"Slave To The Paper" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur, The Fetishists, Masturbation
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Roleplay: Master/slave
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John sat on his couch with the newspaper in hand.  His cock grew with each page turned.  Unfortunately, he had a rule: He would not play with the newspaper, till he had a chance to read every page.  Finally, when he was finished with his reading, he rushed to the bedroom and took off his clothes for some fun.  But lately, his masturbation with the newspaper just hasn’t been satisfactory enough.  And he was left to wonder how he could raise the bar to bring back the passion he had for his fetish.  Occasionally, he purchased a “dirty newspaper” from the adult movie store and kept it by his bed.  He picked up the dirty newspaper and began to read it.  Inside the newest edition, he found information on Dominatrix services.  “Hmm…I wonder if this will help.” He thought to himself.  He studied the ad long enough to pick the phone up and dial the number.  The phone rang and John became very nervous.  “Hello, this is Mistress Natasha. How may I service you?” The voice over the phone asked.

John nervously spoke into the phone.  “I have a newspaper fetish and lately it hasn’t been up to satisfactory for me. I would like to try something new for a change.” He replied.  Mistress Natasha took no time in selling her company’s services.  “Well, I have to admit, you are the first to request a session with newspapers.  So to meet your satisfaction, we’ll line you up with our best mistress!” Mistress Natasha insisted.  John became more comfortable with the call and explained what he wanted from the session.  “Well, we need some time to prop up a room for you, and then we’ll give you a call and set up a time for your session! Thanks for calling and have a wonderful day!” Natasha ended.  John hung up the phone and went back to reading his dirty newspaper.

A few days went by, when John finally received the call back from Mistress Natasha.  “Sir, we’re finished with the session room and we can schedule you in for tonight.” She said.  John agreed to the time hung up the phone.  Later that night, John drove to the address and walked in.  Within moments, he was approached by a young lady at the front desk.  “Sir, please fallow me!” she said.  John walked with her down a hallway and stopped at a room.  “You may undress in the hallway and I will take your clothes for you.” She insisted.  John undressed and handed his clothes to the lady, and then she walked away.  John opened the door and walked in to the room. 

The room was fairly big with only a few dim lights.  There was a row of newspaper vending machines in the middle of the room.  “How did they get these?” John wondered in amazement.  He walked over to the vending machines and examined them.  “They’re real! And full of fresh newspapers!” he continued in thought.  John reached down and grabbed the handle of the machine to open it.  “Wow! First time I didn’t have to pay to open one of these things!” he jokingly said, aloud.  He pulled a copy of the newspaper from the machine and placed it to his face.  Then he took a deep inhale of the newspaper’s aroma and exhaled.  “Yep! Straight off the presses!” He added.  He held the newspaper down in front of him and began to read it, while he waited for a mistress to approach him.  Then a high heel shoe sound came clanking in from a corner of the room.  The mistress had been in the room, silently watching John smelling the newspaper.  She was dressed in a street cop outfit.  “Sir!” she called out to John.  “Public nudity is an offense! Now what do you suppose we do about this?!” she said, roughly with an authoritive tone.  John felt like his bones were about to jump from his skin and his penis would turn inside out from the quick approach.  “I just wanted to grab a newspaper.” He said with a shocked voice.  The mistress stood by him and observed his body.  She stared down at his penis with a careless look on her face.  “You will call me Mistress! You will not speak, unless I tell you to. You will only say ‘yes, mistress’! Is that clear?” the mistress briefly explained.  John was somewhat hesitant to answer.  “Yes, mistress!” he answered. 

The mistress was quick to continue with the session.  “Take those newspapers and open them up!  Toss them on the ground, then drop to your knees!” the mistress demanded.  “Yes, mistress.” John replied.  He quickly began to open up the pages of the newspaper and tossed them to the floor.  The mistress grabbed a sheet and folded it up into a long strip and returned her focus on her client.  John had lowered himself down to his knees on the newspaper.  The mistress quickly wrapped the newspaper strip to John’s neck and taped it together.  She pulled a light plastic chain from her pocket and attached it to the newspaper collar.  “I will walk and you will crawl!” She instructed.  “Yes, mistress.” John replied.  The mistress led him around the room like a dog on a leash and returned to the pile of newspapers on the floor.  “Lick my shoes clean, mutt!” she demanded.  John looked up at her.  “Yes, mistress.” He said as he put his face down to her shoes.  The mistress grabbed a newspaper from the vending machine and began to read it, while John started to lick her shoes.  Five minutes later, the mistress made another demand.  “Take your newspaper and wipe the slobber from my shoe!” she said.  John grabbed a sheet from the floor and began to wipe her shoes with it.  “You forgot to say, “yes, mistress!” she scalded him, with a smack from the newspaper in her hand.  “You must be punished!” she said strictly. 

