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Categories: Romantic Setting/Exotic
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later



Renting and staying at a cabin in the woods in the middle of winter is not something I would ever do. I am not the wilderness, roughing it type.

My idea of camping is at the Marriott. But, I needed a quiet place to finish my book and just unwind.

So my friend suggested this cabin her family owned. It is just outside a small town in Virginia. They don’t stay there in the winter so they were glad to let me have it for as long as I needed it. My friend the there is inside plumbing, electric and a fireplace for warmth assured me. She checked with her dad to make sure there was wood there and gave me a crash course in how the build a fire before I left. She offered to come with me but told her I needed to be alone for a while. She said there was only one other cabin there across a small lake and the person there doesn’t like company so he won’t be visiting allot.

So, here I am driving up to the front of the cabin, the front looks quaint enough. Small porch with some bushes surrounding it, I am sure they are lovely in the spring and summer; right now they are covered with snow.

I stepped out of the car and just stood for a moment to take in the quiet, new snow covered the ground and I could see small animal tracks in it. Guessing they may be rabbit or fox? I followed them to the back of the cabin and as I looked up to see the small lake that was frozen somewhat from the cold, I saw a man on the other side. He was chopping wood with an axe, one piece at a time. As I watched I could see his muscles move under his flannel shirt as he swung the axe over his head and back down again to split the log he was working on. “Nice” I thought to myself. I checked him out a little more and could see he had dark hair that hung down his shoulders and over one eye as he worked.

Must be the guy my friend said lives up here all the time, she said he was some kind of a computer genius and did all his work from the cabin. She only met him once or twice and he wasn’t very friendly, she thought. He likes being alone. That suits me fine; I am not here to make friends anyway. Just then he must have noticed me cause he stopped chopping and looked my way. Great…. so I did the first thing that popped into my head I smiled and waved…he just stood there leaning on the axe and staring. I started to feel uncomfortable so I quickly turned and headed back to the front of the cabin and my car to get my things inside, I was freezing anyway. I grabbed some of my things from the car and hurried to unlock the door. As I pushed it open a big gray furry shadow ran past me and through the door and inside. I screeched and jumped dropping my stuff. I leaned against the outside wall to catch my breath. Getting up my nerve I peeked inside, wondering what kind of wild animal is in the cabin and how I am going to get it out? Not wanting to sleep in my car.

There sitting in the small kitchen, staring at me was the green eyes of a scruffy looking cat. I blew out the breath I was holding stepping inside I walked over to where it was, looking down at him with my best stern look I said “You have to go now, SHOO!” waving my hands in the direction of the open door. He just sat looking at me; “MEOW” was his response.

“I don’t have anything for you, now go on back outside” I told him again and pointed to the door. He started to rub around my legs.

“Catfish won’t leave till you give him something to eat.” a male voice said from the front door. I looked up to see my very handsome wood chopping neighbor standing in the doorway holding my stuff I had dropped.

“Is he yours?” I asked. “Catfish doesn’t “belong” to anyone, he picks who he wants to stay with and it isn’t for long he is a free spirit.” he said with a smile. “Winter has been hard around here this year and he is having a had time catching his meals so I have been feeding him what I can when he shows up. Guess he decided it was your turn.”

“ I don’t think I have anything to give him I just got here and didn’t bring much with me I was hoping to go to the little store I saw in town on the way here tomorrow after I got settled in,” I said and walked over to him to take my things I had dropped Catfish prancing around my legs. As I reached for the bag of my stuff our fingers touched and a little shockwave went up my arm and straight to my groin.

He must have felt something too cause he had a look of “surprise” on his face just for a second there was a twinkle in his eyes. A little flustered I said for him to come in and close the door it was getting pretty cold in the cabin with the door open. He stepped inside and closed the door still standing at the door like a shy teenager. “ You must not be one of the Gentry’s cause they know about Catfish and keep cat food stocked for him.”

He said as he stood there not wanting to get snow all over I guess.

“ No, Sally is my friend and her parents said I could stay here for a while. I am a writer and I have to get my book done before the end of the month and this is just the place the do it, nice, quiet.”
 ooking him over closely this time nice strong shoulders filled out that flannel shirt, tapered waist, muscled legs and a noticeable “package” in those jeans he had on. His hair was dark brown with touches of gold from the sun. His face was rugged handsome but not too hard, nice smile and eyes the color of his hair, brown with flicks of gold in them.

 “ Won’t you come in and sit for a while?” I could make some coffee I think if I can find any.” I said. I looked in the cupboard and sure enough there was coffee and cat food.

