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I’m getting ready for a date and all I can think about is her. She has these long legs that never seem to end, these hips that compliment her perfect little ass perfectly. Her lips feel like soft clouds and our kisses get us just as high. We’ve dated a few times, but that’s all it was; a few dates. The same dinner and a movie date that ends with two strangers driving away in separate cars and different directions. She is such a young spirit, but the late nights at the office are starting to take their toll. I’m looking forward to seeing her tonight. It’s not going to be just another date. This time it felt different, like she had another reason for wanting to see me…

I love her smile, she wears it better than any article of clothing she owns – including her short shorts. Every time she laughs, it feels like everything else stops. For that moment in time, nothing else seems to matter, let alone exist. The contrast of her beautiful dark skin against my white sheets was so sexy. Her strong, toned legs wrap around me, squeezing me, as they pull me deeper into her. The light tints her hair black, her skin glistens from our sweat. We’re so close; her chin is pressed against my shoulder as she digs her nails deep into my back. It hurts in a sexy I-want-more way. Her flesh is hot and my touch feels like fire against her skin. She is so wet, her pussy tingling with anticipation of her juices covering my hard dick.

I love pleasuring her; I know her, her body. How she likes to have her bottom lip sucked while I lie on top of her, finger-fucking her. That she cums a little harder when I grab her ass just before her climax. I know licking her neck only gets her going if you have your fingers between her legs, teasing her pussy – otherwise forget it…it’s “gross.” How she loves to have her ass slapped, but only if I’m behind her, fucking her. She likes to lick her fingers before she wraps her hands around my dick. When she rides me, she tilts her head back and her nipples always look so perfect in that position.

She has cum twice at this point, but she wants more. She wants me to hurt her. Like I never have before. She loves running her hands over my strong arms, my muscular back. She loves the way my sweat-soaked body feels pressed against hers. How it feels for me to straddle her, the weight of me pressing her into the bed. She wants to cum again; she wasn’t quite finished yet. Her hands tease my stiff dick as she presses it against her pussy, rubbing the head of the shaft against her clit. My hard dick feels so good against her, but she wants it inside her, deep and penetrating.

I want her from behind, her legs together, feet crossed and between mine. I want to fuck her hard as my hands hold her hips, keeping her in place while I fuck her harder. She feels amazing, the poor bed screaming, screeching and breaking beneath us as we fuck. The headboard pummels the wall, the screws loosen, squeaking as they give way. The thumping music dissipates like the chorus of a loud audience colliding against the focused mind of a determined athlete. The air is heavy and thick. The old window fan roars in efforts to tame the heat of our sweating bodies. The fan’s hum hangs in the air as it rattles in the window. The cool air quenches our hot bodies’ thirst…but the thirst is soon lingering again.

Her dark hair drapes across the bed, her fingers lost in the waves of my muscular back. They work their way up to my neck, only to press themselves deep into my skin. Our hearts race and her pussy pulsates through her third climax. The pounding pace of the music is drowned out by the trance our sex has created. Deep breathes create waves of warm air that slide across our skin like the blades of an Olympic ice skater. Her freezing touch melts against my hot skin. I feel her stomach pressing against mine, pushing and raising me, before my waist crashes into hers, sending waves of pleasure throughout her whole body.

Our passionate kisses ignite our bodies, her nipples harden as my tongue teases her lips. Her pulse quickens and her thighs ache as the anticipation of another orgasm builds. We have been fucking for 2 hours now, the cool, wet bed sheets sticking to our skin. The air reeks of our scent. We are hot as the sun and our bodies are still thirsting for more. She rode, sucked and pumped her hand up and down my dick as I licked, fingered and fucked her sweet pussy for hours. It was all so perfect…and even though it was only a daydream, we are going on a date and anything is possible…

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