The adventures of Jack and his busty mom in Africa (part 2)   added 4 years ago
  By: macoku  Age: 22  Country: Russia

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Then Jack wanted to pee and he asked the bartender how to go to WCStanding at a urinal, he heard two black guys chatting: "Did you see the boobs of that yankee? Must be size 44 or even bigger! She is without a bra, did you notice? They are shaking of her each breath and hang down to the navel. Oh how I'd like to fuck that beauty!" Jack was taken aback by what he heard and hurried into the bar to make sure that everything was OK.
Mary was still sitting in the lap of the tall black man, and Jack noticed that his hand was lightly moving over the bottom of the breast of his mother, barely touching the nipples that stood out clearly under the cloth. At that moment, Mary was sipping a cocktail from her glass, as if nothing much was happening. Soon it became clear that Jack was not the only one who watched the scene. A few young Africans, sitting next to Jack, commented on Mary : "What a boobs! They hang down to the waist! He's gonna fuck her now!" Jack turned around and saw that his mother was not sitting on the lap of the black man, but right at the place where probably there was a large and powerful cock. Besides that, she made moves like rocking. At this time, the African continued driving his huge hand over the lower parts of the woman's breasts, from which she has more nipples stiffened, and it was all visible. Mary had a naive expression on her face, not only did she not resist, but seemed to only want him to do it with her. After a while the African got bolder, and slightly raised a woman's waist.
While Jack's mom was standing, with the other hand the man unbuttoned his pants, taking out a huge, already excited dick with a black head. A laughter echoed around.

Jack could not understand what was going on, or rather did not believe his eyes.
Then the African put his mother back, and lifting up the edge of her dress, slowly but surely put his tool into the womb of Mary. Then everyone could see that she was without panties. Mom of Jack had a blonde pubic hair, and it seemed the Africans liked it, as they began to discuss them briskly. What a surprise was it for the boy, when he saw that his mother began to ride on the thing that the black man had just pit into her! At the same time her huge melons began to sway heavily under the dress from her each move. Now the black man was not sliding his hand along the bottom of her breasts, but was cupping her tits with all his might, squeezing them together and throwing apart.

The whole situation has made a strong impression on others, and as soon as the black man began to fuck Mary, two other Africans approached her and tried to pull off the front of her dress over her head: "Show us your watermelons, baby!" Jack wanted to stand up for his mother, but he saw her raise her arms, helping them to remove it. That was not an easy task to pull the dress out of her breasts, yet a moment later two huge heavy hooters fell out and began to spank against the woman's stomach, while the man gave her a ride on his black horse. All the people at the bar wowed: No one had ever seen anything like that.
The udder was just incredible size, with large pink nipples! Two blacks who had pulled up her dress, gave it to Jack, and have started to catch the swaying breasts of Mary by the nipples, and pulling them down. Mary groaned, and it's even more amused the Africans: they realized that a white woman was enjoying the way they treated her. But soon, suddenly, she got off the cock and, kneeling in front of the large black man, while everyone was hooting, took his tool in her mouth and began to suck. One of the guys, who had been cupping her melons before, took his cock out, came from behind and put his penis into the womb of Jack’s mother. Mary did not mind and even rose up from her knees, so he was more comfortable, as she continued sucking, as deep as she could, the bizarre black hose. 
At that moment the black man who was behind her, started to work and the melons of Mary began to sway to the beat of his moves. After a while the giant groaned aloud, and it became clear that he was going to finish soon. The only question was where he would finish and how many cum would be there. He took the head of the white woman with his large hands, which was a clear sign that he intended to cum in her mouth. Mary did not seem to mind, and soon he filled Jack mother’s mouth with his semen. There was so much cum, that part of it spilled on her immense breasts. She happily swallowed the rest of it, causing applause for her love skills. She gently licked his big cock, thankfully looked into his eyes upward. 
And at the very moment the second stud got to the edge of his orgasm. Mary's boobs began to swing in an even more rapid pace than before. She groaned feeling the quick orgasm and shouting "Not in me!" jumped off the guy, turned face to him with her mouth wide open, and received another batch of semen in her mouth of an angel. “Oh my God!” – the crowd moaned. The next lucky one was already unbuttoning his pants and taking his cock out. A few seconds later he was inside her and the milk tanks of Mary shook again in the doggie position.

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