“No, I really have to get the wood done before night fall so I should be going.” he said “ if you need anything, tell Catfish and he will let me know, won‘t ya boy.” he said with a chuckle. “I am Gavin by the way.”

 “ Kathleen” I said as he opened the door to leave. “Thanks for the advice on the cat and the offer of help.” as he turned to go out door closing it. I walked to the back window to watch him disappear in the trees. Looking down at my new furry friend who was purring loudly now and watching me.

“Well Catfish lets get you something to eat.” as I opened the can of food I found myself wondering if ‘Mr. woodchopper’ was single and what it would feel like to be held in those strong arms of his?

As Catfish finished his meal I went out and got the rest of my things, hearing the sound of the axe breaking wood from across the lake. I came back inside and placed my stuff in the biggest bedroom, the one with the bathroom attached. There were two others in the cabin, smaller with a bathroom in the middle of the hall between them. Since I was the only one here I got my pick.

I unpacked my clothes and laptop and headed back into the main room of the cabin. Looking around it was furnished very nice if kind of rugged, one couch sat facing a good size fireplace and two chairs sat on either side of that facing each other. To top it off a bearskin rug lay in front of the couch…nice touch, I thought. The kitchen was off to the back of the main room with a very nice stove, microwave, refrigerator, and nice large sink with workspace on either side or cabinets above. A wood dining table with 4 chairs filled the center. “ What more could a girl want.” I thought to myself. Except a fire it is getting a little cold in here. I walked back into the main room to see if there was any wood by the fireplace…. no the holder was empty. “Damn!” I said.

Looking around for something to carry wood in I saw Catfish curled up on the couch, cleaning his face and watching me. “Well, at least you could help me with the wood.” I said to him. He just curled up and closed his eyes as if to say no.


So I put on my coat and gloves and headed outside. I stepped out onto the front deck looking around I saw there was no wood there either, great, where do they keep the wood? I wondered.

Just then I heard footsteps coming from the back of the cabin, it was “him” carrying an armload of wood.
He stopped at the bottom of the steps and smiled, “I thought you might be in need these, I noticed when I was inside that there was none in the wood bin.” he said. “ Thanks so much again”
I said with a smile “ come in.”

He came up the steps and passed me into the door as he passed I caught the scent of man, wood and outside…. breathing deeply and liking it. I followed him inside; he was placing the wood in the bin. “ I don’t know much about starting a fire in a fireplace, I don’t have one in my little house back home.” I said to him. “ Sally gave me a crash course before I came up here, but.”

“Well, there is a “art” to it” he said with a wink. “Why don’t I talk you through it and we can get this place warmed up.” “O-o-k” I said not so sure of my skills as a fire starter. “First we need paper and some sticks,” he said

I handed him my newspaper I brought with me, “will this do?” I asked, “yea that works, I have some sticks here.” I bent down close to him watching as he placed the crumpled paper and sticks in the fireplace.

Being so close to him made me feel warm from another kind of heat and kind of nervous, so I started to talk. “ Sally tells me you live up here all the time, doesn’t it get lonely?” and then could have kicked myself for saying that. “No, I like the quiet, right now is the best time of year, and my work keeps me busy.” he said looking at me with a half smile that made goose bumps run up my arms. “ Do you live alone?” I asked before thinking. “Yes, except for ol’ Catfish over there and a few other critters that show up now and then.”

“ Do you have a match so we can light this?” he asked, sounding a little UN comfortable now. I went to the kitchen and found a match handed it to him and he lit the paper. Pretty soon we had the fire going and it was getting warm.


“I just need to keep an eye on it for a while to make sure it gets going good then I will be out of your hair” he said as he sat on the couch beside Catfish. “I would really like a shower, I feel yucky from the car ride up here.” feeling my face blush at the thought of him and a shower.

“You go take your shower, I’ll let myself out when I think the fire is going good.” he said with a smile. Not wanting to make him think I didn’t trust him I slowly headed for the bedroom and closed the door.

I got my clean underwear and went into the bathroom closing the door I looked for a lock, and just because I locked it. Feeling a little more relaxed I started the shower and stripped.

I stepped into the warm shower feeling the water running down my breasts and stomach. I closed my eyes seeing Gavin’s face and body. Feeling my nipples get hard with the thought of him touching me. I have never been so turned on by a man I just met before, not like this. Taking the soap I started to rub it all over my breasts stirring my senses with the smell of flowers and spice. I moved my hand down my stomach reaching my womanhood, starting to rub my clit with my fingers thinking of him.

