driving me wild... the thought that she knows this is all for me - is just such a turn on. As she turns back around to face the camera, she lifts her one leg onto her seat - and i have to zoom in to confirm... that large dark patch on them red, lacey hotpants - is indeed a VERY large moist patch. Mmm it starts me wondering how sweet does she taste... and i hope shes got more to share.

She runs her fingers around her nipple and slowly down her body past her hips and takes one, long, slow run of her fingers from bottom to top of her pussy and puts them in her mouth to tastes her juices. She moves one of her hands just below her belly-button and with that teasing smile, she slides it down her pants and starts to rub her clit. By now, the excitation is starting to get to me, i look down to see my rock hard penis pre-coming all over my hand. I take a hold of my cock and use my own juices to lubricate my wanking. Its so hard to keep some level of control over myself, i cant come all over the office desk ! Yet i cant watch Tracy without pleasuring myself. So she stands, one hand in her soaking wet underwear, the other groping at her exposed breast and tweaking her nipple.

Then she makes a signal to me, the first - really, direct communication. She makes a phone gesture with  her hand and then holds up 1 finger. I know what she wants, kind of... she wants me to pick up line 1 on the tanoid so we can talk but i dont know if i should or not - we could get in so much trouble for this !

So i watch as she picks up the tanoid and presses line one, nobody would know what we were using it for - just that its in use if they seen one of the terminals. But i wont pick it up... at least - not yet. I know every second she waits, shes starting to wonder if im watching, or am i even in the correct room to see her. And then just as her anxiety seems to be getting a bit much, she almost coyly starts to put her breast back into her bra with one hand - the other still awaiting my pick up. So i lift the reciever and connect to line 1.

I hear a small, pleasurable chuckle the other end and i say "sorry to keep you waiting there, i was trying to make sure i dont make too much of a mess here..."

"what kind of mess?" she asks, as she looks up to the camera almost dis-approvingly

"the kind of mess, you made me get all over myself" i replied

"hehehe you know i could come clean that up for you... with my tongue" aloud i let out a small moan, as i feel a fresh load of pre-come drip over my hand, she quickly pounces on my clear arousal

"i thought you might like that..." she says, "dont get yourself too excited though, im not ready to come yet"

"mmmm nor am i... yet, but with a beauty like yourself on show - im finding it hard to resist"

"hahaha you mean an old lady like me has got you all ready to blow?" she jokes..

"blow is a bit of an understatement" i reply, "im about ready to erupt!"

"well im not, so your going to have to help me.."

"im coming... to you!" the pause made her think, the completion of the sentance made her giggle again

"no, stay there - i want you to talk dirty to me first.." All i could think was... wow! what a women, she really knows how to push my buttons

"tell me what your going to do to me when you get here..." she holds the reciever to her ear with her shoulder and sits back down, with her legs parted and her hot pants still on, still soaking up her moisture

"mm first of all, i want to taste your juices from your fingers... why dont you get them a little wetter while you wait for me"

She moves her hot pants over just enough to reveal her wet hole, she takes a long suck on her index finger, slides it from her clit down to the base of her vagina and then ever-so-slowly, inserts it into herself.

She lets out a moan, "thats it, really get it wet - its going to take a few goes" i insist. And she starts to finger fuck herself slowly. "i want you to pick up the vibrator and suck on it, like it was my hard cock" Tracy slowly runs her tongue around the tip before taking the whole thing into her mouth, i can see she struggled a little but made sure she swallowed the lot.. "thats it, practise taking it all - like it was my long, throbbing, come soaked dick" As she takes the vibrator out of her mouth, she runs it down her neck and starts to circle one of her nipples with it. "thats it, make sure them big nipples of yours nice and hard, ready for me to suck on when i get there.."

"i want your cock" she says with authority, "not yet, i want you to take off your bra, put the vibrator down and lie on the floor, on your back"

"i dont know if the phones line will reach" she says, rather out of context of the moment. "then use your imagination" i tell her.

She puts the reciever down for a moment, i feel like a puppet master with a sex slave... so difficult not to just wank myself off until i come. And then, she has a moment of genius, she clears the desk of clutter closest to the tanoid reciever and mounts it. She slides off her bra and lies back with her pussy
facing right up to the camera.