The mistress slammed her newspaper down on top of the vending machine and grabbed one sheet from it.  She quickly placed it on to John’s face and rubbed it like she was scrubbing a plate, after supper.  “Bad dogs get punished! You like that, don’t you?” Mistress asked.  John struggled to answer with the newspaper rubbing wildly across his face.  “Yes, mistress.” He barely replied.  The mistress used the newspaper to grab his face by the cheeks and gave him a quick but gentle shake.  “I have a better idea.” She mentioned.  The mistress opened the sheet of newspaper and placed it around John’s head and began to wrap him up.  She used tape to secure the newspaper around his newspaper collar.  “Does the paper smell good?!” mistress asked, demanding a quick answer.  John took a deep inhale and then he exhaled.  “Yes, mistress.” He responded.  The mistress was not pleased with the timing of his response.  “I expect a fast answer! For that, I will add another newspaper to your face.” She stated.  Then the mistress grabbed another sheet and began to wrap it around John’s head and taping it securely as the last sheet.  She pulled a hollow pen from her pocket and placed it to the newspaper covering his lips. Slightly, she pierced a hole through the newspapers and into his mouth.  “Bite it!” she demanded.  John bit down gently on the pen.

The mistress grabbed another sheet of newspaper and folded it up as one would do for easier reading.  She placed it upon John’s hard cock and rubbed it. Then she began to smack it. At this point, an assistant mistress entered the room and walked behind John.  The head mistress continued to spank John’s cock with the newspaper.  “Do you suck cock?” the head mistress asked John.  The assistant mistress pulled the hollow pen from his mouth and out from the hole of the newspaper.  John was a bit hesitant to answer her as he was a heterosexual.  “No, mistress.” He replied.  The mistress was displeased with his answer.  “The rule is, you will ONLY say ‘yes, mistress’! Assistant, add another sheet to his face!” the head mistress ordered.  The head mistress grabbed another sheet of the vending machine and tossed it to the floor for the assistant to pick up.  The assistant picked the newspaper up and wrapped it around John’s head and secured it to him.  She used the pen to make another hole in the new sheet.  “I will ask again! Do you suck cock?!” the head mistress asked again.  John quickly responded.  “Yes, mistress!” he replied.

The mistress started to slap John’s cock faster and harder with the newspaper.  “Do you enjoy sucking that cock? That big, hard, juicy cock.” She asked.  “Yes, mistress!” John replied.  John might have been a straight man, but the mistress made it sound exciting and enjoyable.  “Do you like the taste of cum in your mouth?” she asked him.  “No, mistress! I mean, yes mistress!” he quickly replied.  The mistress took her newspaper and slapped it across John’s newspaper face.  Then she went back to slapping his hard cock.  Once more, the mistress was displeased as she grabbed another sheet and tossed it to the assistant.  The assistant applied the new sheet to John’s head.  “Do you enjoy swallowing that hot and sticky cum?” she asked him.  “Yes, mistress!” John replied.  The mistress was pleased, once again.  “Do you want that cock in your ass?” the mistress asked.  John wasn’t quite ready to give in as he enjoyed the newspapers being wrapped around his head.  “No, mistress!” he replied.  The mistress slapped John’s face with her newspaper again and dropped it down heavily over John’s cock, covering it.  She grabbed a newspaper from the machine and started to wrap it to John’s head, herself.  Once the new sheet was secure, the mistress grabbed her newspaper from John’s cock and proceeded to slap his cock repeatedly.  “Do you want that cock in you tight little ass?!” she demanded an answer.  “Yes, mistress! I want that hard cock in my tight little ass!” John replied.  By now, John was so aroused, that he was ready to take his newspaper and wrap it around his cock for some stroking play.

He tried to grab a sheet of newspaper from under him to use, but the mistress quickly smacked his hand away from it with hers’.  “I haven’t given you permission to do that, yet!” she stated.  Then she continued to repeatedly slap his cock with her newspaper, till he would try to grab a newspaper again.  After awhile, he would try to grab a newspaper from the mistress’s hand, but she smacked his hands away.  Then as the session time was coming to an end, the mistress pulled her newspaper away from John’s cock.  “I will allow you to complete yourself, now. It is only on my command and approval that you will be allowed to release yourself. Is that clear?” she asked.  “Yes, mistress.” John replied.  “Good! You may begin.” She said.  The assistant motioned John to bend down to on all fours.  The mistress handed the assistant a sheet of newspaper and she placed her arm between his legs.  Then she grabbed John’s hard cock with the newspaper and began to stroke it.  John started to moan for a moment as the assistant jerked him off for a few minutes.  Then the head mistress ordered her to stand by while John finished himself.  John laid flat on his back and the mistress tossed some newspapers down upon his chest.  Both the mistress and her assistant sat to each side of John and rubbed his nipples through the newspaper, while he continued to jerk himself off.  Then as the moment approached him, John gasped as his cock exploded.  His cum sprayed inside of the newspaper.  His cock spewed for some time, almost covering every word on the page.  Then he let out a long hard sigh of relief.  And the mistress and her assistant continued to rub his nipples through the newspaper for the last remaining minutes.  He was hook and knew he would come back for more sessions.            


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