An Office Affair   added 4 years ago
  By: Birdie238  Age: 23  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Being Taped, Oral Sex
Tags: taped Video slave sex mistress Birdie238 lyssa
Location: An office
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I heard the door unlock and I immediately dropped the dish I was trying to clean. My mistress was home! I missed her so much. She had been gone all day on business. I ran into the living room, slid to my knees and waited for her to open the door. 
She pushed it open, scowled at me, and dropped her bag at the foot of the stairs. 
I smiled big, "Hello, Mistress. Dinner is ready, in case you're hungry."
She pushed past me and sat on the couch, turning the tv on. 
"Bad day, Mistress?"
She sighed, "You have no idea." She motioned for me to come over. I did so as she spread her legs. "I need to relax. You know what to do, Kitten."
She was wearing a skirt so I was able to just raise her skirt and pull her panties off. Immediately, the smell of her pussy hit me. It smelled so delicious, I licked my lips.
I leaned my head in and quickly started working, licking all around her clit. She flinched at the first contact, let out a little moan, but otherwise, did nothing. That frustrated me. Here I was, getting wetter by the minute, and all she was doing was focusing on the tv. I groaned and licked her clit directly. 
She flinched, ran her fingers through my loxs, then pushed my face hard into her cunt. 
I moaned, reaching up and sticking my fingers into her pussy. Then I put my other hand between my legs, tickling and rubbing my soaked little clit. 
Mmm, it felt so good. 
Lyssa, who had started moving her hips along, stopped. She reached down and pulled my hand from between my legs. "What the fuck did I tell you about that?" I looked up at her, confused. "About playin with yourself, you little slut."
I thought hard then quickly remembered her telling me not to touch myself while I was pleasuring her. I bit my lip. "Mistress, I'm sorry. I..." 
She let go of my wrist and stood up. "Be in my office, with the belt, in one minute." Then she stalked off upstairs. 
I was shaking as I got up to search for her belt. Once I found it, I made my way to my mistress's office. 
She was sitting behind her desk, her eyes starting focused at a few papers. When I entered, she glanced up at me, put the papers aside, then stood up. She motioned for me to come closer. 
I took timid steps, keeping my eyes downcast and handing het the belt. 
She took it from me, urging me onto her desk. I complied, making sure not to close my legs at all. She hated that. 
"Do you know why you're here, Slut?"
I quickly nodded, "Yes, Ma'am." I looked down. "I was a naughty kitten." 
She nodded, "I want you to count. Everytime I spank you, say the number."
I nodded. "Yes, Mistress."
She raised the belt, then swung it at my bare ass.
"AH! ONE!" I yelped. WHAM! "TWO!" I could feel welts raising on my ass where she struck me. 

I was sweaty and groaning by the time she was done. My ass sore and red, moaning with pain. 
"Get off, now. On your knees." 
I groaned at the movement, but complied. She watched me, focusing on my breasts as I moved. She smirked when I sunk to my knees before her. I was looking away, trying to hide my blush. 
She grabbed a hold of my chin between her fingers and forced me to look at her. "Now, will you do that again?"
I shook my head. "No, Ma'am. I promise I'll be your best little slut."
She smiled, "Good girl." Then she stepped away, digging through her desk drawers. She pulled out her long, black strap-on dildo. She slipped into them, rubbing the tip with her thumb. I watched her intently, my clit throbbing with want. She saw me watching and stepped up to me, poking the tip in my face. "Open wide. I want you to deepthroat me." 
I did as I was told and she shoved it into my mouth. I started to suck it, licking it all over. After almost 10 minutes, she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off her dick. She pulled me up to stand and led me back over to her desk. She laid down, her cock standing straight up. 
"Ride me, Slut. I don't wanna do any work."
I climbed up on top of her and spread my legs, exposing my nearly soaking pussy to her. I sat and her dick slipped into me. I let out a quick, breathless moan, digging my nails into my skin. She reached up and cupped my ass cheeks. That made me groan even more. I shut my eyes tightly, just focusing on the feel of her. 
She spanked my ass, causing me to open my eyes. I looked down at her and she said, "No. Look at me. I want to see your face." Keeping my eyes fixed on hers, I was able to tell the exact moment she came. She grunted, groaned, then came again. I shut my eyes then and she spanked me again, not even bothering to explain to me why she did it. I knew exactly what I did wrong. I rode her continuously, denying myself the passion of cumming. I bit my lip, trying to distract my body. "Stop," she called up to me and I did so.
I caught my breath and, from the corner of my eye, I could see a little camera mounted on a tripod in the corner of the room. OH GOD! SHE WAS RECORDING THAT?! I got wett again and felt my cunt get tight around Lyssa's cock. 
She smiled big, "I see you've found the camera. I want you to look into the camera lens while you fuck me again. Go." She guided my hips up and down again until I got my own rhythm back. I stared over at the camera, my mouth wide and my moans growing increasingly louder. God, she was getting so deep into me. I seriously felt like I was fucking whoever was gonna be watching this video. 
I groaned again. "Mistress..."
She reached up to my clit and began to massage it with her thumb. "Yes, my Slut?"
"I.... I need to cum...." I kept my vision focused on the camera. I sounded breathy and urgent. 
I heard the smirk in her voice, "Do you think you deserve it?"
I nodded. "Please, Mistress..."
She laughed. "You may cum." I didn't wait. I came right there on her cock. 

Within 15 minutes, I had licked all of my cum off of my Mistress's fake dick. She laughed and kissed me on the lips, sticking her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back greedily, wanting more. When she pulled away, she smiled more and chuckled. "That video of you'll raise a hefty price, don't you think?" She rubbed my nipples. "I can't wait for men to line up at the door, wanting you to fuck and suck them."
I smiled big at her. "Yes, Ma'am." 

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