The adventures of Jack and his busty mom in Africa (part 1)   added 4 years ago
  By: macoku  Age: 22  Country: Russia

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Location: A Bar
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Having holidays on the shores of the Indian ocean in Africa, Mary and her son Jack used to go to the beach. Every time Jack had to notice all the men on the beach looking at his mother as they walked by. Mary drew attention of all the males, both young and old anytime, particularly when she was in a bathing suit - it was impossible not notice to her enormous breasts. At least, most people hardly ever met a bustier woman than Mary. She was a blonde of medium height, aged 30, with slender, slightly plump legs and very cute, childlike face. There was a contrast to her immense bust, so that one could not tear his eyes away from her. 

On the beach playing volleyball with Jack they once met a group of Africans, both adults and young people among them. One of them invited Mary to a party in one of the bars on the coast. Mary agreed, but said that she would come with her son, because she could not leave the 12-year-old boy alone in a hotel. 
The african did not mind. When it was already dark, Mary began to prepare for going out, while her son Jack was ready, and reading a book lying on the bed. Mary tried on various outfits, but chose a yellow dress with large pink flowers. And since there was was a big cutoff on her back, she decided to remove the bra, so that it not be seen from behind. She asked her son to turn away, as she unhooked her huge bra and put on a short yellow and pink dress. Jack tried to peek, but he almost did not have time to notice anything. He has long been eager to see his mother's breast, but he failed every time. This time she turned her back on him while taking off her bra, so he could only see the sides of her breasts swing from a sharp turn. Mary posed in front the mirror and noticed that the black panties show through the yellow dress, so she decided to get rid of them quickly and took them off and threw them into a corner.

Jack had put on his boots and asked if they were going out or not, so Mary did not look for another panties, but just put on high heels and they came out of the room. In the elevator Jack noticed that her nipples showed through the cloth, and the view made him very hot. She was braless and her breasts hung down almost to her waist and shook at her every step. He wanted to touch one of them, but he could hardly stop himself.

At t
he bar, where the busty mother and her son came, there were only black men. Most of them were their friends from the beach. There were eight guys. African music was playing and some show was going on on TV. Everyone was very happy to see Mary and they started to treat her, so after a while she got slightly drunk. Many guys made her compliments, they said the yellow color fitted her, and that she had a cool dress, and so on. Jack was drinking Pepsi and slightly bored, watching TV. But after a while he got surprised to find a porn movie going on, where 2 black guys pounded a young white woman in all her wholes. Then he noticed his mother and a few Africans dancing a hot dance.

After a while they were sitting at the bar and stared at the porn. Jack was not feeling good, because he was watching while his mom was around, but she didn't seem to care any longer. Only when he looked at her again, he noticed that Mary was already sitting on the lap of a tall African and he was whispering in her ear. Mary was smiling in response, glancing at her son, and her there were oppression and lust on her face at the same time. Jack approached them and asked Mary, "Mom, why are you sitting on his lap?" Mary smiled and replied: "You see how big and strong this man is. I feel comfortable with him. I feel so weak and helpless, like a little girl." The black man laughed and added: "And I really like your mom. You know how beautiful she is?" Jack nodded. But the black man was not going to finish the conversation so fast: "Your dad also probably likes her? Where's your dad, Jack? The boy reluctantly replied, "Daddy does not live with us, they are divorced." - Hmm – the african was still curious - so you live with your mother? And do other men come to you? Jack did not want to answer this question, but Mary smiled and said: "Do not be shy, dear. Answer him.” Then Jack said, "Yes, my mother has a boyfriend, Uncle Mike. And last year, Uncle Arnie used to come, and Uncle Paul before that." The boy's reply amused the black man. He continued questioning him: "Do they stay at night?" Jack nodded. -I see, - the man smiled - but they're not so big and strong as I am? No, sir, you are much bigger that they are.- the boy said. The black man was satisfied with the answer. Suddenly he began to unbutton his shirt, "Listen, Jack, your mom told me that she likes men with hairy chests. Have you seen any of the men who come to you without a shirt on? "- Yes, sir ... I saw Uncle Mike and Uncle Arnie. - Do they have hairy chests? - the black man did not want to stop. - Not much, just ordinary, - the boy answered. - And your father? "No, he was actually hairless." The man laughed. - And now take a look at mine - he said, and opened his shirt, revealing his powerful torso of an athlete. It was dotted with black, curly and thick hair. "Have you ever seen anyone like this?" Jack shook his head, "No, sir, never."

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