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Categories: Force/Rape, Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex
Tags: camping force rape Group sex coed Older men
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

When I was in college, my best friend begged me to go on a dig with her. She was an archeology major and needed the hours for a class. I hate anything that resembles camping, but she pleaded and I gave in. We arrived at the campsite about midnight and set up camp and fell asleep to wake up early for the march to the dig site.

A couple of things I noticed. One, we were the youngest people at the dig site. Two, we were two of the few women there. This seemed t coincided with my friend’s reason for asking me to come. “Please come, I don’t want to be the only girl there.”

After a day of digging, we returned to camp. We didn’t pay for the daily meals and opted to make our own meals on a propane oven. Everyone in camp apparently paid for the daily meals and we were left alone while everyone had dinner in the pavilion. We decided to get in our bathing suits and jump in the lake. We lazed about and enjoyed the coolness of the water.

We were interrupted when five guys approached the water. They were all older and I noticed all married. Women have a knack of learning this fact quite fast. They were carrying a wine pouch. I looked at my friend wearily as they all bounded in the water. They greeted us and offered us wine that they were passing around. I was reluctant to just start drinking out of the wineskin, but my friend took a swig and handed it over to me. The wine continued to be passed around and we all talked and swam in a circle.

I began to relax a bit and let some of my guard down. The conversation got livelier and they started getting a bit handsy. One grabbed my friend and around her waist and pulled her against his large frame. I saw her eyes grow wide and saw a look of panic cross her face. I rushed to snatch her out of his grasp and she leaned against me and whispered, “He has a boner.” I looked at her and smiled at the thought of these older men having boners. Apparently she freaked out when he bumped her up against it. I tried not to laugh.

The guys stuck around a little longer and when the wine was running low decided to head back to camp. My friend and I swam a little longer and acted like young girls chuckling over the fact our bodies can cause a rise in men.  After a while I turned to my friend and said I’m going to swim behind that rock and pee and be back. She laughed at me and joked about me being a wild woman.

I swam behind a boulder and looked around to make sure I was hidden from all views before slipping off my swim suit bottoms. I felt arms wrap around me and cover my mouth before I could scream out.

“Lay her down!”

I was pulled to the ground and sprawled out on my back. My bathing suit bottoms were shoved in my mouth and my arms stretched over my head and held down. When gained focus, I saw two of the men that we were talking with earlier hovering over me. I tried screaming, but it was muffled behind the cloth of my bathing suit. One held my arms down and the other was between my legs. He untied my top and my breast spilled out before them. The nipples were hard from the cool lake water and looked like little raspberries on top of nice firm mounds. The one between my legs leaned down and popped one into his mouth and I struggled to get away. He began sucking hard until I screamed from the stinging sensation. He chuckled and started kneading them. “So, you think you can get away with showing your ass to us and not pay for it?” I grunted as he became more forceful with his hands and crushing my breast in his hands and stopping to pinch my nipples; making them redder.

My heart was pounding and I was scared. I knew where this was going. To be forced and violated seemed erotic, but now that it was happening it was frightening.

I saw him pull down his shorts to expose his large hardon and I started kicking to get away. He grabbed legs and pushed them down and then he grabbed my hips and shoved deep into me. I screamed as I felt him tear me open until he was fully in me.

“It’s been some time since I felt a tight pussy and I’m going to enjoy this.”

He mashed into my pelvis making circles inside me and I felt my body betray me as moisture started flowing around his cock. I started whimpering and trying to hold back my tears as he pulled all the way out and shoved back in forcefully and grind into me again. He moaned his pleasure as my tightness closed around him again. He repeated this action over and over again. I felt my body open up more to him with each thrust and I became slicker for him to slide into me.  He began to fuck me harder and I grunted with each thrust.

“Yea, you are a slut. Take my cock!” he kept saying. “I like how your tits move while I fuck you.”

With each hard thrust he moved my body as it slid over the mud and lathered up my back. I tried to think of being anywhere but there, but it was getting harder as my body started reacting to him fucking me. I have never been fucked hard before and there were sensations coming over me faster than they normally do. The soreness was giving way to pleasure and I was angry at myself when I gave out a moan.

“I think she likes it.” I heard the one holding me down say. “

“I knew she would come around.” The thruster said as his mouth came down on my breast again. He sucked and bit me until I was heaving my chest up for more. I had to chastise myself for helping him. I started thrusting my hips up and squeezing his cock with each thrust. He started panting and wincing with each squeeze. Then I started convulsing as I came all over him. He kept thrusting into me and I moaned as the friction created echoes of my orgasm. I felt him swell inside of me and pump his cum inside me. He pulled out and picked up his pants in one action.

“Best fuck ever.”

“My turn!” I heard the other guy announce.

Thye switched places and I was turned onto my tummy. The mud was slick on my back and now my front was getting dirty. My arms were held down again and my legs were spread open as the other man climbed on me and entered me from behind. He leaned against my back shoving me deeper into the mud and I felt the coolness of it with each thrust. I heard him grunt with each thrust until he spilled into me and crash down on me.

“Man! You didn’t even last 2 minutes.” The first man teased.

“I can’t help it. It’s been awhile since the missus has given it up and this one feels so good.” He slapped my ass and I whimpered. 

When I was turned over the first man told me to call my friend because there are still three men wanting to get some tight pussy. I looked up and saw the other three in the tree line drinking beer. I didn’t want my friend to get raped and I looked down and shook my head no.

“If you don’t get her, you will suffer more. Also, I’m sure she is going to check on you, so it’s just a matter of time.”

It was a risk I was willing to take and shook my head no again. “Fine, you asked for it.”

All three men approached me and rope was produced. My hands were tied behind my back. The Bonerman  grabbed my hair and pulled me up to face. “What a shame. I really wanted to stick my dick deep into your friend.” He dropped me back to the ground. “Now I’m going to make you wish you called her.”

He pulled me to my knees and walked behind me and pushed my head to the ground so that my ass was in the air. I felt him kneel behind me and spread my cheeks apart. I tried to squirm away, but there were 4 other guys to help him hold me in place as he shoved inside my ass. I screamed as I felt him tear into me.

 “I think she’s a virgin, guys,” I heard him yell and then go “Yeehaw!” as he started slapping my ass with each thrust. He didn’t care that it was painful and I started bleeding. Tears were running down my face as I started sobbing uncontrollably. Eventually, Bonerman was becoming less vigorous as he started a rhythm and panting with each thrust.

“Hey, I wanna try something.” I heard

Another man approached me and lifted me up. Bonerman positioned me on top of him laying back on me and the other man entered me from the front. Yes, I always wondered how it would fill like to have both holes filled up with cock, but I wasn’t thinking it would be this violent. He shoved into my pussy hard and I felt Bonerman grunt. He pulled out again and shoved back into me. I was tighter with Bonerman inside me and I could tell he was enjoying the feeling.

“Gawd, I can feel you thrusting into her, man!”  Bonerman gasped.

Both men started moving inside me and I felt my eyes glaze over. I couldn’t help myself give into the pleasure and I to started moving my body and making small grunts. Bonerman reached around me and started rubbing my breasts and pinching my tits and I flexed. Both men groaned when I tightened down on their cocks and came violently. The rest was a haze as both men spilled inside of me.

I was a mess with mud all over my body, cum smeared on my inner thighs, and some blood. I was expecting one more man to have his fill with me, but it never happened. Instead I looked up and they were gone. They hand cut me loose before leaving. I looked down and saw scrolled in the mud over my breast down my tummy the words…”Until next time…”

I rushed into the water to clean the filth off of me and more importantly find my friend. Something must have happened and what if it had to do with the fifth man.

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