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TAG HEUER TARGA FLORIO- my father always told me that you could learn a lot about a man by his watch. This particular TAG had very complex movements the carefully handcrafted gold intertwined with the silver gave it a pristine look, like him… It suggests he was complex and had a particular appreciation for the finer things in life, which based on the 7 grand sitting on his wrist, he could afford to.

He was a big deal; at least everyone talked him up to be. His presence demanded attention, and it intrigued me. I loved how his suit draped over his built shoulders, interlocking his strong arms to his built frame. We were in his office, it was late and we were both so tired. We had another hour of paper work and I just wanted to take a quick break before we finished off.

My back was turned when it he grabbed me and pulled me into him; before I could do anything he was already kissing me. I was shocked, scared and yet I wanted to kiss him back. But I didn’t, I tried to push him off, but I couldn’t…he was twice the size of me and…..I wanted it. I had wanted it for a while. Maybe tonight he finally saw it; maybe he finally felt what I had felt for all these years while working together. He had these amazing lips, I would always watch them talk me into taking my clothes off, when really they never said anything remotely close…listening to them drove me crazy. That deep sexy voice they created penetrated my soul every time he spoke.

I wondered what those hands felt like against my bare skin, those arms, that chest. I swear his muscles would tease me, tempting me every time he scrolled by my desk with that hot shot swagger he had developed over the years of advance through the ranks of the firm. His body filled out his shirts like an invitation to my bedroom. He was sexy, and he was on top of me, and wasn’t suppose to stop resisting, but….I have wanted this for so long and finally, all my teasing short skirts and flirting had finally pushed him over the edge. He had me spread across the table in his office, my glasses lost, dress up over my waist and my body screaming for more. I could feel that he was hard as it poking through his tight pants. I couldn’t tell if he was intentionally rubbing it against me, but it was driving me crazy. While he was spreading my legs, he pulled my panties to the side and started playing with me. I was shocked at how turned on I was to have him over me, watching my in pleasure. I want his dick inside me, his fingers weren’t enough, and I wanted him. He sliding his fingers against my wet lips and pushed them in and out of me but it wasn’t enough. I wanted it so bad; my body was pulsing and throbbing for it.

to be continued...

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