"how do you want me" she taunts, "i want you to raise your hips, slide one of them hands back down your pants and to fuck yourself, this time with two fingers..." i demand. "yes sir" she replies. And just like a good little sex slave, she obeys - really bucking her hips to keep me excited. "i want to hear you fucking yourself" i tell her, and so - she takes her free hand to grab the tanoid and holds it right next to her pussy. and WOW i can hear how wet she is, that familiar sound of wet slaps as she takes her fingers inside of her. Its so arousing to only hear whats going on in there as i still cant see her pussy fully. She lifts the reciever back to her ear "im not finished" i order, so she holds the reciever under her arm, the same one shes finger fucking that pussy with and that wet, slapping sound is just driving me insane. Im so hard right now i could easily come - but this loads going to be a big one and im saving it for Tracy. As she fucks herself just a little harder and faster, i can hear her moaning louder and louder. Im worried someones going to hear whats going on - but that doesnt matter right now, this experience is too good to miss.

She takes the tanoid back to her ear "i need you here" she exclaims... "right fucking now!" shes not to far from another orgasm - i can see her twitching... "suck on them juice covered fingers for me, im on my way"

I stand up and finally let go of my dick. As it flings around wildy, i try to stand right. I pull my trousers and boxers back up and tuck my dripping cock up to one side, as to try and disguise my raging erection as i prepare to walk the length of the store to her office.

As i open the office door, a littlre flustered and red in the face - one of the staff members was outside, i HOPE she was just about to knock and ask me some mundane question - althought another part of me cant help but imagine shes been waiting outside, touching herself to whats been going on. But it was the first of the two - so i quickly let her know what i want her to do, welll kinda - what i really want her to do right now in my excitement is bend her over in front of me and fuck her hard until i come - but of course, resisting this urge, Tracy awaits for that. So i quickly explain what i want her and the rest of the floor team to get on with - and tell her "i have to and cash up with Tracy, so make sure everyone knows what their doing - so we're not distracted" i hope theres not to much haste in my voice to raise any suspicion. As i walk towards the cash office, i can feel my cock throbbing in my trousers, as my movement has it rubbing against me quite nicely, i cant think of anything but fucking someone right now - and as i approach the office, i take a moment to compose. Tracy had unlock the door ready for me - no worries of anyone else walking in, as we are the only 2 staff members in at the moment who can enter.

So i take a deep breath in front of the door and i quickly check nobody can see in, and i enter... and there, waiting for me, is Tracy, still just wearing those moist hot pants, circling her clit with one of her fingers. Shes sitting on the desk against the wall, with one foot raise on one chair, legs wide open with another foot on another chair.

"took your time" she jokes... and without a seconds delay, i march right over to her and start to kiss her vigorously. I can feel her twiching all over as i stroke her body with my hands. I lean out of our kiss, theres a momentary pause of just secods as we gaze lustfully into each others eyes and i get down onto my knees and bury my head between her legs. And my god was she wet... im tasting all her sweet juices through her panties, sucking every drop whilst sucking her clit at the same time. I keep leaning in, sucking hard on her clit until it frees itself as i lean back out. "take every damn drop" she says, and i intend to.

I stand and start to suck on those huge nipples, "i love your huge nipples" i remark, and she replies "my huge nipples love you" with a laugh of pleasure. They feel like a babys bottle top in my mouth - they really are massive, the biggest iv ever seen and i could suck them all night long...

I move my hands to her side, as i stand between her stradled legs. She lifts her weight off her ass, so i can slide them now moist with my saliva, hot pants off, to reveal that beautiful pussy. And its official, that all over tan is 100% all over! Only obscured by her inch think landing strip leading right down to her clit. And i love a bit of pussy hair, the tickle, how knotted it can get with our juices combining, its just something i enjoy! And this thick bush was going to get seriously wet today...