Lost in my thoughts and lust I all of a sudden could feel someone else in the shower with me standing close behind me, the sense of his chest hairs caressing my back and his hard erection rubbing my backside.

He wraps his arms around me and whispers in my ear….

“Don’t open your eyes, just feel.” he starts to touch my breasts with his hands, rubbing and pulling gently on my nipples until they are so hard for the want of his touch.

I lean my head back and can feel him kissing my cheek and down my neck

As his long hair falls over my shoulder to caress my breast. I start to moan.

He nibbles on my neck as his hands run from my breasts to my stomach and his erection rubs between my ass. I can hear him start to breath heavy as he slowly lowers his hand down my stomach to my wanting pussy, waiting for his touch. He gently and slowly runs circles around my clit with his fingers as he feels me start to move my hips to move his fingers deeper…. “ Please I beg,” caught up in this fantasy, “take me.” He leans me forward a little and enters me from behind, starting slowly to fuck me, all the while moving his fingers on my clit. I can feel my climax building and his too as he pumps faster into me. I feel him tremble with his release just as my climax washes over me; I grab hold of the shower wall to hold myself up as I explode with release.

When the waves of pleasure subside I open my eyes to see I am ALONE. Feeling very silly and ashamed of myself, I quickly got out of the shower and dried off.

Taking a moment to try and understand what just happened?

Gavin opened his eyes sweat beads forming on his for head. Breathing heavy, his erection still semi hard, and the taste of her still on his lips. He wanted this woman so much. The fire was going nice, it was warm were he sat on the couch, he must have dosed off.

He closed his eyes again and saw her face so lovely as she came in his arms; her shapely body trembles with desire. What man could not want a taste of it? He opened his eyes and knew he had to go before she came back in here, would be awkward to say the least.

Trying to hide his hard on he had right now, no way to cover that up.

He looked over at Catfish who was cat napping with one eye open, “ You watch out for her my friend and let me know if she needs anything” he said in a soft voice petting the cat.

He pulled himself up off the couch and quietly went out the door glad to feel the cold air to help his still hot, wanting body to cool down. He will have her soon he knows it.

After a few days of throwing myself into my book glad I have not seen Gavin. I am still shaken up over that fantasy I had in the shower, it felt so real and I have never came that hard masturbating before.

I turned on the radio and made some coffee, listening I heard the weather report say that there was a snow storm heading this way tonight, pretty strong one with blizzard winds. “Great” I said to myself, “more snow.”

The storm hit about evening, first snow falling fast and heavy. Then came the wind, blowing snow sideways hard. I watched as the trees bent and swayed glad I was inside by a warm fire. Then all of a sudden there was a cracking sound and the roof gave way, falling into the living room with a large tree on top just missing me by inches. I screamed falling to the ground near what was left of the front window. I had glass in my hair but not seriously hurt. Now I was freezing! Not able to see anything for the snow and wind I tried to get to the door, just then I saw a flashlight and Gavin standing there in what was left of the doorway. He pushed his way to me and placed his coat around me, “ Are you hurt?” he asked, yelling over the wind. I shook my head no.

“ Come on with me let’s get out of here,” he said. He led me down the path to his cabin. Thankful to be inside and safe I turned and wrapped my arms around him hugging him tight thanking him over and over.


He lifted my face to his and kissed me deeply pulling me tighter. “I am just glad you are ok,” he said in a low voice. He released me; stepping back he said he would find me something warm to put on going to the back of the cabin.

I looked around still shaking from what happened and the cold, I noticed all the computers lining the one wall, all blinking except for one that looked like it had a game of some kind running on it.

Must be where he does his work I thought. There was a couch in one corner a big fireplace covering the other wall. The fire was warm as I stepped closer onto a bearskin rug lying in front. Everyone must have one of those around here I chuckled to myself.

He came back carrying his robe, told me I could go into the bathroom and change out of my wet clothes. He had stripped off his wet clothes and was wearing a pair of jogging pants with a t-shirt. I went into the bathroom and removed my wet clothes all except my underwear and put on the robe which was 2 sizes too large for me but, the smell of Gavin was on it, made me feel safe and turned on.

When came back into the living room he was stirring the fire. He looked up at me as I sat on the couch still shivering from shock.

“Come down here on the rug it is closer to the fire.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me down on the rug. Sitting beside me he handed me a glass with I guessed was some kind of whiskey. “ Drink that it will warm your insides too” taking his and drinking it all down in one gulp.

I tired to do the same but not being a drinker it burned all the way down and I started to cough. Which made him laugh and in turn me too.

