"Caught (At The Library)" Girlfriend's Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago
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Categories: Masturbation, The Fetishists, The Audience / Voyeur
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Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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“Another boring day, at the library”. Jane sighed as she filled up the daily newspaper rack.  It was always the same routine; a few people come in every few hours, check out a book and leave. “People hardly ever read these days, it seems.” She said with a sad tone. “For once, I would love to see someone with an uncontrollable passion for reading!” She finished putting the newspapers out and glanced at the window behind her. “Was someone just watching me? Oh, listen to me! I’ve spent too much time alone in this place.” She pulled the shade down and walked back up to her desk. She sat down, and waited for anxious readers to brighten her day.  But business was slow, as usual, and there was no sign of anyone coming in. So she sat at her desk and pulled out her erotic romance novel. “At least this will put some spark into my day.” She said with a grin. Jane blushed while reading the intimate pages. She was a little embarrassed to be reading an erotic novel, but it turned her on so she kept reading. At last she couldn’t resist. She moved her hand down, and just as she was about to lift up her skirt to touch her hot pussy, the customer bell rang! She frantically hurried to hide her book, and look professional

Jane looked up at the customer, hoping he didn’t notice her odd behavior. He’s a younger man, shy, and attractive. “Can I help you?” She said with her heart pounding so fast she thought she would pass out. “Where do you keep the newspaper rack?” He asked with such gentleness. “Oh, um, it’s all the way in the back right corner, next to the window. It’s pretty lonely back there, so if you want to read at one of the tables up here you’re more than welcome.” “That’s ok.” He replied with a smile. “I need the privacy.” “Oh, sure! I understand.” Jane hid her disappointment with a polite smile. “Now what? I wonder how long he’ll be back there…” She really wanted to keep reading, but was worried he’d catch her at it. “I guess I’ll check and see what books are overdue.” As she turned her chair to the computer she stopped. “What is that noise?” She had heard an odd crinkling sound coming from the back. “Is it that customer?” Of course, it had to be, she thought.  “It could be him just looking through the paper to find a specific section. It is going a little fast for that, though. I should check on him anyway to see if he needs something.” She started walking slowly towards the back.

The noise got louder the closer she got to the back. She could see him through a space in an empty bookshelf. “Oh, my God! What is he doing?!” She whispered so she didn’t disturb him. There was the young man, doing more than reading the paper! He was lying on the floor, naked, and he had a sheet of newspaper wrapped around his hard cock and he was rubbing his shaft with it. Jane was shocked and surprisingly aroused by his behavior. “I did say I would love to see someone who is passionate about reading, but I didn’t expect this!” Jane slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled the cups of her bra down, exposing her breasts. She touched her hard nipples. She licked her finger and circled her left one. “Mmm.” She moaned. She pulled down her skirt, revealing her sheer knee high stockings and white satin panties. She stroked her flaming clit through her panties, which were already wet from her excitement. The man was groaning loud, now. “Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck!” Newspaper was spread out on the floor underneath him.  

Jane moved her hand inside her panties and found her wet slit. She moaned, but the man still went on like he didn’t hear her. Jane moved her finger back and forth, slowly at first then faster and faster. “Ohh!” She cried. “Oh, fuck, yes!” The man was almost finished; he was rubbing his dick harder with his paper. She rubbed her throbbing cunt faster and faster, pinching her nipples at the same time. “Oh, Shit!!” She came so hard it was like a waterfall. “Aw, Fuck!” The man had come inside the paper the same time she came. While Jane leaned against the bookshelf in ecstasy for a moment, the man had already gotten dressed and cleaned up his mess. He looked over towards her. He saw her. “Oh, my God…!” She said in fear because, she was still half naked with her hand in her clit. But, as he walked by, he only said, “Hey, thanks. Maybe we can do it again sometime.” Jane stared at him in shock. “More exciting than one of those erotic novels, huh?” And he winked at her. Jane couldn’t believe what had just happened. “Wow….  That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had…!”   And, finally, she lifted her hand from her sopping, wet pussy and tasted her sweet, succulent juices. “Mmm, I can’t wait for next time…”

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