As i remove her underwear, i put the crotch of them between my teeth and let them hang. Tracy bites at the other side and a little joking tug-of-war begins. I let them go and Tracy throws them wildly with her teeth. And the moment we have both been waiting for... i slowly descend to my knees, looking up - deep into those dark brown, alluring eyes, she bites her lip and throws her head back in anticipation. And so, without hesitation i start to eat out that stunning pussy. I begin circling her clit with my tongue, as my hands wander around her thighs and hips. "Mmmm, thats better" she mumbles. I then start running my tongue from top to bottom of her pussy, licking every drop of her still flowing juices. As i pull away for each fresh taste, her pussy and my mouth, connected by a small spider-web like string of pussy juice and saliva. I start sucking on her hood, getting as much suction as i can with each visit. Her pussy shakes as i lose grip of the hood with each suck. Her clit is so hard right now and i wrap my lips around it and flick my tongue from left to right in my mouth, just clipping it each time. Shes really starting to get going now, i hear her nails drag on the desk as she clenches her hands. Her thighs wrap quite tightly around my head as she bucks, shes going to orgasm again and im ready for it to happen all over my face.  She starts moaning a little too loud, so to keep her a little quieter, i reach out for her panties and stuff them into her mouth as to gag her. And now, shes ready for it, i run the very tip of my tongue from her clit down to her assshole. I start to lick her ass a bit, lubing it up for something else yet to come, shes clearly new to it - as she gaggingly muffles "what are you doing" and i merely reply, "trust me..."

After really getting her ass wet, i ask her to pass me the vibrator. She looks down at me half frightened but half excited. Its strange showing an older lady something new - but im confident she will want more and more in the future. As i take the vibrator, stroke it on her inner thigh - feeling her spasm with anticipation - i then slowly work it into her ass hole and after making sure its comfortably in, i twist the base to on. She lets out a muffled "mmmmmm" as her entire body becomes almost rigid - she even hits her head on the wall behind her in the excitement but its not enough to spoil her moment. I start plunging the vibrator deeper and deeper into her ass. And then i start to lick that pussy again, this time i simply start to fuck her orifice with my tongue. As deep as it will go, i press my lips up to hers and as fast as i can, push my tongue in and out. She pushes her hips forward, so her pussys facing almost up in the air and gasps "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" i can hear slightly muffled behind the panties in her mouth. she closes her thighs tight around me and pulls my face as deep as she can into that pussy, as i tongue her - i can feel her pussy pushing me back, shes about to orgasm, hard...

She spits the pants out of her mouth, and in a quiet shout almost, says "make me come you fucker" and needing no second invite, i start drilling her ass with the vibrator and licking all around her pussy, sucking her clit, nibbling her lips and burying my tongue deep inside her. And then, once again - her juices start to flow but this time - its like a damn river, i have already felt 3 or 4 drops stream down and fall off my chin - she tastes so good. Iv had sex with a couple of women late 30s before now but nothing like this - like a fine wine, she seems to have matured (very well!) with age. So as i finish licking up every drop her cunt had to throw at me, she says "come here you..." and its my turn - and my god how im looking forward to it!

As i stand with my cock still trapped in my trousers, i rub it against her pussy as we kiss. Tracy removes my shirt quickly and grabs the belt of my pants and pulls me closer into her pussy. As she unbuckles my belt, my cock is almost trying to escape itself - im so hard right now. She throws the belt down to the ground and unbuttons me and slowly slides down my zip. She cant wait to get them off - so much so she just sticks her hands into my pants and grabs a hold of my cock. "seems im not the only one whos a bit wet" she chuckles, and shes so right too ! Iv been pre-coming into my pants this whole time, im soaking by this point. "mmm i like this" she says, as she takes a hold of my cock. We switch places, as we turn around and Tracy drops to her knees, she pulls my trousers right down and we slip them off. My erection is almost popping right outta my boxers. My cock like a tents pitch, she starts to suck. Using only her mouth she swallows just the head. Her hands are running all around my lower body at the moment, i cant concentrate on one, given sensation - it all just feels so good right now. She takes hold of my underpants and pulls them down slowly, letting my cock bounce out as it breaches the seems. It almost slaps her in the face as if to say 'quit teasing me bitch!'

She looks up into my eyes and says "not bad at all...." as she strokes her fingers up and down the bottom of my shaft. Then she takes a grip with one hand and starts to wank. She slowly works her mouth around the head of my penis. Shes really sucking hard, almost extracting my juices from me... i keep moaning with pleasure, as she starts to suck deeper and deeper, pausing only to taunt "how does that feel?" when she knows exactly how it feels, my face smeared with a look of pleasure, my grunts and moans to confirm and not to mention my cock might just be harder than its EVER been before right now... i take a hold of her tied back hair and start to thrust my cock into her mouth. She doesnt seem to keen on taking it all the way - but im going to make her try.. "swallow it all" i say, "but i cant" she tells me - so i take a hold of her head and drive my cock to the back of her throat 2 or 3 times and it feels so dam good... she starts to cough a little and her eyes water as i say "wasnt so hard right" and she smiles. I stand her up and we kiss passionately again. Both of us, running our hands over each others body wildly... as we stand together, i can feel my cock between her pussy lips, both of us wet as each other.

