Tease me then taste me   added 4 years ago
  By: Thinking  Age: 25  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, Masturbation, The Fetishists
Tags: dominate submissive stranger oral pleasures women. throat-fucking temptation Fantasy... pleasure
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

For a long time now, iv fantasised over almost literally being teased to the point of coming. That anticipation, slow build up of sexual tension and release at the end of it... so i found someone online who told me she loves to tease and dominate a little, so we arranged some rules, a date and how we would set about it. I had a pretty good idea of how i wanted things to go, no names, no pics, no meetings first. just a night of lust and fantasy. the rest, as they say; is history.

She would walk into the room to find me bound to the bed posts arms and feet, with a little bit of slack, just enough for me to pull on. Completely naked, with only my tattoes and almost instant semi on show. My blood instantly starts pumping around my whole body. She slides off her coat. unexpectedly, shes totally naked underneath, no strip, no dance, just straight to the good stuff. My excitements written all over my face and my now solid erection. she walks right up to the end of the bed, kneels down and slowly runs her nails along the soles of my feet. My entire body tingles from her tickle.

She then walks around to the side of the bed, running her nails very slowly up my leg and drifting off by my hip. As she passes my pelvis my entire groin throbs and i start to pre-come. "Your already making a mess..." she says, but i must stay silent or at least stay silent for as long as i can. She leans over and kisses me on the lips, no tongue, she just smiles as she runs her fingers from my pubic hair up to my chest. as her tits lean on me, i can feel her nipples are almost as hard as my cock. i knpw shes going to have to fight a few urges herself if she is just to tease me to coming.

She sits up and crawls onto the bed with me. On all fours at my side - she bends the rule of no touching as she grabs the base of my shaft and holds my cock straight up and says "let me clean you up a little..." she starts to lick off the pre-come that has started dripping onto my stomach, she briefly pops her head up a couple of times to get her hair to run across my balls as she licks me dry. As she lets go of my cock, it almost beats my stomach its so damn hard.

She sits on top of me and starts to kiss me passionately. Holding me down flat and then backing away, knowing im powerless to follow her. I can feel the intensity in the room, so much energy between us.

She climbs up and sits right over me, taking hold of the beds headboard and grinding herself all over my face. im full on tongue fucking her, like iv never eaten pussy before. she starts to sit up a bit now and then, i know shes about to orgasm and i just want to grab hold of her, but i cant. she then kneels heavily on the bed and starts to buck on my tongue, right the way from her clit - to her asshole. She gets a firm grip of my hair and really starts to moan. its making me so horney right now i just want to come myself all of a sudden. "Yes, Yes, Fucking shit yes..." her juices really start to flow, dripping right off my cheek.  And with one last pull of my hair, she leans back for a moment and catches her breath. I cant believe how turned on i am right now and how much pre-come is streaming out of the tip of my penis, as it runs all the way over the head and down the shaft, to a new puddle on my stomach. I softly kiss the inside of her thigh and even flick her clit with my tongue, to which she screams a little and giggles. And with a sudden burst of energy, she hops up and off the bed.

"I am going to make you come so hard, one way; or another..." i liked her tone, quite authoritive. she briefly lean in and kissed me, before making her way to my spread legs at the bottom of the bed. i already knew she had something planned and i could barely wait. iv never been so hard for so long before - it was only a matter of time before i come now though. she climbs straight up on the bed and gets a firm grip of my rock hard dick in one hand and looks me dead in the eye as she slowly lowers her head and starts sucking my pre-come covered cock. "Oh my fucking God..." i almost shouted it, i totally forgot about trying to keep silent. As she worked those lips around the head of my cock and slowly wanking me off i could already feel i wanted to come. but not yet, it felt too good to finish yet. i start to pull on the cuffs, i can start to feel myself ready to blow but still powerless. And then "Im gonna come... im gonna fucking come..." beacause once wasnt enough! She takes both hands for my shaft and wraps her tongue around the head of my cock, sucking so hard i cant hold off a second longer. i thrust my hips in her face, forcing my cock deep into her throat and squirt my load hard into that mouth. she looked at me almost impressed, but that was one of the best orgams id ever had and she made sure of it.

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