We were laughing hard at really nothing and he reached out and touched my cheek, rubbing his thumb back and forth on it. “ It‘s good to hear you laugh, I came as fast I could after Catfish came and showed me you were in trouble,” he said, looking into my eyes. I was lost for a second flashing back to the shower and my fantasy.

“ I am glad you came. Where is Catfish by the way?” I asked in a worried voice, thinking he might still be outside. “ Meow” was what I heard above my head on the couch, there he sat still little damp from being outside but none the worse for wear.

“My Hero!” I said and pulled him into my lap for a kiss and a good petting.

Well he liked the petting but ran off when I kissed him. I laughed and said he could give a lady a complex. I turned to see Gavin looking at me with a sparkle in his whiskey colored eyes. “I wouldn’t” he said kind of soft. “ You wouldn’t what?” I asked, “ I wouldn’t run if you kissed me” he said moving closer. “Well lets see”, I leaned in and kissed him on the lips lightly.

Must have been the warmth of the fire and whiskey because I felt desire run though my veins like I was on fire. I kissed him again deeper this time parting his lips with my tongue, touching his.

He wrapped his arms around me still kissing he laid me on the rug, moving his robe aside to expose my breasts. Moving from my lips to my neck and then down to my breasts, I moaned as he placed his mouth over one nipple and started to pull lightly making it stand up. Then I heard him moan softly as he moved to the other nipple and did the same.

I was really on fire now, my skin burned at his touch. I reached for his head feeling how soft his long hair was. Pulling his head closer, needing him closer he moved from my breast to my stomach, kissing his way to the belt of the robe. He stopped looking up at me through half closed eyes, “ Stand and remove the robe I want to watch you”

He leaned back against the couch as I stood to untie the belt I let the robe fall around my feet and I could hear his intake of air, as he looked me up and down. “ Now turn and remove your panties I want to see that cute little tat you have on your hip of a star, then I want to kiss you right there.” speaking with lust in his voice.

I turned and slowly removed my panties bending to slide them down my legs, which gave him a good look at my backside.

I looked over my shoulder to see he had removed his t-shirt and there was a good size budge in his jogging pants. I smiled to myself.

“Walk backwards to me, straddle my chest.” he said huskily. I did as he asked and put one leg on either side of his chest. He reached up with his hands placing them on my ass cheeks and pulled me closer.

Leaning up he kissed me right where the tattoo was on my left hip… “ How did you know about my tattoo?” I asked but before he could answer I was caught up in the feeling of his lips and hands on my ass turning me, pulling me on his lap and very hard erection. Reaching down between my legs his fingers reached for my clit, I forgot what I ask him. I kissed him running my tongue in and out of his soft hot mouth. Feeling his chest hair rub against my breast and his fingers rubbing my clit I was on overload.

He was moving now rubbing his cock on my ass, as his breathing was getting heavier.

He broke our kiss and speaking in almost a growl, “ Raise up so I can remove my pants I need to feel you on my cock, be inside you, I want you so much right now, you are so beautiful.”

“I want you too more than anything,” I said panting; I stood and watched as he removed his pants to see the largest, hardest cock I have ever seen.

He must have saw the look of doubt in my face because he reached up and ran his finger along the fold of my pussy showing me how wet I was with want, he placed two fingers inside of me and started to work them in and out watching as I started to tremble with desire.

He removed his fingers pulling me slowly down onto his cock, taking it all, feeling it fill my pussy.

We both sucked in a breath as I started to move on him riding his cock like I had done it before, somehow knowing what rhythm to take. I could feel my pussy getting tighter, felt his cock getting larger as we got close to climax. Panting now with want for release he flipped me down on the rug, covering my body with his, opening my legs to enter deeper.

He started to pump harder and deeper and with every thrust I came closer to falling over the edge of climax. “ Come for me my Kate, he whispered in my ear pumping deeper. No one has called me Kate not even when I was little. It felt right, like he has called me that before. I felt my body release and climaxed with his name on my lips. Hearing me cry his name Gavin came right after, every muscle tighten as he exploded his hot seed into me.

He fell to the side of me not wanting to crush me, breathing hard, our skin glistening with sweat.

I lay there wrapped in his arms on the rug watching the
hot embers burn in the fireplace like our lovemaking had been. Hoping this would not be the end. Wanting it to be the beginning for us.

Gavin was thinking along the same lines as he looked at her lovely face. Hoping the snow would keep them here for a long while before he has to let her go back to her life.

Now is not a good time to worry about that he thought.

Putting it out of his mind for now, he leaned in and kissed her lips caressing her breasts with his hand, feeling her respond to him again. Stirring the embers of her passion and his.

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