"im going to fuck you so hard..." i say, "do you promise" she asks... and without needing words, i answer. As i bend her over the desk, kick her legs apart with my own and prepare for penertration. Before i do, i feel that a little pussy lick is in order, so i quickly drop down and make sure shes wet enough to take me.. and then, holding the base of my cock - i slowly work my way inside of her, as she lets out another moan.

Theres no more words to be said now, just the pure pleasure of our lust, incarnate. Im slowly giving her the length of my hard cock, working my hips in and out as she balls her hands into fists. Ahe starts moving around some, its a clear sign shes ready to climax. So I spank her a little, i dont want to make too much noise - but enough to leave her ass cheek red. Shes moaning with pleasure to herself, talking a little even - just the odd, 'fuck yes' and alike. So to add another dimension to the situation, i put my hand over her shoulder and tell her to suck on this, my thumb. She looks at me a little confused but does it anyway and when its suffficiently wet, i run it down the crack of her ass and work it into her hole. "oh m god!" she almost screams. The noise was surely enough to cause some questions on the shop floor, but none of us give a fuck about that right now. So as i thrust my long, hard, throbbing cock in and out of her bulbing pussy - i work my thumb in her ass. She almost immediately tells me shes almost ready to come... but i want to see it... so i pull out of her, turn her around so shes sat much like when i first enter the office.

I look deep into her eyes once more and as if by telekinesis, she says "yes..." as if she knew i was thinking, 'are you ready...'

She takes the head of my penis and slowly guides me deep into her pussy once more... keeping eye contact. The atmospheres becomming quite intense. None of us will break eye contact as i ever so slowly start to thrust a little faster. Shes grabbing her tits quite aggressively, leaving white fingernail tracks on her skin with each grasp. She starts to almost hum with pleasure. She cant stop making some kind of noise... and then i feel that surge from my testes, telling me its go time and i quickly exclaim - 'im going to come...' and tracy nods in agreement and starts to fuck back at me, our skin slaps as we collide with each thrust, my balls also slapping like a pendulum against her ass. "here i come" we both say, almost syncronised... "i want it over my tits..." she asks - "your having it in your mouth..." i tell her. And as she starts to scream, i try to hush her but to no avail - i can feel her pussy spasm around my cock and its making me get so close to coming inside her but i must hold off, just seconds longer, tracey lets out a moan that tells me shes done... i look down and see that pussy throbbing as it comes all over my cock. "get on your knees.." i tell her, and she obeys. And as she does, she takes my cock in her hand and wanks it - a little sooner than i wanted, i start to squirt my warm load all over her - the first stream jets accross her face, from her cheek to her eyebrow and the second shes got her mouth around the head for - and i come... really, really hard... im a heavy comer at the best of times - but this was just insane. My dick must have contracted 4 or 5 times, each time squirting a huge load. Tracys eyes are telling me, shes never taken a load like this before... but the dirty slut loves every drop of it - as she opens her mouth and swallows my penis again, not a drop left ... she almost falls off my cock, drained of energy and it bounces like a diving board, flicking excess semen all over the place.

"wow..." as she falls back onto the floor. "oh my god trace... that was like - the best fuck iv ever had..." she looks up at me and says "iv never come like that before..." as we both chuckle. The experience resonates in the moment as we both take a pause to digest whats just happen. I dont think any of us expected that... but what a fuck that turned out to be.

I look up at the camera "you know thats all recorded.. you will have to come back to the office with me to watch it later..." and she smiles and says "fuck watching it, il just invite you back for round 2!" and she lets out a laugh which ends with a pleasurably sigh. We both sit... lock eyes and smile again, still dumbfounded by what just went on... already thinking about what we could get up to... next time.

Feel free to leave any comments; good, bad or just plain filthy ! Hope you enjoyed :P

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